Lifestyle changes that help you prevent dementia

lifestyle changes to prevent dementia


Hey, lovely soul. Today I am going to share a really personal for me topic connected to dementia. And is more about the lifestyle changes that help you prevent dementia.

This topic is close to me because of my favorite grandmother, who developed dementia a few years ago. And it was scary. She was only 68 years old back then. But with few lifestyle changes, she slowed the process. A year ago I found out that my grandfather who is 80 years old has is too and it was rapidly evolving. Sadly, he has a lot of problems now even though the process slowed down.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. This blog does not provide medical advice. I just share my personal story with this disease and the information I gathered through deep research. Please, be sure to check with your doctor before trying anything.

So let’s first talk about what dementia actually is. Dementia is not a specific disease. It is more a term for the impaired ability to remember. This disease makes think in another way, it stops you from doing the everyday things you used to do all your life. It is complex.


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Some risk factors cannot be changed but there are definitely some lifestyle changes that can prevent dementia. And the surprising thing is that these changes can reduce the risk even in people who are genetically disposed to the disease. They are actually changes that can help everyone to lead a better life.

Let’s see what can be done to prevent dementia by changing your whole lifestyle.


  1. Eat healthy food

Healthy food is absolutely crucial for everyone. It is the temple of healthy living and preventing many health issues. Universal rules must be followed. We have all heard how and what we need to consume to live healthy. A rich and balanced diet is key.

Increase consumption of vegetables and fruits. Add enough protein in the form of fish, chicken, eggs, and legumes. A good tip is to cut or totally exclude red meat if you want to prevent dementia. The amount of sugar in your diet should be minimal. Eat potatoes and pasta but in moderation. Add healthy fats such as avocado, olive oil, olives to your diet. And drink plenty of water.


  1. Move your body

Movement is a powerful force. It makes us feel alive. We need good physical activity to feel good, to look good, to be concentrated, and many other positives.

Every activity is good. Choose something that you like, because it will make the whole process easier and more enjoyable. Sometimes even 10 minutes of activity is enough to make us feel better. Walk to the store, climb stairs, dance.


  1. Limit alcohol

The truth is that lately I often meet people who consume hard alcohol regularly to deal with stress and this leads to addiction. This is a sad reality. If you still want to drink alcohol a glass of wine in the evening will not hurt you.


  1. Don’t smoke

If you are a smoker, you put yourself at high risk for dementia. If you find it difficult to stop smoking – reduce them, use safer versions of electronic and nicotine-free cigarettes.


  1. Move your brain

Maintaining good mental health is key to reducing the risk of dementia. There are an awful lot of ways to get your brain moving – read books, solve puzzles, solve crossword puzzles, enroll in a course, start learning a new language. The options are endless.


Now I will briefly tell you what changes have taken place in my grandmother.

As I told you, she got dementia in a mild phase. Things got a lot worse when she had a stroke a year later. Then she began to forget a lot, she spoke with difficulty because of a speech defect from the stroke. My family was discouraged. Then I decided that something needed to be done to improve her overall condition. I am a person who never gives up and always believes that there is something to be done to improve a condition and situation.


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That’s when I started reading about dementia. I wanted to know everything possible about this disease and I wanted to know how to help my grandmother. I did research after research.

My grandmother liked to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, and eat less healthy foods. And when she got dementia, she didn’t eat at all. Even in recent years, she hadn’t moved enough. All of this has definitely led to the development of dementia.



We hired a woman to look after her and help her take her medication and cook so we could be sure she would follow the doctors’ recommendations.

First of all, we bought food to give her the energy she needed. It was important to eat often. She stopped drinking altogether. Cut down on cigarettes. She began taking short 15-minute walks with the dog and the woman who watched her every morning and every afternoon.


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Whenever possible, I make my grandmother look at pictures, try to tell me who is who, stories. I try to remind her of the wonderful moments we went through. Some she remembers, others are hazy. But now, a few years after dementia and stroke, she’s fine. Speaks meaningfully, moves. Well, she doesn’t remember some things, but somehow her dementia seemed to freeze to one level. And that makes me very happy.

In my next blog post I will share some foods that are pointed to be good in preventing dementia, so stay tuned.

And I would love to know if you know someone with dementia. Share with me in the comment section below your stories.


With love,



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