How To Rock Instagram with only 1.5K Followers

how to rock instagram with only 1.5K followers


Hey, lovelies! Let’s talk about Instagram today! How To Rock Instagram With Only 1.5K Followers is actually a guide full of tips on how to use Instagram properly. Here we are going to talk about the main things you should do to make Instagram work for your blog and biz.

I fell in love with Instagram a few years ago. I loved how visual it is. It was a positive place filled with many nice pictures. Back then I only used it to share my pictures with my closest friends.

Last year I decided to start another Instagram for my blog. I didn’t know exactly how to actually work on it. I even got a little obsessed with the number of followers for quite some time. Of course, that was only in the beginning. Not to mention, how frustrated I was with people who only followed me to unfollow me later.

However, my connection with Instagram started bad but now I look at it in a different way. I actually enjoy it!

So let’s start with my tips and tricks on how to rock your Instagram even with only 1.5K followers.


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The number is NOT important

I think this is the thing I want to start with because I find that many people are only obsessed with the number of followers they have just like me in the beginning. Not to mention, how many people use the method “follow to unfollow”.

For example, you see a great profile with amazing feed and you see they have millions of followers and only following 4 people. Many of these profiles used the “follow to unfollow” game. I hate it! Don’t do it!

As I said, the number is not important. The engagement is the most important part of Instagram. That’s the whole point of Instagram!

Include your email

This one is really important if you are a blogger or a biz owner. Make it easy for brands to connect with your for future collaborations. This is a huge opportunity to make connections and help your biz!


Your bio is very important. This is the small place where you should describe yourself or your biz. Use it wisely! Not to mention, that is the first thing people see after your picture once they click on your profile.

Make your Instagram public

Making your Instagram open to the public is important because it shows your work – your pictures. This way is easier for more people to follow you if you like your content.

Edit your photos in the same way

To have a lovely feed you need to consider using the same filters every time for every photo you upload to Instagram. As we talked, Instagram is a visual platform so the way your feed looks should be equal. A few months ago I used programs like PicMonkey and Snapseed to edit all of my photos. Now I am not using any programs. But we are going to talk about the pictures you make later. Just have this in mind – to edit all your photos in the same way.

A theme

Many people and experts say that having a theme is really important for your feed. I am not sharing the same opinion. I used to have one a few months ago but it wasn’t my thing. It was really hard to keep up with that theme. I decided to just be myself – that was my way. I am a colorful person and I wanted my Instagram feed to express my nature. So my tip is – don’t go with a theme if you just don’t like it. But if you do like it and it is your thing then definitely do it! It depends on you!

Create beautiful pictures

Instagram is the most visual platform of them all. Pinterest too but this is topic for another time. The point of Instagram is to share your best work. Spend time working on your pictures because they are your expression of you, your character and your blog or biz. Try using simple backgrounds and natural light always to make the perfect picture.

I have to say this was a priority for me that’s why I bought a camera. I am in love with my Canon 1300D. It has an amazing quality of the photos and it is absolutely perfect for a beginner like me! The results are fantastic! You can check my Instagram here! If you are curious to get back in time I am sure you will see the difference between my old photos and my new one with my lovely Canon 1300D!

It’s true it takes a lot of time to prepare for pictures, to make the perfect one. If you are self-thought like me consider using a book to help you master the photography skills you need to rock your Instagram. Here are a few recommendations for books that can help you rock your photography skills:



How To Create Stunning Digital Photography

Understanding Exposure: How To Shoot Great Photographs With Any Camera

The Complete Digital Photo Manual: Your #1 Guide For Better Photography



The one thing I struggled the most are the captions. For example, you already have the greatest photo and here comes the caption. Especially, when you have so many other things to think of. My advice is – be yourself. Use your caption to be helpful to share what you know, to inspire people. I know how hard it is sometimes to come up with the perfect caption. In that case, just share the story behind the picture or why you took this particular photo. As an example, let’s say your pictures are about travel – share information about the place, about the attraction, share tips. If you are all about food – share recipes, ingredients, nutrition information.Not only spend the time to create the perfect capture but use your captions wisely. After a second I will share how to draw engagement to your pictures thanks to your captions.

Like, comment, follow and ENGAGE

I think we came to the most important part of my guide on how to rock your Instagram. As I said before the main point of Instagram is to engage with other people content. If you want to receive you have to first give something. So I am going to tell you exactly what I do.

I only follow people which feed I really like. The point is to be inspired by the people you follow. Don’t follow someone you don’t like. You choose who to follow.

Comments are really important part of the whole process! I spend the time to engage with my followers, with the people I follow and with potential followers. Leave nice and genuine comments! Don’t post comments like “nice”, ï love it” and etc. You know what time you need to create your best content and when you only receive comments like these it is really offensive. Plus, always answer to your comments. That is a nice way to show the people you care about their time and comment.

With Instagram algorithm changing non-stop is really important to make your comments 4+ words. The more words the better.

Captions are another way to draw some engagement. At the end of the caption ask people to tag someone, to answer a question, to share something. It is impressive how a simple question can draw so much engagement to your post.

Engagement is actually really important. Now more of the brands are searching for people with a great engagement, not for people with thousands of comments but no real interactions. But let’s talk about brands later.


Hashtags are another great way to share your content with like-minded people, to get more exposure. Always use relevant hashtags to your caption and picture! The perfect combination is to use popular and niche specific hashtags. If you want to make it easy you can create a few lists of different niche specific hashtags on your phone ready to be used.

It is really fun and great for your engagement to interact with your favorite hashtags. Just put your favorite hashtag in the search bar and start interacting with the many other people who used it. If you really like a picture check the user’s profile, like and comment. There is a pretty good chance for them to return the favor.


This is a key to your success! Find what is the best time to post or when your audience is most active and post at this specific time. In the beginning, I used to post 3 times per day but it was really overwhelming for me. I started posting once per day in the evening when my audience is back from work and relaxing on Instagram. Just pick what best works for you!

Working with brands

There is a big chance to know you can actually make money on Instagram. Many brands look for influencers to advertise their products and services and what’s the best way than Instagram?! Work can definitely give you pleasure!

I have many blogger friends who think only famous profiles with lots of followers can only work with brands on Instagram but that’s not true. I have only 1.5K followers and I have already worked with 5 brands in exchange of free products. Now I am working on getting a paid sponsored post for the second time. Yes, you heard it right! You can work with brands, you can get free products, and you can most definitely get paid even with fewer followers!

Just be yourself, put your great content and the right brands will see your effort! If you want to learn more about my experience on working with brands on Instagram just leave me a comment below!

Instagram is a great part of my blogging journey and it definitely helps to my blog to grow! If you want to learn more about my blogging journey just check the article below!


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  • The one thing I love the most about your instagram is that you always stay true to yourself, you post what you like/think without stressing over maintaining a theme. Keep it up, love!

  • Great tips!! I struggle with captions myself, primarily because when I find a pic I want to post, it’s usually on the fly and I’m in the midst of doing other things at the same time. I need to change that mindset! Thanks for reminding me that captions are important too.

  • That’s very nice post! I really like the way you summarize all main Instagram ‘issues’ 😉 And definitely I would like to read about working with brands! Hopefully you will post about it soon.

  • I so love your points as I have followed many. I really didn’t take IG seriously until about 2 years ago. Making money, connecting with new people and blogging, I love that IG gives you everythiing you need to build a business. I love your blog. Very nice.

    • Yes, IG can be great if you use it the right way. Most of all I love the connections I made there! 💗

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