Christmas Gift Guide For Boss Babes 2017

Christmas Gift Guide For Boss Babes 2017


Welcome to my first part – Christmas Gift Guide For Boss Babes 2017! This is going to be a 4 part series where I am going to give you Christmas gift options – for him, for the kitchen and for the home!

This time we are going to search for the best gift options for the boss babe in your life! Trust me, there are so many things you can buy for this person!

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I only recommend brands and products I use, love and like!

As a matter of fact, most of the gifts here are the same I want someone to buy for me because I am a real boss babe! Let’s dig and find the best gifts ever!


Cute Motivational Mug 

I love cute motivational mugs and I have so many at my coffee counter! Usually, every boss babe needs such a coffee cup to start the day the right way. I am sure your girl is going to fall in love with this gift. It’s simple, chick and useful. This fabulous mug is one of my top choices!

Unicorn Notebook

Not only such a notebook is really cute but also gives you energy and brings up positivity to your daily life. After all who doesn’t like unicorns?! I am a huge fan! This inspirational unicorn notebook is going to be a great gift option! If your boss babe is not so much a unicorn lover you can come up with more elegant notebook like this oneIn either case, I am sure your boss babe will fall in love with your present.



Leather Bag

In brief – a bag is always a good present for any woman, especially for the boss babe woman! Every woman needs a leather bag and you can never go wrong if you pick up this as a Christmas present for the boss girl in your life. My two favorite leather bags are this gorgeous bag and this stylish boss babe bag.

Scented Candles 

Not only scented candles are beautiful but they are also very useful for the so needed self-care days boss babe need. As a matter of fact, I think every person loves the comfort scented candles give to the home interior or workspace interior. This gorgeous set box is filled with Fressia, Blackberry, Orange, and Peppermint scented candles. This is the best present!

Boss Girl Necklace

A great boss girl necklace is a thoughtful present. First -it is gorgeous! Second – it’s a symbol of strength. After all, every boss babe deserves such a present, which shows her power and the hard work she did to be at this exact place. Here is the perfect boss babe necklace.


A beautiful watch can be a little pricey. Of course, you can always find the best deal. After all, you want the best for your boss babe. In either case, this is one of the best presents ever. It sends an amazing message to the person, it tells her how important is the time spent with her. Here is my favorite rose-gold watch. Not only beautiful but also a good deal!


What is a Christmas gift guide for boss babes without something powerful and valuable! I know this one is maybe a lot above your budget but this is a really special gift. Not only is going to help her do her job but also to relax. This is the ultimate gift for your boss babe! After all, I am sure the comfort of your lady is really important for you. This is something I really need and want and I am sure your babe is so going to appreciate such a gift. I personally recommend this Asus laptopIts product details are very very good!



Digital Camera

This present can be the perfect fit for your boss babe. It’s perfect for work or just for fun. In either case, it is going to be a huge and gorgeous surprise. Not to mention the value of the gesture you are going to make! I am a huge fan of Canon and that’s why I strongly recommend you this kind of Canon digital camera. It is one of the best-sellers!


If you think a digital camera is not the most practical thing you can always buy her a phone with a great camera such as Samsung Galaxy S8. Although I think the camera is the better choice for pictures. I am a huge fan of Samsung phones, I personally use and love Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The pictures with this phone are simply perfect! Not to mention the million other stuff I am making with this phone!

Leather wallet

A gorgeous leather wallet can be a good addition to the leather bag we mentioned above. But it can also be a present itself. In either case, I am sure your boss babe will appreciate a beautiful leather wallet like this oneThat’s something everyone needs!

To summarize everything it is not present itself that will make your boss babe happy, it’s the gesture you make! After all, Christmas is all about the love you can give!

I can give you a bonus suggestion about a gift! If your babe is a blogger or a biz owner you can sign her up for one of the many amazing plans of Siteground! She can start her blog or website at a cost of only 3.95$/month, which is nothing compared to what she can achieve with her blog or biz!

Plus here is another bonus for you – if your boss babe is into the healthy lifestyle you can sign her up for the FREE trial of Paleo Lifestyle Bootcamp!

If you are a blog or biz babe come join my Facebook group Blog & Biz Boss Babes!

I hope my Christmas Gift Guide For Boss Babes 2017 is going to be helpful for you!


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