25 Easy and Fun Christmas Self-Care Ideas

25 easy and fun christmas self-care ideas


Hey, lovely! Christmas is coming around the corner and the time is perfect to appreciate and enjoy yourself with some self-care ideas.

I can’t stress enough how important self-care is. As someone who is working 3 jobs, organizing a wedding, maintaining a home, and having some social life, self-care is the holy grail for me. No, seriously! I love self-care from the bottom of my heart. I know you are also having a busy busy life but I hope this Christmas you will put the focus on yourself, finally. I created this list of 25 easy and fun Christmas self-care ideas for you. It’s time to relax and recharge your batteries. You deserve that.


1. Decorate your home

That definitely shouldn’t be a task, it should be a pleasure. At least, it is for me. I seriously love decorating my home for every season. And most of all, I adore the Christmas decoration.

In our house we have a tradition – we put up some Christmas music, make hot cocoa, put up our Christmas clothes and decorate. This always brings a good mood. And it is definitely part of my self-care routine during the holidays.


2. Music therapy

We were talking about Christmas carols in the point above and I should tell you that therapy is one of my favorite. What better time to bring some good mood with a lovely Christmas song?! It is proven that good music can heal your mind. And I believe that’s the absolute truth.

You can download my free printable Christmas Songs Checklist and give yourself a nice music therapy.


3. Buble bath

Yes, that’s always a good idea. But especially now during the holidays when the weather is cold outside. Hot bubble bat can be also combined with candles, hot cocoa or glass of wine. Pure perfection!


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4. Get some sleep

Ah, yes! That’s a miracle but now you are allowed to sleep as much as you can. Catch up on some sleep and relax. Sleep is an important part of every self-care routine. It helps your body and mind. I would definitely try it this Christmas season!




5. Morning routine

After taking a nap or catching up on sleep you should use the free time to establish a morning routine that’s going to help you have a wonderful day.

My morning routine consist mostly of drinking some coffee, doing some yoga or HIIT and making healthy breakfast.

You can check out my printable for a Perfect Morning Routine.


6. Night routine

After creating a gorgeous morning routine it is time to create and a night routine. Because night routines are also super important. Such routine can help you set a tone for your next day. You will feel relaxed, you will get a great night sleep, and you will wake up fresh and ready for the new day. If you need some help with ideas you can check my Healthy Sleep Routine Checklist for a good night sleep and fresh morning.


7. Read a book

This is always a great idea. Now it is the perfect time to read book you forgot about or a book you always wanted to read. It will take you to another magical world. Most of the time I spend reading business books that can help me implement strategies over my few businesses. That means that I hardly have time to read something just like that, for pleasure. I will be definitely use the free time to read a book I wanted to read from a long time. And because it is Christmas I have few interesting bookmarks in my Shop.


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8. Candles and lights

Trust me, this could make miracles. Especially for your mental health. Don’t forget to light some scented candles and lights and spend a nice evening. Just pick if you want to be alone or with your loved one. It could be really romantic if you spend it with your love. Me and hubby love doing this from time to time just to get us in a mood.


9. Eat well

I know, I know. It is really hard to eat well during the holidays. I love all the food, especially during these holidays. But even if you get full spend the next days eating better. Enjoy more fruits and veggies. Add some eggs, yogurt. Just light foods to make you feel better after all the eating. Take care of your body.


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10. Plan ahead

Now it is the perfect time to spend some time thinking about your future. Plus, we always feel like planning at the end of the year. But, please, don’t stress out because that’s not the point of this exercise. I love setting some goals for the next year, making some promises to myself. Don’t go overboard, keep it simple. Most people make hard promises they can’t achieve. You can even put things on paper and make a self-improvement plan. As I love to say – everything starts with a plan. I have super affordable self-improvement course that can guide you through the process of creating a great self-improvement plan which you can easily follow.


11. Movie day

Ah, this one is a favorite but since I am running 3 jobs I hardly get the time to make it to a full day of movies. But I love watching. And if you are a movie lover you should definitely spend the whole day watching old and new movies. And of course – Christmas movies. I even created a free Christmas Movie Checklist with few favorite Christmas movies to add to your day.


12. Social Media Detox

A social media detox is something really needed from time to time. As I am working as a social media manager it is really hard to make a social media detox but I will definitely make one when I am ready with my project. A social media detox will help you enjoy your life and spend more quality time not only with yourself but with your family and your loved one. I created Social Media Detox Checklist to help you go through a week without social media.


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13. Let go of negativity

This is super important. Use your free time wisely. Far away from negative people. Practice gratitude and positive thinking to develop positive mindset. It will be easier during this time of the year because this holiday has a positive vibe that’s going to help you.


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14. DIY gifts

I find making DIY gifts super fun and relaxing. If you love working with your hands and if you are a creative person this one will like you. Just give it a try, I am sure you will love it. Not to mention, how happy everyone will be when you give them these amazing thoughtful presents. You will definitely make them feel super special. The feeling is priceless.


15. Go outside

You probably love spending time at home during the Christmas holidays because it is cozy and warm. Not to mention, how relaxing it can be as a whole. But don’t forget to add some time going outside to your Christmas self-care. If there’s snow you can make a snowman or just a take a short walk. I personally love when the sun is shining over the snow – pure perfection. Going outside will help you set another tone for the holidays. You will do something different. Inhale some fresh and crispy air.


16. Drink more water

Yes. I am not your teacher but this is just a friendly reminder. Don’t forget to hydrate yourself. Your body needs that to survive and feel better.


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17. Meditate

This is one of my favorite Christmas self-care activities. Meditation is a powerful tool to your mental health healing. It also relaxes your body in a great way. I started practicing meditation when I had awful panic attacks and I couldn’t sleep. Now I love meditating from time to time when I feel overwhelmed and stressed. I am sure you will love the feeling after a meditation. You will recharge your batteries and be fresher. You can start with a guided meditation from Youtube.


18. Self-care box

This is a great idea. You can make it as a gift for yourself. This box will help you during hard times. And it is super easy to make it. Just find a cute box, you can even decorate it by yourself as a great DIY project. Put favorite things such as bath salts, a great CD with favorite relaxing music, money. Whatever you want – put it in the box. Be creative!




19. Journaling

Now, when you have enough free time you should spend it create new habits. A great habit is to start journaling. Make it a habit to write a little every single night before go to sleep. I started my journal when I was with depression and it became my best friend. At first it was really hard to share my emotions but once you get used to it you will grow to love it. Just make it every single night, put a sentence or even a single word.


20. Gratitude list

I love gratitude lists. When I first heard about gratitude lists I wasn’t sure if it could have any effect on me. But there was a huge effect. I started loving gratitude lists and telling all my friends and collegues about them. It is super simple. Just take a notebook and every night write three things you are grateful for. It could be a person, a place, the sun, the weather, the coffee. The possibilities are endless. This way you stimulate your brain to go back to things that made you happy. That affects your whole body and mind.


21. Shop for self-care items

If you love shopping for yourself, you can add self-care items to your shopping list this year. Trust me, I am not the biggest fan of shopping but I always get excited when I go shopping for self-care items such as candles, lights, massage items, oils, body lotions, and etc. Your body will thank you for that gift.


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22. Play games

Games are fun. They take your mind away and help you connect with your inner child. Here you have endless possibilities too. Personally I love playing Scrabble and do puzzles. The holidays are the perfect time to enjoy some games with your family and friends. And it is definitely time to finish that puzzle you started 3 years ago.


24. Give to others

I hate to say it but many people only give on Christmas which is really sad as a whole. But it is still something. Help someone in need, there are so many great causes that deserve your attention. You can make someone smile and have an amazing Christmas. Also don’t forget to give your love and attention to the people you love because they deserve it. That’s what Christmas is for.


25. Celebrate and treat yourself

Celebrate that amazing day. Treat yourself, forget about all the rules you follow and just enjoy some quality time with your family and friends. Enjoy good homemade food without counting calories, drink a glass of wine. Be present and enjoy your life!


With this my list off 25 Christmas self-care ideas ends. I hope you will find inspiration and try at least 5 of the ideas. Just take care of yourself. No, it is not selfish, it is much needed. You deserve to relax and have a nice time, you earned it.

Merry Christmas! Have a wonderful one! Enjoy the holidays!

And don’t forget to share your favorite self-care idea in the comments below.


With love,



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