12 Benefits of Good Night Sleep

12 benefits of good night sleep


Hello, lovelies! I started a new job, which means a good night’s regular sleep routine. I switched from working on shifts to a regular day shift.

I am observing my body and my mind after these changes. That’s why I decided to share 16 proven ways good night sleep helps you.

But first I want to share with you what was my regime before when I was still working on my last job. I worked there for the last 10 years. And all these different working shifts I had, was slowly killing me somehow. The truth is I developed anxiety, depression, and an eating disorder. And the last two years I am only gaining weight, my hormones were all over the place.

When I started working 10 years ago I was having 12 hours shifts – one during the day and one during the night. But that way we were making many working hours, so we had 2 – 3 bonus days off. A few months after the beginning I started working on 8 hours shifts – from 6 in the morning till 2 in the afternoon, from 2 in the afternoon till 10 in the evening, and the night shift was from 10 in the evening till 6 in the morning. But this was some months, there were so many other shifts.


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When anxiety came into my life I started going to doctors and they all said to me that this work was doing total damage to my body. I had no choice, I had to work and the work was good – regular payments, many days off, and etc.

Now, 10 years later I started an office job from 9 to 5. It is only my second week but I already feel the changes. Good night sleep is a must for me now. I try to sleep 7-8 hours every night.

Now I feel the importance of a good night’s sleep and that’s why I decided to share with you the benefits it has over you.


Memory Back

Yes, it really does. In the last days of my old job, my mind was all over the place. Although, I am a very active person, always doing many things at once, this time I was forgetting simple tasks. Now the only thing that changed is the way I work plus I am working with a lot of information and documents and I have to remember much more things. And that’s not a problem now thanks to the good night sleep.


Healthy Heart

By lowering the stress in your body good night sleep keeps your heart healthy. I can’t really explain that one but it definitely makes a difference. And you will feel it.



Reduces Stress

Yes, it really does. I feel myself a lot calmer than before. Even if stress is all around me I feel different. Stress just does not have the same effect on me. And that’s a huge benefit because as you know stress can be really badass.


Better Mood

Regular sleep helps your mood too. Suddenly, everything is brighter and better. Good night sleep definitely brings a good mood in me (plus the fact that it is almost summer in here). Either way, your mood will be better than before.


Lower Blood Pressure

That’s another great benefit, especially if you suffer from higher blood pressure. For someone like me who is normally with lower blood pressure at first, there is a shock but when you get used to that everything will get back to normal.


Lose Weight

The night shifts and the irregular sleep helped me gain many kilos during the years but my body starts to adapt to my new sleeping regime and that definitely helps me lose weight. I am still in my second week but I already shed 2 kilos without changing my diet. So, this means it really works. Of course, if you don’t have anything to lose you will maintain your weight without a problem.


Reduced Chance For Diabetes

Diabetes is a plague nowadays. So many people suffer from diabetes. Even more, are with pre-diabetes. A good sleeping pattern can definitely be a huge help for people with pre-diabetes and diabetes. As I am working for a company that promotes health and wellness for diabetics I can’t stress enough how important sleep can be, especially for these health conditions.


Better Concentration

This is one of the first signs you are going to feel when you start sleeping the right way. Your head will become lighter and you will see things clearly. Better concentration will help you be more productive and do your tasks the right way. I think this is a HUGE benefit!



If you have suffered from an injury lately sleeping more will help you feel better and will lower the pain. I remember when I had my ankle injury a few years ago the first days were hard because I couldn’t sleep but after that when I started sleeping regularly it helped me feel better and the pain was going slowly away.


Makes you smart

A good night sleep can help you become smarter and more concentrated as we mentioned before. A nap can always help you be sharper. I personally try to sneak as much sleep as I can lately because it helps me have a clear vision and I give better results at work.



Strong Immune System

If you get a good night sleep your immune system is going to fight. Your body needs rest and time to repair, so does your immune system and you can help the process by having a good sleep.


Better Mental Health

I can’t stress enough how important is your mental health. As someone who suffered from anxiety, depression, and an eating disorder I know this now. As I mentioned I used to work in shifts for 10 years and that had a huge effect on me. Now when I sleep regularly it is so different – my mental health is better than ever.


As you can see there are so many great benefits for you. I know sometimes it is really hard to make a change but please do it – do this for you and after two months you will thank yourself.

If you need help with changing your routine – contact me. I can help you with practical tips and help you sleep better. You can join me –  book a coach session with me.

Or you can even try my Healthy Sleep Routine Checklist.


I would love to hear which benefit do you think is the best? Leave a comment below and let me know.


With love,



2 thoughts on “12 Benefits of Good Night Sleep”

  • I moved from third shift to first part time last year. Even after a year of trying to get into a routine, I find it’s so hard to get my body to quiet down naturally before 2 am. I’ve learned to lean into it and allow myself the rest I need on weekends, but I’d love to hear some tips for getting into a routine. I’ve tried putting tech away, meditating, journaling at night, prayer, and many other tricks but my body just doesn’t usually get to sleep before 2 am. It is hard since I have to be up by 7 for school and life as a mom.

    I loved reading all the benefits though! I didn’t realize a good night’s sleep could help so much!

    • Hey, Shell. Thank you for the feedback.

      If I was in your place I would try to get up one hour earlier (I know it sounds crazy), add exercise during the day – may be something with weights, and try guided meditation right before sleep.

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