Greece’s Best Kept Secret: Ammouliani Island

greece's best kept secret: ammouliani island


One of Greece’s best kept secrets is Ammouliani island. This place is absolutely magical and perfect for your next vacation.

Clear waters, amazing sand, charming little streets, thousands of guest lovely guest houses – pure perfection. You will fall in love with this place. It is so beautiful and serene. Not to mention, the fascinating wild nature.


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You can also find this little paradise called as Amoliani. This is an small island located in the area of Chalkidiki, Greece. It is only 120 km from famous Thessaloniki so you can definitely visit both places, while on vacation there. Ammouliani is  a part of the Stagira-Akanthos municipal unit.

The population of the island in 2011 was 547 people.

Ammouliani is small, quiet, and dreamy place. There are no disco clubs and noisy places. It is designed to be a relaxed place perfect for your rest.

The water there is perfectly clean without rocks. There are few gorgeous sandy beaches and you can find a coffee and something to grab for lunch on every beach.

You will definitely get that nostalgic feeling when you are leaving the island.



There are two of the most magical beaches I’ve ever seen there – Alykes beach and Megali Ammos beach.


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We spent some really nice time on Alykes beach. There are free zones and there are also paid zones so you can choose whether to use their umbrellas and sunbeds or bring your own. There’s enough free space, especially if you have kids who love running and playing around.

Just to mention: When I say the umbrellas are paid I don’t actually mean you have to pay for them. They only need to order something from the beach bar and you can stay as long as you wish. It could be only a coffee for example.


greece's best kept secret: ammouliani island


I am in love with the water there. I love swimming and spending as much time as I can in the water and for me that’s really important. Plus, who doesn’t love clear and gorgeous water like this?!


greece's best kept secret: ammouliani island


Here you can see the beach and the sand. It is even better than it looks like. It is enough space for having fun without being smashed by the other people. And of course you can see a little small part of the nature behind us.

There are a few nice places where you can take something to drink or grab a lunch.


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We really enjoyed our short stay there and will definitely go back to enjoy this beauty again.

The second most gorgeous beach is called Megali Ammos and it is also amazing. We couldn’t see it but our friends send us a lot of pictures and videos from there. We will definitely add this beach for our next stay in Ammouliani. And I will definitely share a picture or two with you so you can also feel the magic from this beach.


greece's best kept secret: ammouliani island


What a view, right?!

This beach is more wild and filled with nature but as you can see there is a small part that’s covered with paid umbrellas and sunbeds.

Just to mention again: when I say the umbrellas are paid I don’t actually mean you have to pay to stay there. They only need you to order something from the beach bar and you can stay there as long as you wish. It could only be one coffee for example. But you are going to order something anyway if you love to stay on the beach the whole day.

greece's best kept secret: ammouliani island


The water is simply amazing.

There are some more nice beaches there you can visit, so if you love visiting new places there’s actually a choice there.

If you are a foodie, you will be surprised how many gorgeous tavernas are places on this small and charming island. You will be able to enjoy the Greek food for sure.

It is definitely the perfect place to relax and recharge your batteries.


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I decided to make this post more visual so you can actually see how beautiful this place is. It is definitely one of Greece’s best kept secrets. Ammouliani island has so much to offer. Even the pictures can hardly describe the magical beauty of Ammouliani.

I hope I was able to inspire your next vacation to Greece and especially to Ammouliani. Here you can book your vacation to Ammouliani on the best possible price.

Have you ever been there? Did you like it?


With love,



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