How to Master Twitter as a Blogger or Biz Owner

how to master twitter as a blogger or biz owner


Hello, hello! This is the first time I share my great love for the Twitter world and that’s the reason to share with you how to master Twitter as a blogger or biz owner.

Twitter can definitely be your best friend when it comes to your blog or biz. I feel sorry that I didn’t join Twitter at the time when I started my blog. Not only that but I found amazing people there and really connected with them. So it is a win-win.


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Either way, you should definitely join Twitter even if you don’t have a blog or run a biz.

Twitter can be really beneficial for you and for your blog.

The thing I most love about this platform is that I feel it more personal, it is easier to make a real connection with someone. You can find real friends and people to work with from there, which feels amazing when you worked so hard on your last blog post.



So let’s start with my tips and tricks that are going to help you master the amazing Twitter world.

  • Tweet, tweet, tweet

There’s no such things as oversharing in Twitter. You can tweet as much as you want. Many people say that the more you tweet the bigger the impact. And it is probably like that. I personally tweet 2-3 times most of the days. Sometimes more, of course. My best advice is to tweet as much as you want and make sure to not only tweet your own content. My 3 daily tweets are separated: 2 questions/ sayings/ quotes and one blog post (or anything you want to share for your blog or biz). It is not going to be pretty if you only share your blog posts, you should aim for an interaction.


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  • Ask questions

Asking questions can be really really beneficial. Not only to learn more about what your audience wants but to simply interact with the people in your circle. I see that when I ask questions the interaction with them is much higher rather than simply put a saying or a fact about you. Questions can definitely be your best friend when it comes to Twitter. You can ask the people something specific that can help you create a new blog post, a new product. Or simply ask them how they prefer their coffee, what are the best countries they’ve visited, and etc. The ideas are endless and you can definitely get creative.

  • Use visuals

Visuals do great on Twitter, although many people think the opposite. You can get a better interaction when you use visuals. It could be anything – pictures, videos. I am not a video kind of person but I love sharing pictures on there. You can ask which picture could be better for your next blog post or a product. You should also get personal – post picture of yourself, of your dog or whatever you want. People love to see and interact with the face behind the blog or the biz.


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  • Use #Hashtags

Posts with hashtags perform way better than posts without hashtags. Plus, hashtags are a great way to find people and for people to find you. You should do some research and find hashtags that suit your blog or biz, or your product. Don’t forget to put your personality out there too. You can use popular hashtags such as #MotivationMonday #Bloggers and etc. Just experiment and see which hashtags perform better for you.

  • Be an over-sharer

I know your target is to share your own posts and tweets to raise traffic and engagement. But don’t forget to support other people too. If you like someone’s post or want to help them – retweet their post. If you want to make it more personal – retweet it with a comment. That’s an amazing way to make connections with people. I love retweeting motivational sayings, other people’s posts or help someone reach their goal. Just be supportive and help others too.

  • Always reply to comments

This one is a must if you want to grow and master Twitter. That’s the whole point of being there – to communicate and make connections with like-minded people. I know sometimes social media can be overwhelming but this is something you should definitely do if you want to have a successful Twitter.


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I hope these tips were helpful for you. At the end of the day, Twitter is a social media channel that is actually made to share and communicate with people. It is as simple as that.

After a little research I made on Twitter most of the blog or biz owners struggles with the platform are about seeing the same people’s tweets they recently commented or interacted with and not being able to edit tweets. But people are sure about one thing – they love Twitter because of the level of personal interaction and the great people they met and work with.

I am happy I founded Twitter again and spent time to learn that platform because now it is definitely my favorite.

Since I am in love with the Twitter world I would love to menage your account and help you grow an engaged audience from which your blog or biz will improve. If you want to learn more you can email me at or Contact Me here. 

You can also learn more about Social Media Management for Small Businesses.

Either way, I would love to help you grow!

Are you a Twitter fan? What’s your struggle and what you love about it?


With love,




2 thoughts on “How to Master Twitter as a Blogger or Biz Owner”

  • Great advice I love twitter too for the connections you can make across the world 🌎 I tried someone’s recipe and it was delicious. I have to remember to tweet more often but I definitely tweet usually in the morning and if I hear a great quote during the day. I need to get my business twitter popping. Have a great week!

    • Yess, Twitter is the best! 💗 You should add one post a day from your blog. And if you tweet a lot maybe you can add some more.

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