Healthy Banana and Strawberry Dessert

healthy banana and strawberry dessert


Hello, lovelies!

Valentine’s Day is over but the feeling is still here! Love is still in the air in my house! I know many of you always think how to surprise their darlings! As a matter of fact, I am sure that you want to enjoy the day, treat yourself to something sweet and stay fit and healthy at the same time! That’s why I decided to share this delicious and healthy banana and strawberry dessert recipe!

This dessert is super easy and you can even make it from the day before. And the best thing is it doesn’t take much of your precious time!

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I love finding and creating healthy recipes with fewer ingredients. Especially easy recipes for busy boss babes! I know the struggle to work hard, have a side hustle or another job, being around your loved ones and doing the housework.

That’s why I love these recipes. This one is a sweet sensation perfect for your busy week and weekend!

So let’s get down to the ingredients!

3 big bananas

500g strawberries

400g cottage cheese

300g yogurt ( I use Bulgarian yogurt, which is creamy and perfect for desserts)

2 eggs

honey or sweetener

desiccated coconut (if you want, or any other decoration)



The preparation is pretty easy. You just have to cut the bananas to circles and arrange them on the bottom of a cooking pan. You can also put a layer of strawberries on the bananas.

Then you mix the cottage cheese, the yogurt, the eggs and the honey/sweetener. I put 20 ml of sweetener or you can put 3-4 spoons of honey. It all depends on your taste. I personally love the desserts to be sweeter.

Just mix everything in a blender. Pour it on the bananas and the strawberries. Put the cooking pan in the oven for 30 minutes on 180.

Once the dessert is ready you can decorate it as you wish. I put strawberries and coconut. The taste of the dessert was simply amazing!


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Healthy Banana and Strawberry Dessert


In addition to my recipe, I would love to share two of my favorite cooking books for healthy desserts!

If you love healthy desserts I highly recommend you the book Sweets in the Raw: Naturally Healthy Desserts by Laura Marquis 

Another one that inspires me a lot is Desserts: 365 Days of Dessert Recipes Cookbook by Emma Katie!

These two books are filled with Amazing recipes. They can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and cure your sweet tooth! They definitely helped me to find another side of the desserts I love! I hope they are going to be super helpful for you and inspire you!

In summary, if you liked the recipe I would love to hear your feedback in the comments below! For more interesting and easy recipes you can subscribe to my email list to get first the newest recipes!


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  • Yes!! Looks so delicious! I am now currently looking for healthy dessert ideas to add some sweetness while getting back on track and this one is just perfect!

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