How To Beat The Winter Blues & Actually Enjoy Winter

how to beat the winter blues


Winter blues are definitely a thing. You get up in the morning and it is dark. You drink your afternoon coffee and it’s dark again. There’s fog. You are feeling moody and tired. You also don’t have energy and desire to do anything. Sadness and feeling lethargic are two feelings that make you feel worse? It must sound familiar, right?!


January and February are a peak for the winter blues because the days are shorter and darker.


Don’t worry. There are some really great and easy ways to beat the winter blues and really enjoy the winter with all of her beauty.


But let me first share with you some of the symptoms of the winter blues so you could be better at beating them.


  • Low energy.
  • More sleepy.
  • You feel bored.
  • You don’t have the usual desire to spend time with friends.
  • You are moody without reason.
  • You overeat, gain weight and crave carbs.


There are few reasons that may actually cause these winter blues like vitamin D deficiency, depression, cyrcadian rhytm disfunction and it just might be in your genes.


Whatever the reason, there are ways deal with these emotions in you. And you can do it!


Since I suffered from anxiety and depression I started experience these symptoms from December to February. It was really hard to cope but I was motivated to change that and improve the quality of my live over these months. So, I just started experimenting.


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Reading this means you already took the first step and you really want to beat the winter blues. The tips are all about self-care, self-acceptance, self-love. They will definitely help you bead the bad mood and have a lovely winter.


Develop a positive mindset

This step is crucial. I believe that every thought you sent to the universe reflects back to you. That’s why you should try to think more positive. And I know it is hard but once you shift your mindset the winter blues will go far away from you.

Make it a challenge. Try to think only positive thoughts for a day, three days, a week maybe. And start increasing gradually. It will become a way of thinking, a great habit.



Smile more

This also takes practice. But it is totally doable. Spend 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes during the day just smiling. And let me tell you – this way you can make yourself happier and you will also make someone’s day just like that by only smiling.

Smiling practice is a gold mine. It can change so much and it can open so many doors for you. When you smile, you spread positive energy to the world.


Gratitude list

This is a wonderful idea. I remember when I made mine. A gratitude list helps you focus on the things you are grateful for, it shifts your whole energy and thinking in a great direction.

Try it for a month. All you have to do is write down three things you are grateful for every single day. I do it at night, before going to sleep because it makes me feel better, it helps me think about the great things in my life and that impacts greatly my sleep.


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Use the long days at the comfort of your home to stretch yourself, do some yoga or dance. Something I do very often is to simply put my favorite TV series on my phone and walk over the apartment ( because we have much space) and if you have the space you should definitely try it. I also ads some HIIT and make it different every time.

Personally, I love being active while I am at home, I can watch TV or listen to my favorite music. But if you prefer to go to the gym and that motivates you to work out that’s great. Pick a class you will enjoy and just go.

Whatever you decide it will be better for beating the blues. Just be active in what way you can and what way gives you pleasure.


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Eat healthy

Yep. After exercise comes the healthy eating. I know how badly you wish to eat carbs but just don’t. It will only make you feel worse. Eat more clean foods. Add more veggies and seasonal fruits. Maybe some eggs and chicken will do good. There are many options.

I believe it is really good to give your body the right foods, especially after all the eating during the holidays. Take care of your body, give it the fuel it really needs to recover.


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Yes, meditation can help you clear your mind and relax.

It turns me back to the days with anxiety and depression. At some point I was having troubles with sleeping and I decided to give meditation a try. It really helped me relax and fall asleep. Just pick 10-20 minutes of your day and meditate. It can seriously help you feel better. There are even guided meditations all over Youtube that can guide you through the whole process.


Get outside

I know it’s freezing outside but there are days with sunshine and gorgeous snow you can enjoy outside. Take a walk, go to the shop, go skiing. Whatever works for you. This will take your mind of negative thoughts. Go, make those cheeks pink.


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Spend time with friends and family

You must be feeling unmotivated or bored. But this will hell you engage your mind with something different and it might be fun. When you are surrounded by good people that affects your mood for sure. Go for a coffee or a walk. You can also arrange a festive party at the comfort of your home, nothing special – just good food and nice company to share it with. Watch a movie or play a game, or make theme party with costumes or pj’s. I am sure that will help you kick the winter blues.


Make a bucket list

Bucket lists are great. Spend time thinking and creating one. Put some fun things you want to try out and start thicking them one by one. Now it is the perfect time to do such thing.



Establish morning routine and sleep routine

It is January and the time is perfect to start the new year fresh with creating a fabulous routines to help you get up early and start the day fresh or fall asleep easier and to be prepared for the next day. These routines will help yoi be engaged with something in the morning and at night. You can check out my Healthy Sleep Routine and Perfect Morning Checklist I created to help you with the routines.


Watch a comedy movie

This is always a great idea. I love watching old comedy movies like Bad Boys and etc. You can do it alone or with a friend and share a good laugh. I bet there are many movies you want to watch, just pick something funny and enjoy.


Book and a hot cocoa

This is another great option. A good book can take you to another magical world and take your mind away. Make a cup of hot cocoa and spend a cozy day at home enjoying the book. It works perfectly in dark rainy days.


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Plan a vacation

This can make you really excited if you are like me. I LOVE planning vacations and trips, it is something I think about all the time. Pick a destination you would like to visit and plan all the thing you want to see and visit. Make a detailed plan and enjoy your time.


Early spring cleaning

Use your time to invite spring in your home early this year. We spend most of our days at home whe  it’s cold outside, so that’s the perfect opportunity to keep yourself occupied and do something nice for your home. It will give you a great vibe at the end and it will fill you with hopes and dreams for the coming spring.


Light therapy

Light therapy is used to help a lot for the winter blues. It it basically an exposure to artificial light. During light therapy, you sit or work near a device called a light therapy box. The box gives off bright light that mimics natural outdoor light. It is really beneficial to have such a lamp at your home if you are experiencing the blues because it will always be by your side.


Vitamin D

As we said in the beginning of this post you might have a vitamin D deficiency. That’s why it’s good to take this vitamin during the winter months. I drink it from November to the end of February. I am not strict, I drink it for a month, then make a short pause and drink it again. It definitely improves my mood and makes me feel good. Vitamin D was a huge help when I had my depression, so I definitely recommend it .


Omega – 3

I don’t have the right words to express how amazed I am from Omega-3 fatty acids. I remember how tired I was from anxiety and depression. My mind was all over the place, a ghost was living inside of me. And then, one day, I was reading a research that was saying how beneficial is Omega-3 for depression. I thought that I don’t have much sources of Omega-3 in my diet because I eat fish once or twice per year, which is nothing. I decided to give Omega-3 the chance and it worked wonders for me. After only 3 days I was me again, I was me after 6 years of fighting. Of course, I changed many things in my lifestyle but that was the missing piece. You can learn more about the other changes I made in my book

Now I take my Omega-3 every time I start to feel like that, and use it during the whole winter season on cycles. Omega-3 is a powerful weapon in the battle with the winter blues. Don’t hesitate, try it for yourself.


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Seek help

If you tried everything and you don’t feel improving you should go see a doctor and talk with someone because I said depression is a serious thing and all the tips I gave you are not a medical advise. They work well for me and for many people but that doesn’t mean they will work for you the same way. Just don’t be dissapointed and ashamed – go to a doctor and take care of yourself. And don’t forget – everything is possible and you can feel better!


I hope these tips are going to help you beat the winter blues and lead a great lifestyle enjoying the winter season.


With love,





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  • What a lovely, uplifting post for this time of year. I don’t personally have winter depression but I can get really lazy and lethargic during winter. Sometimes I just want to curl up in bed and do nothing haha. I definitely want to start meditating this year. I practice yoga but I think time for meditation would help me too! I should check out Omega-3 too, actually, as I take vitamin D supplements during winter but I bet Omega-3 would be an additional boost x

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