9 Ways To Fall In Love With Yourself On Valentine’s Day

9 ways to fall in love with yourself on valentine's day


Hey, lovelies! I want to dedicate this post to my best friend and all gorgeous women who are single for the day. I believe you should first appreciate yourself in order to love and be loved. That’s why I want to share with you my favorite ways to fall in love with yourself on this Valentine’s day.


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You are going to become even more fabulous after implementing these super easy ways to love yourself. You owe it to yourself to show some self-love. I guarantee you it is going to be an amazing day for you.


1. Go out with your girlfriends

Yep. You can e joy an amazing and fun night out with your besties. Go out for dinner and a drink. You can add some bar or a club to dance your heart out. Because your body loves to move.

What’s best than that?! A night out with the besties can be so much fun. You can even invite them to a pizza and wine night, movie night or pj’s party if you don’t want to go out. There are a million ways to enjoy the day with your besties and make it memorable. And something to look forward to. Just pick something and do what makes your souls happy. It is as simple as that.




2. Take a bath

I don’t have a bath at my apartment but I surely know what a lovely and relaxing experience that could be. Light some candles, put nice relaxing music, and sip a glass of your favorite wine. This combination is pure perfection.


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3. Read a book

Yes, if you love reading books this is a must. Pick a story you like and enjoy it with a cup of hot cocoa. And you should definitely add some scented candles for an amazing experience.


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4. Go to a massage or make your own spa day at home

Both are oh-so-relaxing options. Whatever you pick, you won’t regret. If you are dreaming about a massage – now it is the perfect time to book an appointment.

If you want to stay at home, you can make your own spa with some candles, wine, lotions, and my favorite lately essential oils. After this spa night, you will be full of energy and love, self-love.


5. Pamper yourself with a new hairstyle

This is always a good idea, especially for Valentine’s day. When I want to show some self-love I always change my hair. And it makes me feel SO GOOD. You should definitely give yourself this special gift. I believe this is a great way to treat yourself for Valentine’s day.

You should check some pretty hairstyles for the holiday.

And if you want even more amazing ways to pamper yourself for the holiday – check here.

The ideas are endless. And the best part is – the feeling you get after. Priceless!


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6. Write yourself a love letter

This is one of my favorite ideas. It really makes you think. And feel. That’s the way to show yourself some real love. Write yourself a love letter. Put your heart on the paper. Thank yourself for being such a fabulous and amazing woman. Appreciate yourself. That’s the secret to true happiness. To know your strengths and love yourself unconditionally.


7. Create a positive mantra or affirmation

As you may already know I am a huge fan of affirmations. And yes, I do believe they help. A simple sentence can help you start believing more in yourself. Because you are amazing and worthy.

Start with something simple, something like “I am worthy. I love and appreciate myself. I am LOVE!”

Keep thinking about that, keep repeating that. I guarantee you that after a few days you will start thinking about that sentence and feel it, to believe it. This will become your truth.


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8. Get yourself out on a date

Yes, you can do that alone. You most probably should do it alone. In the end – that’s a date with your own self. Dress up, put on some makeup, high heels and you are ready. Go to that place you want for so long. Drink a glass of wine or go dancing. Whatever makes your soul happy. Get to know yourself better, allow yourself to feel and just be.


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9. Buy yourself chocolate and flowers

Yes, you heard me right you fabulous queen – you don’t need a man to indulge with some chocolate and flowers. You are powerful enough to buy your own flowers and treats if that’s what is going to make you happy. You will not only feel powerful and independent but also confident. Because you do what you want and what feeds your soul with excitement, right? It is super simple – if it makes you happy, just do it.

Of course, if you have a loved one be sure to spend the time of your life with him. You can gift them a cute love card. Or you can simply download the Valentine’s Day Love Checklist. Either way be sure to have a wonderful day.

There’s this famous quote by Jorge Luis Borges: “So plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.” I believe in that. You are strong, independent, confident, funny, and simply amazing. Don’t look on Valentine’s Day with hatred, instead use it as a way to show yourself some love and make yourself truly happy. Because this is a celebration of love and the most important kind of love is the one you show yourself.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Queen!



With love,



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