Most Famous Fashionistas of All Time

most famous fashionistas of all time


Hello, hello. Since I became ill with Covid,19 a lot of things in my life have changed. Strange things happen all the time. And one of these strange things is that I suddenly started being interested in style and fashion.

I still can’t explain how this happened. In my younger years, I was never attracted to fashion. I’ve always been the girl who dresses weird. I have never given special time or attention to the clothes I wear. I never liked to go to malls and look at clothes for hours, rather I went and bought what I needed and that’s it.

Sometimes I stumbled upon photos in Pinterest of outfits, but I never looked in detail. But a week ago I woke up one morning exhausted from the debilitating disease and decided to look at a few blogs and since then I’ve been going crazy, just looking at it, reading about new trends, looking at clothes, shoes, accessories. I even downloaded a program to test different clothes and accessories on models.

It’s hard to describe to you how much I am excited about this topic and what a huge interest it is for me, not to mention how many articles I have read in the last few days.

I decided to add this category to my blog because I believe it will be part of my identity, like all the other categories I have on my blog. It may sound crazy to you, but I even believe that I could work with fashion one fine day.

I think it is right to start my column with this topic, because these beautiful women are the inspiration for much of the existing fashion. They sit at the base. Of course, fashion today is very different, but if you know me, you already know that I love vintage in all its forms – movies, music, relationships, and even fashion.

After a long study, reading and reflection, I will share with you the most famous fashionistas of all times, which I think should be mentioned and not be forgotten.


1. Audrey Hepburn

I can’t help but start with her. I adore her. I’ve always liked her. The “Princess of Hollywood” is one of the most modern and beautiful women of her time.

You probably know, but I can’t help but share it – she is the icon we associate with the Little Black Dress, which to this day is a symbol of class and beauty. Audrey became famous in the fashion world with Holly’s little black dress from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

The famous little black dress that Audrey Hepburn wears in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” was designed by Hubert de Givenchy. This dress is considered one of the most famous stage dresses. The actress is the best friend and muse of the designer. In 2006, one of the two copies of the original dress was sold at auction in London and was purchased by anonymous phone call for an impressive 467,200 pounds.


most famous fashionistas of all time
Audrey Hepburn Style – The Little Black Dress from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s| /image from Google/


Gentle, beautiful and extremely stylish. That’s Audrey.

I will share more about her style in a separate blog post.


2. Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly is a must in this list. She is a muse, but not only for all of us, but she was the real muse of Alfred Hitchcock . At the age of 26 she became a princess. Grace Kelly became one of the most remarkable girls in Hollywood. She became famous not only for her beauty, but also for her exceptional style.

In many of the famous fashion magazines you can find pictures with different outfits of famous fashion designers such as Helen Rose and Edith Head. It can also be seen with classic beautiful jewelry, and in many places with pearls.

But one of the most memorable symbols in Grace’s style is the Hermès bag. She was in love with her bag, she even used it to cover her belly during her pregnancy. Impressed by this, Hermès named this bag Kelly in her honor.

Hitchcock is impressed with Grace Kelly. He describes it as a contrast between cold charm and intense sensuality. And her style is just that.


most famous fashionistas of all time
Grace Kelly Style /image from Google/


3. Marilyn Monroe

Colorful, bright, smile, style. Whatever we say about her will be small. Marilyn Monroe is a true legend. Also known as the blonde bombshell, it is remarkable and glamorous.

She is distinguished not only by her blonde curls, big smile and red lipstick, but also by her amazing style.

Of course, she is best known to most people with The Iconic Halter Dress, but the truth is that her style is much more than that. She is known for her curves and her feminine style.

It is often said that she combined blue jeans and a white collared shirt, which became a “uniform”. Marilyn was known for the uniquely beautiful evening formal dresses she wore. She was the queen of the asymmetrical look, namely satin dresses with a thick strap.

I can tell you a lot about her and her style. She is an absolute icon. Many of her trademarks have become timeless style combinations.


most famous fashionistas of all time
Marilyn Monroe Style /image from Goggle/


4. Princess Diana

The Princess of Wales is one of the most distinguished and stylish ladies of all time. She not only charms with her beautiful smile, but also captivates with her incredible style. She is an absolute inspiration for anyone who likes fashion.

The time in which Princess Diana lived was very controversial in terms of fashion. The women were brave and experimented, and she, as a princess, managed to create her own unique style, which includes a lot of sweaters, cardigans, printed midi-dresses, and equestrian boots.

She was a real princess and dressed perfectly as such. Her trademark are evening dresses, and not just any ordinary ones, but suitable for a princess.


most famous fashionistas of all time
Princess Diana Style /image from Google/


5.Naomi Campbell

She is one of the most beautiful women in the fashion business. She has been on stage for more than 30 years. While many models come and go, Naomi has established herself as a fashion icon.

Colorful, sculpted and always dressed incredibly well, this is Naomi. She has shone with amazing outfits more than once. As I said – an icon.


most famous fashionistas of all time
Naomi Campbell Style /image from Google/


6. Cher

Many people would say that Cher is quite controversial in terms of style. But the truth is that she has established herself with her style for more than six decades and that is why I want to put her on my little sheet, and I like her a lot as a singer.

Cher is a unique, very different, provocative, but also unique in its own way. That’s her style.

She definitely has a lot of interesting fashion moments. With each outfit, she manages to attract our attention and captivate us, and very few people know how to do that. Cher knows how to transform constantly.


most famous fashionistas of all time
Cher Style /image from Google/



7.Michelle Obama

Michelle is known as one of the best dressed first ladies in history. Her style is amazing and distinctive. She is a fashion muse of our time.

She has always been able to dress appropriately, skillfully combine colors and at the same time be stylish and elegant, just like a first lady should be. She is not afraid to wear brighter colors, they even look great on her and emphasize her.

We can see countless beautiful dresses worn by her at formal events. We can definitely steal ideas from her unique style as colors, as combinations, and as textures.


most famous fashionistas of all time
Michelle Obama Style /image from Google/


Well, that was my little list. These women are inspiring and we definitely have a lot to learn from them, but the inspiration for their fashion taste is a good step in the right direction.

I would be happy if you share your opinion about these fashionistas of all time and add some wonderful lady that I may have missed.


With love,



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  • Sorry to hear you have covid19, that must be scary. But given your age you should be ok. Europe is bracing itself for its next wave, well, some of us are. The UK hasn’t even brought back the mask mandate. Anyway, isn’t Audrey Hepburn know from a science or technology break through as well as being an actor and style icon,?

    Get well soon

  • These are all style icons, in their own specific way! Love the women you shared, and they are iconic! Hope you recovered well from Covid x

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