11 Simple & Bonding Date Night Ideas for Couples (at home)

11 simple & bonding date night ideas for couples at home


Hey, lovely soul! Today I am going to share my favorite 11 simple and bonding date night ideas for couples to do at the comfort of your own home.

I have a relationship for the last 8 years. We are still in love, which might be a surprise for many people. But that’s the truth. No matter how much time passes by our relationship is getting better and stronger.


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Of course, sometimes we have these times where we are busy with work and other things. Sometimes life is getting over us. And that’s normal.

I know you have these moments too. That’s why I decided to write this post – to help you keep the sparkle in your relationship thanks to these super simple and bonding ideas to try at home with your love.


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We love taking care of our relationship and we do that by switching things up from time to time. Sometimes we get so caught up by our daily chores that we forget to work on our relationship. But again, that’s absolutely normal.



I will share with you some fun, relaxing, and bonding date night ideas to try out and work on your relationship. These ideas are super simple and don’t require much time or money to be made. It is all about the gestures you make.


1. Movie Night

This one is the date night we make the most. We love watching movies together, although we have a different taste. Imagine yourself with your loved one on the couch, hugging each other and watching a great movie – it is amazing. If you pick a TV series you will b able to make quick dates every night. Right now we are watching a popular Bulgarian TV series and Hawaii 5-O. You don’t need money or much time to watch a movie. It is a simple way to get lost in another world.


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2. Pizza Night

This is another super simple idea. You can order your favorite pizza or make you homemade version. Or you can simply try something new. We love treating ourselves with pizza from time to time. And it can be combined with music or a movie. A pizza can make your night better and it will be a great escape for you and your loved one from the busy daily life.


3. Wine and Cheese Night

Another super favorite date night idea. We developed this when we started living together and we were looking for a nice and simple way to switch our nights. Pour a glass of wine, take some Brie and you are ready to go. You can try different cheeses, add some fruits, or whatever you like. This date night idea goes really well with a long night of talking and sharing stories.


4. Picnic at Home

Yes, you heard me right! Last winter when we were staying at home we wanted to try something different because outside was freezing. We came up with the idea for picnic. All you need is a cute tray

To make it even more special you can use scented candles ( I am in love with this amazing scent)

Or some lights. I love lights, they make everything special. You can cook a nice meal together or order something you like, pour a glass of wine, and put some nice nature music from Youtube. The result is amazing.


5. Ice-cream Tasting Night

If you are an ice-cream lover like us or you just need an interesting and fresh summer date night idea this is it. Try making your favorite flavors of ice-cream at home. You can also try making healthy options. This summer we tried so many recipes and we loved it. It is a fun way to spend some nice time together and battle the summer heat.


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6. Game Night

Games are fun way to bond with your partner. You can play cards, Monopoly, or do a puzzle together. Play different games – the options are endless. Do whatever makes you both happy.


7. Spa Night

This is one of my favorite date night ideas. It is a great way to treat yourself and unwind after a stressful day. Light some candles, put a nice and relaxing music and make each other massages. You don’t need to spend money on massages when you can make them to each other at home. Plus, there’s nothing better than the touch on your skin from your loved one.

You can make masks or aroma therapy. Again, you have many options to try out.


8. Cooking Night

Cook together. Pick a recipe you both want to try and prepare it at the comfort of your own home. This can be very bonding activity. Bake something, make your own pizza, a super delicious dessert, and eat it together.


9. Watch Old Pictures

This one is something we really love. It is super simple but so emotional at the same time. You can watch your old photos, laugh, share stories, see the changes. Going back in time can help you bond and remember special moments you both spent together. You can combine it with a glass of good wine.


10. Coffee Night

If you follow me for quite some time you will know how much I LOVE coffee. I also work night shifts every week so coffee is something I rely on. I can drink it at any time of the day and the night. If you both are coffee lovers you can prepare your favorite coffee, combine it with some baked goods and spend nice quality time together.  You can also try something your normally eat for breakfast and prepare it for dinner like pancakes to go well with the coffee.


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11. Plan Your Next Trip

YES! Maybe our most favorite thing to do. A few years ago we planned a 20 day vacation around Europe just like that. We were consumed by our plans. We had several date nights like this. You can try it and you will be surprised how fast time passes by when you do something like that. If you are not into travelling you can try planning something else. Now we have a wedding to organize so we use some nights to talk and make plans about the wedding and it is amazing.


The truth is you there are so many ways to spend nice quality time with your partner. You need this time together and that time will help your relationship in so many ways. Do something for each other and do it often. Don’t make excuses!

All you need is one night per week and it will be enough, no matter how busy you are.

Trying out new things together will bond you in a great way and it will make your relationship better.

Which one is your favorite date night idea that you do at your home?


With love,



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