The 2 Must Have Courses For Blogging Success

the must-have courses for blogging success


When I first started blogging I didn’t have the money to invest in all these fancy courses, promoted all around Pinterest! At first, I was feeling like I’m missing something. Plus I didn’t know all those people, who were inviting me to join their courses.

Don’t get me wrong – if you have the money, go for it. I guess I have some trust issues (don’t blame me) and the money was a huge factor.


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My preparation for my own blog started a year earlier and I was reading EVERYTHING about the blogging world! I just wanted to know all there is to know. Of course, later I saw that’s impossible. At least, I had an idea of what I was about to make.



Two months before I started my blog I was all on Facebook trying to get into as many groups as I can. One of the groups was Boss Girl Bloggers. The creator of the group Lauren (Ell)  was a normal and honest girl, who was always so helpful, answering all the questions. I felt close to her and her personal story. At one point I started reading all of the posts in the group and interacting with her. She was really open and was sharing all the ugly parts of blogging. I was really happy to have a friend in her face. She is definitely an inspiration for me!

My blog was finally launched and I started working really hard on it. Of course, I was sure I can handle everything without a problem. That wasn’t entirely true. I definitely needed more information to level up my blogging game. And just like that at the perfect moment, I saw that Ell just launched her first course! I was beyond happy and when I saw the price I was even happier if that was even possible! It was only 20$! I really couldn’t believe that because most of the courses I saw on the Internet were much more than 20$.

Looking at that price you maybe think the content is crappy because it’s not possible to have great content and to give it up for only 20$. But, it is definitely possible! Lauren is an amazing girl and she knows the real struggles most bloggers experience. One of the struggles is the money! She once was where I was and where are you right now – with huge hopes and intentions to learn but with a tight budget!

Lauren now has two courses! As you can imagine I took both of them. They were a HUGE help for my blogging game! Definitely, the best investment I made for the best price! The information inside helped me to level up my Pinterest adventure and not only work with brands but also to develop my own already existing life coach services. Here’s the place to share with you that if you need someone to help you with your life relationship, work or health you can contact me here to give you more details about the sessions. I would love to work with you and help you achieve the life you always wanted! You can also subscribe to my FREE Email Course called Became The Best Version Of Yourself at the end of the post!

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So let’s talk more about the great and valuable courses of Lauren!

Be Your Own Damn Boss

This was the first course Lauren made and I was so excited to enroll. This was actually the first blogging course I took.

In this course, you are going to learn how exactly to take your blog to the next level. Here Lauren will share with you all her secrets to making an income with affiliate sales. She made 3 000$ in just 90 days! That’s really impressive and it’s absolutely real! You are also going to learn how she grew her blog traffic from 5K monthly views to 5K weekly views! She shares secrets for all of your blogging struggles! There are also many other interesting topics like using Pinterest and make it work for you! Plus, much more!




Mastering Sales with Ell

That’s the second course she made and it was again a huge success! I learned so much from it!

Here she shares her exact Pinterest strategy and her affiliate marketing strategy. She actually made it and blogging became her FULL-TIME CAREER! She shares how she makes 6 000$ per month with all her strategies. Here she speaks more about scoring sponsored brand collaborations, which was really helpful for me.

This course was definitely the best! I might say this for a thousand time but Lauren is very open and honest with what works and what doesn’t work for her biz. I find it really hard to believe to most bloggers but she makes me want more and more.

Don’t waste your time anymore! To enroll the courses CLICK HERE! Start making money and work with brands like a pro today! You won’t regret taking these courses! They will give you so much unique and valuable information with which you are going to transform your blogging life! It’s absolutely possible!

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If you think it’s time to change something in your life you can subscribe below for my FREE Email Course called Become The Best Version Of Yourself and start making positive changes from today!


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13 thoughts on “The 2 Must Have Courses For Blogging Success”

  • Great post. Really informative. I’ve just completed two courses myself on blogging. One is directed towards fashion and lifestyle. It was really great. It was on trendimi really recommend their online courses. I’m mow looking at photography courses as think that will be a great addition for blogging and Instagram.

    • That’s so great to hear! I should definitely check trendimi. Photography is perfect for your blog and social media, especially for Instagram! I am working on my own stock photos and I really enjoy the process! 💗

    • Yes, the title is really true! Thanks to these courses I am on my way to become my own boss! 💗

    • Yes, it was really hard at first but thanks to these courses I now achieve more and more with each day! 💗

  • Very informative! Since most courses cost way more than the two you are writing about, it’s good to see that valuable, reasonably priced courses are out there!

    • Yes, most courses are very expensive! I follow this girl for such a long time and I really like how open and honest she is with her audience! And the courses are soooo helpful! 💗

    • Congratulations on starting your blog! I am sure these courses are going to be really helpful for you, you will understand the basics of everything! 💗

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