Name: Monica Vaklinova

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Age: 28


Things about me: Writer with a deep soul. Life coach. Traveler. Coffee addict. Animal lover.  Romantic soul. Unicorn lover. Positivity founder. Chocolate monster. Healthy lifestyle maintainer.

I love traveling, writing and helping people find their meaning in life. If you are interested in self-care, healthy lifestyle and a lot of travel information – I am your girl and this is the right place for you!

I overcame anxiety, depression and an eating disorder. If you need a helpful information and if you are ready to truly change your life and make it a better and positive place – contact me!

If you need someone to guide you to your new and dream life, someone to push you to achieve your personal, financial, and professional goals or someone to help you accomplish your health goals you can message me! My life coaching method is unique and you can benefit from it! Just write me HERE and I will give you the details!

This blog is my happiness project and it is a place, where to embrace yourself, to find peace and live the life you’ve always wanted. Don’t sit and watch – be the main role in your life!


With love,