20 Easy Ways To Lose Weight And Keep It

20 easy ways to lose weight and keep it


Hey, lovely! If you are searching for some simple ways to reduce your weight and get healthier here is the right place. I picked my favorite easy ways to lose weight and feel fabulous in your own skin.

Losing weight can be a huge struggle, especially for women. I can hardly remember the last time when I wasn’t trying to lose some weight. Yep, it was 13 years ago. Long time. Anyway, the last one month I decided to forget about all diets and just make healthier choices for myself.


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It was really hard to stop counting calories or checking my weight every morning but I managed to do it. Not to mention, the freedom I felt. I also learned to listen to my body better. Amazing feeling.

Unfortunately, I am having some PCOS problems lately and I will need to put myself on a diet again. A ketogenic diet works best for PCOS. Of course, I will share my keto journey with you soon.

We are not going to talk about keto diet now. I want you to understand that it is amazing to stop with all the dieting and just make some changes in your lifestyle. There’s no such a feeling like being free of diets. At first, it can be really scary and your mind will play you all the time but if I can do it after 15 years of dieting, you can do it too.

I am going to share with you my favorite easy ways to lose weight and adopt healthy habits for life. To adopt a healthy habit all you need is 21 days, after that becomes a habit. Start small, that’s the only way to go for the long run. Try two-three tips. Whenever you are ready add some more.


1. Eat healthy but rich breakfast

All my life I was missing the breakfast (except when I was on a vacation and there were pancakes, of course). But I decided to give it a try few months ago. I was surprised how fast I get used to that habit. I only needed three days to become a breakfast eater. Anyway, a rich and healthy breakfast fills you from the morning. And if you have a normal lunch you will be satisfied and you won’t need that much food in the evening. It is a great strategy. And who wants to go to bed bloated and heavy?! Not me. I normally make a yogurt with fruits, honey, and tahini. When I am at work I eat an apple, with yogurt, and some nuts. There are tons of recipes all over the internet to give you an inspiration.


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2. Drink more water

Yes, I know. It is a no brainer at all. But it works, you just have to give it a try for few days. Once you get used to that habit you will get lighter and lighter. Yep, water definitely helps with that one. You can start small and increase the amount with time.

Many times we think we are hungry, but we are actually thirsty. Every time when you feel hungry just drink a cup of water and then decide if you are still hungry. This little trick does miracles.

If you are not the biggest fan of the taste of water you can try some interesting combinations with fruits and vegetables. I love water with cucumbers, mint, and ginger. You can also add some lemon. It tastes so fresh. I use amazing cute water bottle.

That can help you drink more water and feel lighter.


3. Don’t waste your calories on liquids

Yep, that’s the next step after drinking more water. Liquids can’t satisfy your huger just like solid foods can do. It is that simple. Aim only for water, coffee, and tea. That’s the best possible option. All the juices are not healthy and they actually make you more hungry. That’s why you don’t need them. All you need is great coffee, some nice tea, and the classic water.


4. Eat more protein in every meal

Protein is a gold mine, trust me. I remember once I was doing a diet and I was eating a lot of protein with every meal. The result was amazing. My body changed so fast. This became a habit for me. Protein makes you feel full for longer periods. This way you can hardly overeat. Aim for yogurt, lean meats, beans, and eggs.


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5. Get more active

This one is one of my favorite. It can do wonders for you. I was always really active but at certain period I stopped. I also had some health problems at that time. It resulted in 20 kilos overweight. I was feeling terrible and that was the moment when I knew I needed to get back to working out.

I won’t lie to you at first it was really really hard, I was crying after workouts. But today I am super proud of myself because it became an amazing habit. It is something I really enjoy doing.

You can start small. It is better to start small. Do some walking. I am a huge lover of walking. And you might find it strange but even the winter I love walking at home. I just put some music or my favorite TV series and start walking around the apartment. My parents were laughing at me but I was feeling great and I still do it whenever I want add some more movement to my day.

Except walking I love HIIT workouts and yoga. Yes, they are super different but they both make me feel amazing. And with HIIT you can always make a 15 minute workout with a huge impact over your body.

Of course, it is probably different for you. Just pick an activity you love and start doing it.




6. Don’t ban foods from your list

Yes, you heard me right. Don’t ban foods you like because that will make you crave them even more. Don’t go with that thinking in mind. You can enjoy your favorite foods from time to time without feeling guilty. This should be a lifestyle, not a strict diet. If you feel that you want to eat a chocolate – just eat. But get back on track and keep moving towards your health the next day. It is that simple.


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7. Throw away all the junk food from your home

This one is one of the best ideas. Clean your kitchen from all that is not good for your health. Stock up with only good food. This is definitely going to help you achieve better health and weight loss.


8. Cut on alcohol

Alcohol is very rich in calories so just try to skip it while you are trying to lose weight. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a glass of wine sometimes. At least, that’s what I do. But I drink wine once per two weeks, sometimes even less. But I’ve never been a drinker. Even wine makes my body feel bloated and bad sometimes. You should start listening to your body.


9. Plan your meals

Planning your meals can be great. Making a plan is always a good idea. It will make you stick to your regime and it will be good for your pocket too. Use the weekend to prepare food for the whole week, it sounds hard but it really isn’t. You will get used to that habit. This simple change can help you be more relaxed during the week. This way you won’t be able to think about what to eat when you are super hungry and you won’t make the wrong choice.


10. Learn new food substitutes

A few years ago I wanted to make my favorite foods in a way that’s good for my body. So I started experimenting with healthy ingredients. I love making healthy pancakes and desserts since I really love the sweet taste. I also started making healthy pizza. There are so many interesting and easy recipes over the Internet. Just think about how you can transform your favorite recipes.


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11. Manage stress

This one might be obvious but I really wanted to put it here because I believe too much stress affects your body in a bad way. Since I am working three jobs, trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, stressing about the future, taking care of my home and the people I love ( you get the idea) I am always stressed. And I forget to stop and recharge my batteries. That causes too much stress, that’s why it affects my body. You don’t need much – an hour here and there can help you relax. If you can spend a whole day for self-care is even better. Don’t forget to take care for yourself and your mental health.


12. Sleep more

Sleeping more means you will have less time to eat. Hahah, I am kidding, of course. Quality sleep also affects your body and the loss of sleep too. I am working on shifts and sometimes I only have 3-4 hours to sleep and in these days my body doesn’t feel good. Try to sleep at least 8 eight hours every night, that will help you have a clear vision about the food you eat and you will be able to lose weight easily.


13. Always take a snack with you

Life happens sometimes. You are always in a hurry from place to place and sometimes you tend to make the worse food choices when you are in a hurry. That’s why you have to be prepared for everything. Take a snack with you. I always carry some nuts and an apple with me That way when I get hungry I make the best choice for myself, I feel calm that I have something healthy in my bag. It’s super simple tip and one of the best, I believe.


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14. Eat only when the sun is up

That means you should limit your food and don’t eat when it’s dark outside like late at night. My family used to have dinner at 10 o’clock at the evening and it was a habit I needed to ditch. At first, it was hard but once you get used to that you can hardly imagine eating after 8 o’clock at the evening. This way you can go to bed without feeling bloated and your body will have more time to absorb the food.


15. More vegetables

Vegetables are great. They can give you so much. All the minerals and vitamins you need.

I used to think of them as something that just can’t be delicious. I was so wrong. If you prepare them the right way, the way you like, and add some seasoning they can actually pretty good. Just give them a try, please. They will have an amazing effect over your body.




16.  Add some flavour with spices

Yes, spices can not only change the whole taste but they will help on your way of eating healthy. I believe by now you already know which are your favorite spices. And if you don’t – just experiment a little and find your specific spice.


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17. Make coffee at home

I am a huge coffee drinker, I literally live on coffee. But I love preparing my coffee at home – it is exactly my taste and all I put I know what it really is. Most big chains that sell coffee put ingredients that you don’t know where they come from. And guess what, most of them are way not healthy. Just be more curious and interested in what you put in your body. Plus, the cost of the homemade coffee is way better. You will have healthy coffee on a good price.


18. Shop on a full stomach

That’s a really wise advice. I always try to do that because if I don’t I somehow want to buy all the food in the store and definitely don’t mean the healthy food. Plus, you will buy food that you don’t really need. You are going to save some money too. So it’s a win-win.


19. Eat enough calories

That’s crucial. I know you are probably on diets your whole life and you might always try to eat less calories. But stop with that thinking now. I used to do that too and at the end I was overeating chocolates during the night and I was feeling miserable. So I started eating more calories (healthy calories) and guess what – the overeating was gone.  So, I really really help you will take my advice on that one because it can change your whole life.


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20. Stop the limiting beliefs

Yes, our mind is our best weapon in that battle. Once you stop limiting yourself you will change your whole life. Stop dieting. All these modern diets are only doing more harm to you. Start with positive affirmations, keep thinking and talking to yourself in a positive way. Because I know you can do it, you can start a new life without restricting and limiting yourself.


I hope these tips are going to help you in your new adventure. By reading the tips you already made the first step to absorb the information you need. Now all you need is commitment and patience. Believe in yourself. If I can change my oh-so-bad eating habits, you can also do it. I would love to hear the story about your journey and what helps you, basically anything you can share. Don’t be shy – comment below!


With love,



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