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Hello, lovely soul! Today I am going to share all my secrets for creating the perfect Pinterest pin that will help you increase your blog traffic and finally win the oh-so-hard blogging game.

I am playing with Pinterest pin designs for a long time. At first, it was really hard for me and I was never satisfied with my pins. Of course, they were not bringing any traffic to my website. And that was making me miserable.

Few months ago I decided to try new designs. I was motivated to win that battle with Pinterest pins. At certain point it became a sweet and interesting escape from my daily life and I grew to love making Pinterest pins.

And here’s the place to make a big announcement – I already make custom Pinterest pins. If you find it hard to make your pins or you just don’t have the time to constantly create fresh pins I offer packages, which you can find here – Create The Perfect Pin.

I would love to help you because I just LOVE creating creative Pinterest pin images.



But the successful pin has few more components that are pretty important. Only a design can’t help you. You also need a good description, hashtags to add, and a click worthy headline.

If you are already in the Pinterest game for your blog or biz you probably know you can create pin images for your your courses and services. That way you are going attract more clients. Pinterest can be a gold mine for your blog or biz if you use it properly.


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Pin Design

Pin design is important. Pinterest is just like Google but think of it as a visual Google. The first thing you see is the pin image.

You can use stock photos or your own, whatever works best for you. I was using my own pictures one year ago and they were bringing some traffic to my blog but not enough. As blogging constantly changing I decided to try and use stock photos which was one of the things that helped me the most.

I was on Pinterest even before I started blogging so I was having an idea. I was seeing the same stock pictures over and over again. I wanted something different. That’s why I spend enough time to pick pictures that are not used much in the blogging world. It is more work but it helps a ton. Be yourself, be different.

I also try to use 2 main colors that represent my brand and 3-4 fonts that I love. I bet that when my readers see a pin with these colors and these fonts they actually know it is one of my pins and posts.

Be sure to use fonts and colors that are clear to read. That could be a challenge sometimes but you can always try something new. There are endless possibilities.

Find your style. At first, you can play around a bit to see what works and what does not work. Once you find your pin image design it is getting a lot easier.


Pin Description

I can’t stress this enough – add descriptions to your pins. That way Pinterest know what is your pin all about and it is easier for people to know what’s the main purpose of your pin.

I know, this takes time. But this is a must-have for a successful pin.

Write a good description, add some SEO, keywords and you are ready to go. It is actually not so hard.

You don’t need a super long description. You need a few keywords to represent your article, service, or product.


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I will give you an example of one of my own descriptions for my post Top Ten Self-Improvement Books To Become A Better You: “This list of ten self-improvement books is going to shape your life and make you new and better you. Find inspiration and improve your life in any aspect with these books.”

I hope you get the idea. Description can help you a lot tp attract new people to click on your pin.


Pin Hashtags

I love this one!

Hashtags are really helpful on Pinterest. Not many people take advantage of them. Which is really sad because they can bring you a lot of traffic and will help you rank for specific keywords.

I love experimenting with hashtags.

And it is super easy to find hashtags for your pin. I will tell you how easily you can search.


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For example, you have a self-care post. The first thing you can do is to write “self-care” in the top search bar on Pinterest . Here you have two options. When you write “self-care” you will see Pinterest giving you options below like “self-care quotes”, “self-care routine”, or “self-care ideas”. You can pick one from here. But I find this list too small, so I just type “self-care” in the search bar and hit directly Enter. When you do that Pinterest shows you the top articles on the topic. Between the search bar and the posts you will see colorful boxes with keywords like “self-care activities”, self-care ideas”, “self-care motivation”, “self-care tips”, “self-care checklist”, and etc. Just pick few and make them on hashtags in your description after the text like #selfcaremotivation or #selfcarechecklist. Whatever your post is about.


I believe these are the top 3 key components of a successful pin. Work on them all and soon enough you will see real results.

If you have products, services, affiliate links or other you can also make them pins and pin them on Pinterest.


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Pinterest is an amazing tool that can help you grow and market your blog or biz.

If you find it too stressful or you don’t feel so creative you can contact me and I can help you with all of that. You can check more details here in the Perfect Pin Creation page.

If you need help with your Pinterest or Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook I offer different custom packages for Social Media Management for Small Businesses.

I hope I inspired you even a little to take Pinterest more seriously and work on it to grow and achieve blogging success. Because I know how hard can be especially in the beginning to figure out what works and what not.

Do you love creating pin images or work on your Pinterest? Share your best tips below in the comment section.


With love,





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