19 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life in 2019

19 Ways to Simplify Your Life in 2019


Hey, beautiful souls. Today I want to take you on a small trip to simplifying your whole life. It’s 2019 and I know you have a super busy and stressed life. That’s why I am going to share my top 19 easy ways to help you simplify and improve your whole life.

I get it. It is super hard to unplug from the busy life you have. At the same time, I believe it is much needed to stop and think. Be smart, organize and simplify your life. It is time to finally do that if you want to stay sane.


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Trust me, after doing every single and simple act you will feel better and you will learn what is it actually so important to incorporate all these acts in your life.


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As someone who suffered from anxiety, depression and an eating disorder I perfectly understand the power of simplifying. If you want to take a deeper look on all the ways I changed my life into healing you can check out my book In The Eye Of The Storm: Cure Yourself From Anxiety And Depression

Let’s simplify your day and life!


1. Declutter

I know you postpone this for a while now. But now is the perfect time to declutter your whole life. Start with your wardrobe, your whole home and your work space.

Declutering will help you release the negative energy out of your life. This way you are going to make space for a new good and positive energy.


2. Let go of toxic people

This one is really important part of your new and simplified path. You don’t need this kind of people in your life.

Everyone of us had such people in our lives. They come into our life to teach us and give us a lesson. They have this role – to teach you that you don’t need this kind of person.

After letting go you are going to feel free and positive. Life is better when you are surrounded only by people who shine bright.


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3. Surround yourself with people you love

Yes! That’s the truth! After letting go of the toxic people in your life you need to surround yourself with quality people, people that are supportive, positive, and kind. You will easily fall in love with them.



When I had my anxiety and depression at first I didn’t want to be around people. But at some point, I understood that my family and friends helped me a lot to survive.

Today I crave for the people I love – they make me smile, they give me courage and make my life beautiful. Push away toxic people and make your life better by surrounding yourself with the people that really matter.


4. Read

Reading is such a pleasure. I love reading from my early childhood years but the last few years were so busy for me – two jobs, home to carry for, fiance to spend time with, language courses, cooking, cleaning, and etc. I forgot what was to sit quietly in a rainy day or late at night and just spend time reading a good book.

Three weeks ago I was on the edge of breaking down. I needed to change my lifestyle and refocus. I decided to stop working and do the things I love. One of these things was reading. It feels so nice to forget about the outside world and change your perspective.

You can carry yourself in another magical world and you can rediscover yourself. You can learn so much.


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5. Learn to live frugally

I believe we don’t need much to live a happy life. Of course, we all get caught up on dreaming to have all the money in the world to travel, buy a house, buy clothes, and etc. It’s normal.

Living frugally will actually help you achieve some of these dreams. I learned to love and actually prefer to cook at home for the love of my life instead of going out on a restaurant. But yes, sometimes you can treat yourself by going on a restaurant.



I also love make my own coffee at home and meal prep. I only buy clothes and shoes when I need them, not just because I like them. The examples are so much more but you get the idea. Learn to be happy with what you have by slowly working on what you want to have.


6. Eat healthy

I have a love/hate relationship with food. If you follow me for quite some time you will know that I suffered from an eating disorder. Eating healthy is something you should focus on. You should definitely work on implementing this healthy habit.

This habit can totally change your life in a great way. I still fight, but the last few years I started eating way more healthy.

Eating healthy will give you energy and will help you not only be in a great physical shape but it will also help your mental health and make you more positive.


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7. Move

After eating healthy here comes the part with the movement. Moving more is great for your overall health. Plus, the variety is huge.

I can’t live without moving. Among my favorite ways are walking, HIIT, dancing, and yoga. You can pick whatever suits you best. And if you are not very active you should probably start with simple walking. Who doesn’t love long walks with a friend or your loved one?!

A few years ago I can barely walk 2 miles without losing my bread. Today I can walk whole day without a problem.

Just start moving and do it a lot. It will bring you good mood and improve your overall health.


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8. Establish a morning and evening routine

Having a routine can help you simplify your daily life in a great way. Here the variety is also huge.

You can start by creating a morning routine that works for you. I work.in shifts so it is really hard to have an established routine but whenever I can I spend one hour just enjoying my coffee and doing simple tasks for my blog and biz. If I have enough time I exercise and have breakfast.

You should really try to do something that gives you the right energy in the morning.



As I said, I work in shifts which means night shifts too so I don’t have an established evening routine too. But I love reading, journaling and reflecting on my day. Lately I developed and skin care routine because of my hormonal acne.

Start your day with something that makes you happy and finish your day also with something that brings you happiness and calms you down.


9. Spend time alone

This point is something I believe it is really important in order to simplify your life.

You don’t need much time. Sometimes even 10 minutes are going to benefit you.

Me and my boyfriend spend a lot of our time together, we even work together. When we moved out in our first home it was hard to stay alone, our apartment is not too big. But I started small – with only 10 minutes. With the time passing by we started spending time alone naturally.

Use your alone time wisely – do something that you love.


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10. Do what you love

And of course – do what you love!

We easily forget what we love the most, especially when your life is super busy. Find something to remind you often enough.

Doing what makes you happy nourishes your soul. That simplify our life and helps you live a healthy and happy life.



I needed so much time to find out what makes my soul joyful. Now I try to implement everything in my daily routine. Some days I read, some days I write. Other days, I cook something delicious and watch movies with my guy.

Don’t let the excuses ruin your life. I also live a busy life but I have the same 24 hours every day as you. If I can manage to do what makes me happy so do you.


11. Free up time

This is a must! In order to be healthy and happy you MUST have free time. Use that time to unwind and do what you love.

I used to fill my whole time with things to do. I didn’t even know what to do in that free time. But we learn, right?!

Start small – free up an hour for yourself. Use that hour to read or watch a movie. You can do so much! An hour is enough to make you feel better and less stressed. If you can free up your whole day, even better. That will not only benefit you but your whole family because people that are loving you will be happy to see you relaxed with a big smile on your face, trust me.


12. Make a list of your priorities

First rule: put in that list only your top priorities and don’t get too crazy. Only put 3 to 5 things in the list.

Clear your mind and think about the important tasks you want to achieve.  You can make them monthly or yearly, whatever works best for you.

I believe that putting your priorities on a sheet clears your vision. Identifying what’s important for you makes you more focused and definitely simplifies your whole life.


13. Meditate

I love this one! It can completely change your whole life and make you more mindful.

When I was in my darkest period meditation was one of the things that helped me the most. Of course, at first was really hard to concentrate but I got better with time.

Meditation helps you relieve stress. It makes you better. You can start with a guided meditation from Youtube. I promise, you will feel better after you finish your first session.

The best part is you don’t need much time to do it. You only need 5 minutes. You can do it everywhere. For me, the most convinient place to meditate is at home and especially before going to sleep at the end of the day.


14. Watch less TV

I know this one might be hard for a lot of people. For me it happened naturally when I had my anxiety and depression. I was feeling so overwhelmed from the world around me and I couldn’t stand to come home and watch the negative news. I slowly started forgetting.

Now I only watch a movie from time to time and in the other time I listen to the music channels.

Watching less TV can open up more time to do something that you love like reading a book. It will be beneficial for you in either way.


15. Don’t be negative OR be positive

I know – you hear about how being positive can change your life all the time. But it’s true! Yes, it definitely can! It changed my life!

Negative thinking attracts only negative energy in your life. And of course, positive thinking attracts only pure positive energy.



I used to be such a positive person before my anxiety and depression. Then suddenly I became very negative about almost everything. I was living in a constant fear and I was thinking nothing good is going to happen to me. Then I saw a book about the power of a positive mindset. I got nothing to lose so I decided to give it a try for a week. The results were so surprising, I started experiencing a change, good things were happening to me.

Forcing your mind to think positive constantly can be very difficult at first. But that will only be the first month. Then it will come naturally to you. Just give it a try, please!


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16. Learn to say “no”

This one also is huge! The power of saying “no” is big!

I used to say “yes” every single time someone was asking me to help them with something. Of course, at the end of the day I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed. It was really really hard for me to start saying “no”, especially to the people I love and care about. But sometimes too much is TOO MUCH.

My advice is to start with people who are not so close to you and slowly move to the people that are close to you. I get how hard it is but sometimes it is needed if you want to stay sane.


17. Spend less time in social media

This topic is really sensitive for me. Two years ago when I started my blog and biz I started slowly getting in the social media space. I started with Facebook and Instagram.

At some point I got obsessed with Instagram. I hated the follow/unfollow game most people ‘play’. I was trying to grow my Instagram organically. It was so damn hard. I was spending 3-4 hours in Instagram every single day. It was too much.

A month ago I had to travel and actually spend some nice time with family. I almost forgot about Instagram for two weeks. That was the best two weeks for a long time.

Now when I think about it, I didn’t even enjoy being on Instagram. I was watching the perfect pictures of perfect girls and I knew I was different. I don’t want to be like them. The point was to help my business grow and inspire more people but Instagram made it impossible for normal people like me and you grow. So, I decided to stop spending time there and the truth is I feel GREAT! Now I only tweet two-three times a day, engage for 10 – 15 minutes on Twitter. I also post one post per day on Facebook and grow my Facebook group. If you are into positivity, wellness, self-care, self-love and travel – come an join me at Create Your Best Life with Monica

My point was to live your life and spend less time on social media, that will definitely benefit your actual life.


18. Slow down

Yep! You have to slow down sometimes. It is essentials for leading a healthy and happy life.

The life is busy. We are always in a hurry. Then you burn from all that stress and pressure. Just stop and slow down!

Do you know that people who are leading super busy lifestyles and are always in a hurry are destined to develop depression at certain point? Think about it! Take care of yourself – today, not tomorrow! You owe that to yourself.

Slow down and enjoy life!


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19. Learn to do nothing

After learning to slow down it is time to learn to do nothing. This is maybe the hardest thing to do. I just can’t master that one. Yet.

But I try sometimes.

Start simple. Clean up your to-do list for an hour and just do nothing. It feels scary at first but with time passing by you learn to enjoy the calm moments.


This was my super simple list that’s going to help you simplify your whole life. It helped me.

The last 7 years were so intense for me but I came to a point that I had to change something. It is a slow process but it is achievable. You can do this!

I would love if you add something to that list or share a story to show us how important is to simplify your life!

And if you are ready to finally change your life and really live sign up for my FREE Email Course Become The Best Version of Yourself


With love,





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  • It’s nice to have a reminder about these things. Even if it is something we all know, it’s not something we apply to our lives.

  • This was such a lovely post to read, I really love the effort you’ve put in in each idea and your writing style! Can’t wait to read more of your posts.
    Its so nice to be reminded of ways as a person we can refresh our lives!


    • Late in life I adhere r to most of your points I am a solo female traveller, having routine in my day is important as is healthy eating, exercise, reading perhaps surrounding myself with people that care about me is the hardest however the ease of social media helps keep in touch with my true friends. No toxicity anywhere in my life anymore. Thank you for an excellent reminder.

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