Fall Travel Getaways In Europe

fall travel getaways in europe


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The fall is here! I decided to start my blogging journey exactly now because the weather is getting worse and I will stay at home much more than before. This was the perfect time for me. People say that all beautiful things come during the fall season because that’s the time for a change. If you are still thinking how to change your life and how to start your blogging journey – just do it now. You can start from here with Siteground.

Fall is also the perfect time for traveling.

The fall is that time of the year when we make changes in our lives. We wear cozy sweaters, our houses are full of aromatic scented candles, we play with pumpkin recipes, and we travel to amazing destinations. The air is crisp, and nature is breathtaking. I am obsessed with traveling, and that is why I decided to give you a list of magical fall getaways in Europe. They are all must-see destinations, especially in this incredibly beautiful season.



Sofia, Bulgaria

This is my little and sweet hometown, and I highly recommend it, and it is not because it is my place, but because Bulgaria is well-known for its captivating nature. The perfect time to visit Sofia is in October because the weather during the day is amazingly warm. Taking a nice long fall walk around the city will give you everything you need. The parks in the town are gorgeous at this time of the year – so colorful and beautiful. You can check the best hotel options here.

Florence, Italy

If you wonder when exactly to visit Italy and especially Florence – now it is the perfect time to do that. The weather at this time of the year is fantastic. You can see another charming side of Italy because there roasted nuts all around the city instead of the good old gelato. The smell is amazing. Imagine wearing your gorgeous boots in Florence! You can quickly get the Italian vibe here. And at this time of the year, it is not so stuffed with tourists, so you will be able to visit everything you want to calmly. Plus – you will be able to drink a real cappuccino to warm yourself up. You can find the best hotel deals here.

Paris, France

This gorgeous city is magically beautiful at this time of the year. Be sure to check The Paris Royal Gardens, because their fall look is unbelievable. You have to try their hot chocolate because the moment couldn’t be more perfect. You can cuddle up in some lovely Parisian café with an exciting book, drinking original hot chocolate. Many of the places are closing in December because of the holiday season, so now everything is open and is less expensive. For the best stay check here.

Bucharest, Romania

Fall in Bucharest is full of magical landscapes and mild weather. It also brings interesting traditional foods and beverages. They have many beautiful parks – the Eden Garden is a captivating place you should visit, especially in this season. Now it is the perfect time to visit museums there and other art places. If you want to check the best deals for your stay click here.


Bruges, Belgium

You have to take a giant sweater because the moment is perfect for eating lots of chocolate and Belgian waffles in this season. If you are not into sweets, which is so hard to believe, you can go to the market at Burg Square, where at this time of the year you are going to find a variety of local delicacies. The canals in the city look gorgeous in fall, just imagine how colorful they will be. The overall impression of the town is essential, and if you look carefully, you will fall in love with this fantastic place. Book your fantastic stay here.

Budapest, Hungary

It is very appealing to try the Budapest’s baths at this time of the year. This is the city most famous spa. This place connects locals with tourists. Now it is the time to go there if you are a wine lover because there are many festivals devoted to harvesting and wine. You can also go underground and explore what lies there. You can find excellent activities and take a look at a few captivating caves. At this time there are many art festivals. Hungarians have fabulous treats, and they also have fantastic historical confectioneries. Find the best deals here.

Munich, Germany

There is a lot to see there in fall. Of course, there is the annual Oktoberfest. It is full of people in traditional costumes, laughs, beer and delicious traditional dishes. There are many gardens and parks filled with fall beauty. You will get the feeling you are in a real fairy tale. Be sure to visit the magnificent English Garden, which is one of the largest parks in Europe. If you are a church lover, you can visit all the beautiful churches in the area. Book your stay here.

Luzerne, Switzerland

Switzerland is magical at any time of the year, but in the fall you will see breathtaking landscapes. The lake looks magical, and all of the surrounding nature is majestic. So impressive! There are many festivals and events you can take part of. You can also attend the traditional autumn fair there. If you love unique nature, excellent food, theatre, carnivals and excellent jazz music – Lucerne is the best fall getaway for you! So colorful, beautiful and full of activities – the perfect place! Enjoy this magical place by booking your stay here.

Prague, Czech Republic

Crisp air, historic architecture, long walks – that’s Prague during the fall season. Not to mention their traditional beer. Czech festivals at this season are perfect for music lovers, especially for the jazz fans. Most of their fears are during the fall because they are too heavy for the summer. You can enjoy meat dishes fantastic bread, which you will hide with a large sweater. The atmosphere in October is magical! Book your hotel from here.

If you prefer other destinations and other seasons or if you are looking for something more peaceful you can check my article Top Ten Places In The World To Give You An Inner Peace.

I hope you will enjoy fall as much as you can! I would love to hear from you where would you want to spend your fall and where have you been last year?


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