The Most Iconic Couples Of The Past

The Most Iconic Couples Of The Past


We all have heard about famous couples like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie or David and Victoria Beckham. Celebrity couples are everywhere around us – TV, newspapers, magazines, and internet. It is inevitable to not know the ‘’secrets” about their lives. Because who doesn’t love to watch romances?! When talking about real romance stories we can find many examples in the past decades. Today we want to honor all of the greatest celebrity couples of the past, to share their most memorable and interesting stories. So we are digging deep just to see who they really are. They all are a real inspiration. There are a plenty of love stories to choose from but these are the most iconic history power couples.

1. Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini

Ingrid Bergman is one of the best Hollywood’s stars. The Swedish sensation known for her memorable role in the popular movie ‘’Casablanca’’ found herself deeply unhappy with her career and marriage in 1948. In the same time in Europe the Italian director Roberto Rossellini got really famous making amazingly honest movies played by non-professional actors. Roberto got a very intriguing and interesting almost love letter from Ingrid Bergman. After he read it he asked her to come to Rome and remake one of his best movies, so that way she can play the leading role in the movie. Suddenly she became his new muse. They had an iconic five-year relationship full of twists for both of them. They became Hollywood’s item.



2. Johny Cash and June Carter

Johny Cash and June Carter were one of the most inspirational couples ever. They met in 1956 at Grand Ole Opry, where she was backup singing for the legendary Elvis Presley. When she met Johny Cash she immediately felt the great and really strong attraction, but it took her some time to warm up. There were many proposals before she said ‘’yes”. The last and most fascinating proposal was finally made in 1968 in front of 7000 fans at a live concert. June was always by Johny’s side. She was a huge help in Johny’s fight with drugs and alcohol. Except that they had a happy life and an amazing love, which was passed to their son John Carter Cash. Their outstanding romance was 35 years long. In 2003 June died, while her husband Johny Cash was holding her hand. In the same year, Johny left the stage, but he wrote a statement of the true and honest love they had and he read it at the stage. Johny and June love story made it to the big screen in the movie “Walk the line’’. Their love was real and pretty amazing. It made it to the very end.

3. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

This couple is one of the finest Hollywood’s couples. It is a well-known fact that the leading lady of Hollywood Elizabeth Taylor was married 8 times, but two of them were for her biggest and breathtaking love – Richard Burton. They fell in love in 1963 on the set of the famous movie “Cleopatra”. They were consumed by each other from the moment they first met. But at this time both Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were married for other people. Their love romance caused a huge sensation in Hollywood. They got divorced and married each other in 1964 just to get divorced 10 years later. But after a sudden meeting in 1975, they felt the flame of love again. A flame, which ended up a year later. The chemistry between them was impressive and incredible. They were like dynamites. Years later Richard Burton said he was absolutely fascinated by Elizabeth Taylor even in his last moments. That kind of love never dies.

4. Yoko Ono and John Lennon

Yoko Ono met the legendary John Lennon in 1966 during an exhibition in London. But their amazing love story started a year later. The connection between them was inevitable. Three years after their romance leads to a marriage. Yoko became John Lennon’s biggest muse. John referred to her in many of his songs. They were inseparable. In 1980 John Lennon was murdered and their great love story ended tragically. Yoko was devastated by his death.

5. Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman

Joanne and Paul met in 1953. A few years later got married in 1958. They lived happily together for 50 years. This romance is one of the greatest in the whole history of celebrity couples. It is a rare thing to see and know about such a great and exceptional love story as theirs. It was a love at first sight. In the moment Paul Newman saw the dashing Joanne Woodward he knew that she is going to be his biggest love. The next time they saw each other the chemistry between them was out of this world. But at this time Paul Newman had a family – a wife and a son. And due to these facts, they were trying to keep a distance between each other. A hard to resist distance. A few years later they took a part together in the movie “The long hot summer’’ and felt deeply in love with each other. It was inevitable. There were many obstacles between them and a big one were Paul Newman’s wife and their already three kids. After a long and hard battle Paul got divorced from his wife in 1958 and a few months later he married his love, Joanne. The picture of their wedding and their honeymoon in Europe are a true proof for their happiness and the powerful love they have for each other. Their connection through the years was to die for. They became a symbol of true love and stayed in the history as one of the most powerful and strong relationships.

6. Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy

Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy became one of the most iconic and legendary couples of all time. Their impressive magical love story lasted almost 30 years. They never get married to each other, but their romance was unquestionable. Before meeting Spencer Katherine was once married for six years, but she said for herself that she was a real disaster as a wife, so she got divorced at the end. Then her career in Hollywood became her first priority and she won Oscar for her amazing role in “Morning Glory”. Katherine met Tracy Spenser in 1942 when they cast in the movie “Woman of the year”. They made nine films together. They were both trying to stay out of the celebrity life in respect of Tracy’s wife and his children, although he left her, they never got divorced. After his death, Katherine Hepburn was so devastated she never wanted to watch their last movie together. She started talking about her relationship with Tracy after his wife’s death in 1983. Their love was incredible and one of a lifetime.



7. Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier

Many love stories begin with a love at first sight but this romance is pretty different from the others. It took a while for these two to fall in love with each other. Their first meeting was in 1955 and it was kind of arranged. Grace, absolutely exhausted of her European trip even tried to cancel the meeting, but fate knows her job. At the end, Grace Kelly attended the meeting. Their first meeting was far away from romantic, because of the spotlight around Grace. After this first meeting Grace and the Prince started writing letters to each other sharing their biggest dreams and deepest fears. After few months of correspondence, they felt the love between each other. A few months later they saw again. The Prince was amazed by her beauty and her personality. While spending a snowy and romantic New Year’s Eve in New York Prince Rainier proposed to the mesmerizing Grace Kelly. It was like in a fairy tale. Their romance was the modern version of the greatest fairy tales.

8. Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes

Sylvia Plath met Ted Hughes in 1956. Everything happened in a party. She absolutely drowned to him. Their relationship became explosive. The affair fascinated the whole world. After their first meeting, Sylvia Plath dedicated a poem to Ted. They had a powerful attraction. In her poem, she wrote: “There is a panther stalks me down:/One day I’ll have my death of him”, which is exactly how it happened in 1963. Their love started in a silly childless flame because Ted used to shout her name and throw stones on her window, at least he was thinking this was her window, but it was the wrong one. They had strange, but interesting relationship. Although it was a complicated connection, it was a happy one. In 1963 Sylvia Plath died because of her severe depression separated from Ted Hughes.

9. Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir

Two of France’s best thinkers had a fascinating love story. They met in 1929. Simone was studying Philosophy at the Sorbonne. Her main competition there was Sartre. They both were intellectual rebels. They were defining the modern rules for a relationship, so maybe it won’t be a surprise they had what we call now an ‘’open” relationship. They were giving everything for their love and each other, but it was absolutely fine to have other lovers as long as they were telling everything to each other. You won’t believe but their relationship with its ‘’rules” lasted 51 years. Pretty impressive, huh?! At the end of the day, they were coming home, telling everything to one another. That was their main rule. In their circles’ people were fine with this open relationship, although for its time it was something not so ‘’normal”. They never married, but the two of them were real soulmates and that’s why their mystical love story lasted for so long. They changed the way people believed what exactly a relationship should be. They challenged people with their way of thinking while giving to each other a real and unconditional freedom.

10. Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti

They met for the first time in 1950. It was a magical love at first sight when Carlo set his eyes on the amazingly beautiful Sophia Loren. He was 37 years old and she was only 15. They fell madly in love with each other and seven years later they got married in 1957. Their marriage was rejected by the church and years passed in the courtroom. In 1962 Carlo and Sophia annulled their marriage. They remarried in 1966 in France. Their love story stood the test of time no matter the big age gap between them. They remained together more than 50 years. This true romance story shows us that everything is possible in the name of love.

We were touched by the most powerful and iconic couples in the past starting from the 20s. No matter the longevity of the stories they were all filled with passion, love, friendship. Some of them lasted few years, while others lasted more than fifty years. They were strange, filled with scandals, secrets, and tragedy, but exactly they make the real love stories.


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