Health Benefits Of Coconut Sugar

health benefits of coconut sugar


Hey, lovelies! Today we are going to discuss the health benefits of the coconut sugar. Recently I see so many people talking about sugar. That’s normal because we are getting more and more concerned about our health. If you are even a little like me you try to improve your health constantly.


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Coconut sugar benefits are known for so long. With all these white sugar everywhere people are finding ways to make their life healthier.

I used to put SO much sugar in my coffee. Plus, I love everything sweet, which of course is filled with sugar and artificial sweeteners. They are all known for cancer and obesity sources.

Three months ago I decided it’s time to change this bad habit. I started taking coconut sugar with my coffee. I must say that the effect is huge and I definitely feel better. But let’s talk more about the coconut sugar!


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There is a huge difference between regular and coconut sugar. Coconut sugar is made from the flower buds cut from the coconut palm. These trees can be found mostly in Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. The taste of coconut sugar is really strange. You may feel there’s a caramel in it. But it is tasty! It’s a great option for your healthy desserts!

And if you are like me – you love making healthy options to your favorite desserts! Desserts: 365 Days of Desserts is a game changer for me! It has SO many delicious recipes, perfect for every lifestyle! Especially for people like me and you, who want to be healthy and still enjoy life!

Anyway, my main point was that coconut sugar can give your dessert a different and amazing taste! You can first try to swap in desserts you already know just to feel the difference! Don’t forget that the price tag is a lot higher from the regular sugar! Personally, for me, that’s not really a problem because my number one priority is my health!




First, we will talk about the nutrition content of the coconut sugar. Please note that coconut sugar is not a superfood. It is just packed with a huge variety of minerals and vitamins. They can’t be found in the regular sugar. Not to mention, the big amounts of Vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, zinc, and iron. This sugar also provides you with antioxidants. While regular sugar is known for causing depression, coconut sugar is known as a mood booster. After all, that’s because it is packed with vitamin B.


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Fructose Levels

You know what fructose is? It is that type of sugar your body converts to fat. The only organ in your body which can break down fructose is the liver. You can easily consume fructose by consuming fresh fruits. Apart from that, you have to lower the amount of glucose as much as you can to be healthy. The coconut sugar contains 45% fructose, which is the best option because the fructose levels in other sweeteners like corn syrup and agave nectar are twice bigger.

Glycemic Index

Glycemic index is actually this thing that measures all the effects of the carbohydrates on your blood sugar. The index of my favorite coconut sugar is 35, while the index of the regular white sugar is somewhere between 60 and 75. Sometimes your blood sugar spikes when you consume foods with a higher glycemic index. That’s not good because of these high spikes your insulin levels up which can be a problem for diabetics. That’s why it is really good for your overall health to eat foods with a lower glycemic index just like the coconut sugar.




Coconut sugar is awarded for the most sustainable sweetener in the world for 2014.


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I have to say I am really surprised by the effect this sugar has on me. Back then when I started using it I was thinking this is just a colored white sugar. But it is not. My tummy feels SO good because of this sugar. The taste is really amazing. Yes, it is different but in a good way.

Many of the people around me told me I am crazy to give so much money for sugar. As I said, in the beginning, the price is higher. But at the end of the day, you should be happy with the choices you make. Right?! At least, I feel that way. If there is something more I can make to make my life healthier, I will do it.

Of course, don’t forget this is actual sugar. That’s why you should not overdo with the dozes. I only put one little spoon in my coffee and use it to prepare healthy options for the desserts I love. But again, in moderation!

This natural coconut sugar is the BEST deal on the market right now and the quality is AMAZING! I am a money saver, so I prefer to pay for bigger packs because the price is better!

Don’t hesitate anymore! Make the best thing for yourself! Change your bad habit, make the switch and start using coconut sugar!

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7 thoughts on “Health Benefits Of Coconut Sugar”

  • SUCH A GREAT ARTICLE!! I personally discovered cooking with ‘better for you sugars’ a few years ago and absolutely cannot believe the difference! If I eat really refined sugary foods now, I get a really light headed feeling and then a crash, and also I feel like I need more for the rest of the day! My favourite sweetener is maple syrup and honey, but I have baked with coconut sugar and found it to be very good in most recipes!

    • Ah, yes! I really now that feeling! I also love maple syrop, it’s great! I really wanted to give more information about the benefits of the coconut sugar because my whole body feels amazing while using it! 💗

  • I honestly didn’t know coconut sugar existed. I didn’t know that there was a healthier version to regular sugar. I am surprised that coconut sugar contains vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. I am seriously going to consider switching to coconut sugar.

    • Coconut sugar is definitely a better option than regular one. I honestly feel great using this sugar. It’s perfect and healthier option. Especially for people like me ( chocolate and sweet monsters)! 💗

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