Christmas Gift Guide For The Home 2017

Christmas Gift Guide For The Home 2017


Hello, hello! With Christmas around the corner comes my Christmas Gift Guide For The Home 2017! If you follow my blog you will know this is the third post of the series. Of course, if you are new you can check my blog posts Christmas Gift Guide For Him 2017 and Christmas Gift Guide For Boss Babes 2017!

This post is an alternative to my last two posts but here you can find something about a couple you know, a couple, who maybe started their life together or a family. Not to mention you can make a present for yourself and your own home!

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I only recommend brands and products I use, love and would buy for myself! 

So let’s see what do we have in our Christmas gift guide for the home 2017!



Kitchen Set 

Every house needs a kitchen set! If you already have one maybe it is time to change it. There are so many variations on the market, but I am seriously in love with this cute and colorful set. It has so many great gadgets and I am sure they are going to come on hand for something. It is also the perfect present for a new family who just moved into their new home!

Christmas Decor Sign 

Although it is not anyone’s cup of tea I love these signs! They make your home cozy and beautiful. These signs can be a great addition to your home interior. They come in different forms and shapes and you can choose from a wide variety. Here’s my most favorite window lettering sticker. If that’s not exactly your type you can use something like this wooden decor sign. They both are great options for your home!

Cocktail Set

A beautiful cocktail set could be a nice addition to every home. In fact, this could be a great present for a young couple, who loves making parties at home with friends! My personal favorite is this cute Parisian cocktail set. If you want something more classic try this one. Not to mention you can pair this gift with these gorgeous cocktail glasses.

Scented candles

I am a huge lover of scented candles! As a matter of fact, I think they are an integral part of any household. Not to mention all the beautiful forms and shapes. In addition to this, the smell is just another bonus. This scented candle gift set could be a wonderful present for everyone and for your own home. There are four magical scents in the set – Freesia, Orange, Peppermint, and Blackberry.

Christmas mugs

You may already know what a huge mug lover I am! In fact, I love themed mugs. Every home should have cute Christmas mugs for coffee. Not to mention if they are matching! This Red Nose Reindeer mug is my top choice! And this Snowman Cookie Mug Set is absolutely gorgeous! I would love if I get one of these!




In contrast to the other suggestions, this gift may not necessarily be with Christmas decoration. It could be simple and with only one color and it will also be a great present! Here I am going to give you 2 options – one simple and one with decoration!

Beautiful Vase

A vase is a great addition to every decor and it is also something everyone needs! It can be the perfect present for a family or for your home! A vase can be a wonderful gift to an older member of your family! This Crystal Vase would be a great part of any interior but I am more fascinated by this Geometric and interesting vase!


You might think this is a boring gift. It is exactly the opposite! A nice and interesting lamp can change your home interior a lot! There are going to be a cool gift for your friends! Of course, you have to know a little about the interior of their home! This minimalist lamp can fit great into a bedroom nightstand. And this Brightech Twist LED Floor Lamp can make your living room elegant and classy!

Christmas Tree

This is a great present for your own home! Of course, we all love the real Christmas trees but they are expensive and require a lot of cleaning after. You can bring home this gorgeous Christmas tree and it will make your home cozy and sparkling! A tree is always a good idea!


This is the last gift on my list. I know it’s very expensive and it is more a gift you can make yourself but it is still a great option. I am sure it is going to be used a lot! Not to mention the many hours you are going to spend in front of it with your favorite people! My man and I made this gift to ourselves a few months ago and we are super happy we did that! We bought almost the same as this Phillips TV and we are really pleased, so I strongly recommend it!

I hope you are going to find something for yourself in this list, but also something for your friends! My Christmas gift guide for the home 2017 includes not only big additions but and small ones so I am sure you are going to find a little something for everybody!

Share with me what are you going to buy for your home and what your friends brought for you?

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