7 Simple Spring Date Ideas For Couples

7 Simple Spring Date Ideas


Hello and happy spring! I love this season. I always look forward to spring. How beautiful everything is outside creates the idea of ​​a new beginning. That’s why I want to share with you 7 great ideas for simple spring date ideas for couples.

Each season has its wonderful sides.

But spring is oh-so-amazing! The weather is great for going out – neither too hot nor too cold. It is extremely beautiful to watch, as the colors are quite saturated and warm.

This season is the perfect time to go out with our loved ones and enjoy a different and beautiful emotion. Let’s go straight to the ideas, because it’s time to go out and feel the spring.

1. Nature walks

Of course, now is the perfect time for long walks in nature. Especially with everything around that is blooming. This is one of the reasons I love this season.

Just put on comfortable shoes, hold your loved one’s hand and enjoy all the colors around you.


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2. Park games

It’s a great idea to go out and have fun together. Here you can choose from many options, as there are many games that could be played in the park.

Here are some ideas – football, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, badminton. You could even play other types of games like chess and board games.


3. Picnic in the park

Well yes! After the games in the park you can have a wonderful picnic in the park, under a blooming tree. Or under the open sunny sky.

Be creative and take whatever you want. We take a blanket, a basket with two wine glasses, a bottle of wine, fruit and a few croissants. But you could definitely experiment with different things.


4. Visit a botanical garden

Botanical gardens are truly one of the best places where you can enjoy all the beauty of spring. You will be surrounded by flowering trees, thousands of different types of flowers, greenery. And the scent of flowers will create an incredible emotion.


5. Go to a concert

During the spring season, the concerts that take place outside begin. I’ve always liked the idea of ​​enjoying good music in an open-air park. Definitely the feeling is wonderful and going to a concert outside is very different from a concert in a hall.


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6. Barbecue nights

You can have a barbecue outside. It would be great if you have a balcony or a beautiful terrace. Combine with a bottle of good wine, nice music and a few candles. You will not go wrong with this combination.


7. Paddle boating

This is definitely a great way to spend time with your loved one. Just the two of you, away from everyone and everything. It’s very nice, we go to paddle boats every year and we love it.


8. Bonus idea – romantic sunset

This is the time when those beautiful sunsets that take your breath away begin. That’s why I decided to leave this idea here, because in the spring you can really see some of the most amazing sunsets.

We are lucky because our apartment has a mountain view and we have the pleasure of watching beautiful sunsets almost every day. But you can always explore interesting places in your area and enjoy the sunset. It would be a bonus if the place is in nature and away from the noise of the city.


There are certainly thousands more ideas for spring dates, but these are my favorites. They are super affordable and I believe that each of us can do them without much effort.

I will be glad to hear which are your favorite spring date ideas – share in a comment below.


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