30 Frugal Living Tips That Help Us Save Money

30 frugal living tips that helps us save money


Hey, you! Are you trying to save some money? These frugal living tips help us save money here and there.

We just announced that we are getting married next year in September. Of course, we don’t have all the money that we need for the wedding. But these frugal living tips are going to help us save for our dream wedding.

There’s so much you can do to save money whatever you are trying to achieve – travel, pay off debt or something else.


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All you need is patience and strong will. A positive outlook is always helpful when you are starting such a journey. You have to go all in and to be happy about the choices you are going to make.

It may sound scary at the beginning but now I am happy for all the changed we made and we are still making.

If it seems hard for you to implement all the tips start small with 1 to 3 things and whenever feel comfortable add some more.


Tip 1 – Make coffee at home

That’s something super simple you can try, especially at the beginning of your money saving journey. Not to mention, what difference is going to make if you are drinking tons of coffee just like me.

I drink my coffee with milk but the last few months I started buying from the expensive almond milk because I was experiencing problems with other simple milks. Anyway, I realized that I actually don’t like the coffee I drink outside, I prefer my own coffee.

When I drink coffee outside I give 1$ to 3$. When I make my own coffee I can save up to 50% of that price. And I will love it. You can take your coffee everywhere. All you need is a cute travel mug.

And you are ready to go.

You can save up to 500$ per year.


Tip 2 – Shop once a week

We used to go to the shop almost every day. And of course, every single time we were buying stuff we didn’t need. Not to mention, how much money we were spending just like that.

The change was simple. I started planning the meals for the week, then make a shopping list, and that’s it. We go and we shop what we really need for the week.

This can save you 600$ per year.


Tip 3 – Cut the alcohol

Okay, this is no brainer. And it was super easy for us because we are not really drinking alcohol. Sometimes I enjoy a glass of wine and hubby drinks a beer but that does not happen very often. Many people around us treat themselves with alcohol every single evening after work. The math here is simple.

By cutting the alcohol intake in your household you can save 1 000$ per year and even more.




Tip 4 – Drink more water

This is one of my favorite tips. Drinking water is so beneficial for your whole wellness. Cut not only alcohol but also another beverages or at least limit them. Most of them are filled with sugar and other bad things for your health.

I know this can be hard for you. I had such moments too. Something that really helped me was to buy super cute water bottle. It not only helps me drink more water and it definitely makes my mood better. You can even add fruits to make it taste different.

You can save 500$ per year if you limit or cut the intake of sugary beverages and juices.


Tip 5 – Lights off

Another favorite tip. It is super simple. Just learn to hit the lights off when you go from room to room. Another thing we do is to limit or completely turn off the lights in the evening when we are watching a movie. You can even make it more romantic for you and your loved one.

That simple move can save you somewhere around 150 – 200$ per year.


Tip 6 – Manually wash your dishes

I know it maybe takes more time to do it but it will definitely save you some money in the long run, When I was living with my parents we used a dishwasher but in our new apartment we don’t have one and that’s actually not bad because it definitely help us save some money.

You can save at least 50$ per year just by doing your own dishes.


Tip 7 – Wear clothes twice before washing

Well, we don’t tell you to wear dirty clothes or your shirts during the summer twice. But it is good to wear your jeans at least twice or your other clothes during the cold months. It is actually better for the clothes too. You can make them live longer and save money at the same time.

This can save you at least 50$ per year.


Tip 8 – Shop at a dollar store when possible

Don’t get me wrong but you can find so many interesting things in dollar stores, especially for your home. The price is definitely better and here in Bulgaria the quality is almost the same as if you buy it from a non dollar store. We just bought some candles and stuff for our kitchen from such a store and we are happy about it. Of course, not everything is good in these stores but you will learn to separate good from bad and to have an eye for the detail.

That can save you at least 100 – 200$ per year.


Tip 9 – Try to repear before replacing

Yes, that’s something we learned from our rental life the last few you years. We damaged the front door of our apartment and at first we were worried how we are going to replace the whole door but we did something else – we made a research and bought something to cover the whole door. It actually made it newer and fresher. It was a win win. And of course it costed us little money.

You can save around 200 – 300$ per year and even more sometimes.


Tip 10 – Create a capsule wardrobe

This tendency is super popular lately, it is all over the Internet. And it is one of the best frugal living tips. You can create this wardrobe with 20 pieces and just try to combine it with each other. It is super simple and you will love it.

It can save you at least 300$ per year from impulse buying.


Tip 11 – Save ad re-use gift bags

That’s something I do lately. If you are thinking what to do with your old gift bags – just use them, don’t throw them away. Here one bag costs somewhere around 1-2$.

You can save at least 30$ per year with this tactic.


Tip 12 – Simplify your skincare

I know there are great products out there that cost a fortune and you want to have them all but try something different – simplify your routine, start using natural products, make them at home. Also try to reduce the consumption of make up. Your skin is going to thank you and the money saved will be huge.

You can save at least 150 – 200$ per year even much more.


Tip 13 – DIY gifts and cards

That’s something I really love doing. It makes my gifts even more special. What’s better than handmade gift and card to give someone you love?! Plus, there are tons of ideas on the Internet you can try. Just yesterday I made for my best friend a sugar scrub and a face cream I made at home with natural ingredients. It was a great present for her and the money I spent was not as much as for another present.

You can save 200 – 500$ per year for presents and cards.


Tip 14 – Purchase items in bulks

That’s always a great idea. If you follow this simple tip you will have success in saving money. Naturally, some products when bought in bulk are way cheaper. For example, you can 4 rolls of toilet paper here for let’s say 2$ or you can buy 24 rolls for 4$. Do the math. It is like that with almost all products in our markets.Not with everything, of course but you will learn with time.

You can save up to 200$ per year just by buying in bulk.


Tip 15 – Save your change

That’s one of the tips I love and follow. I always save my change. There are three boxes where I put it and once a year I change it for money. You can save so much just by saving your change.

Save up to 300$ per year.




Tip 16 – Attend free events

We all love going out from time to time. That doesn’t have to be connected with money spending always. In every city there are free events you can visit – music concerts, sports events, and etc. You can go, have some fun, and save money at the same time, what’s better than that?!  Just do your research and have some free fun.

You can save from 100 to 300$ per year by doing that.


Tip 17 – Monetize your hobby

I know you have a hobby and you love doing something in your free time. Nowadays you can monetize almost every hobby you have – make and sell pictures, get paid to review books, or start a blog with Siteground.

Or you love spending time in social media – start selling your services and become a social media manager.

That can bring you from 50 to 300$ every single month.


Tip 18 – Free check ups with doctors

Health is really important. Even in that direction of your life you can take advantage of the free check ups and save some money. Here we have free campaigns almost every month. All you have to do is pick up the phone, make the call and go. Healthcare is expensive almost everywhere and that would be a great advantage for you.

You can save up somewhere between 100 and 300$ per year just by switching from paid visits to free check ups.


Tip 19 – No spend challenge

If you are looking into ways on how to live more frugally this tip will help you. Start doing no spend challenges every week. Spend one day every week to not give money for anything. At first it can be really hard but once you learn to control yourself it can be a lot of fun.

That way you can save up to 400-500$ per year. No spend challenges are the best!


Tip 20 – Move close to work

I know, that might be hard to do but if you live in a rented apartment or your own and you have a stable job you have to consider that one. We live on a rented apartment and when we decided to live together we wanted to be close to work and that’s what we did. Our work is 5 minutes by car from our apartment – less gas, less stress, more sleep and time together.

You can save up 300$ and more per year.


Tip 21 – Negotiate rent

And again if you live on a rented apartment you can always negotiate the price of your rent. When we were looking out and found our apartment we negotiated the rent and it was a huge win and money saved for us. Just try, there’s nothing to lose.

By doing that you can save at least 200$ per year.


Tip 22 – Use one car

This could be a game changer. This can be hard for a lot of you but it can definitely help you save big money. To have a car can be really expensive, especially when you are trying to save money.

You can save up to 500$ per year.


Tip 23 – Walk more

This is not only great way to spend time outside and get fir, but also for your pocket. Walking more means less gas for your car which is money, of course. In your free days you can leave the car and try walking more. You will feel fabulous and save money at the same time. It’s a win-win for me.

You can save at least 200$ per year.


Tip 24 – Run all your errands at once

This can help you a lot. It can not only save you time but money too. Imagine going with your car every day to run errands, it will cost you much more than doing it all at once. We pick one of our free days, go out and do everything that’s not urgent.

That can save you at least 100 – 200$ per year.


Tip 25 – Work from home / Side Hustle

Having a side hustle can greatly improve your life. You will be able to save money and help your family. As I wrote in one of the other tips I blog and I have some services I offer. At first, it’s not big money but as you become better you will be able to earn more and more.

You can make at least 50$ per month.


Tip 26 – Cook at home

Yes, I know. I also love going out and eating at restaurants without cooking and cleaning after that. The truth is, I don;t really need it anymore. I love cooking and make delicious food for me and hubby. Cooking at home is definitely a better and healthier option when you are trying to save money.

This can save you at least 300$ per year.




Tip 27 – Meal Plan

It is super easy, you just have to plan your meals for the week, make a shopping list and shop once a week. It’s good for your body, you will be calmer when you have a plan for the week and it is definitely going to be good for your wealth.

You can save up to 50$ per month..


Tip 28 – Stick to your grocery list

That’s important. That’s what lists are for – to stick with them. Don’t go overboard and spend money you don’t want to. It is simple as that. You just have to be strong and to remember what’s your ultimate goal.

You can save up to 200$ per year just by sticking to your grocery list.


Tip 29 – Cut down on meat

Even if you are huge meat lover try to eat only 3 times a week, spend the rest of the day without meat. It is good for your body, it is good for the animals, and it is great for your pocket.

You can save 75 – 100$ per year just by doing that.


Tip 30 – Take your lunch to work

So, that’s not always easy to do but you can make it. I work on an airport where the food is super expensive and it is limited to sandwiches and pizzas. I prefer to take my own cooked food to work. It is great for my health and definitely helps me to save money.

You can save at least 250$ per year by doing this simple act.


I hope these tips will show you how much money you can actually save and make if you follow them. Most of them are simple, all they need is a little planning. An year from now you can be very rich by following my steps and save all these money.

Which is your favorite tip? Comment below.


With love,



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