My Blogging Journey – Write & Get Paid to Do What You Love with a Small Blog

my blogging journey: write and get paid to do what you love with a small blog


Hello, lovelies! I am super happy to introduce you to this blog post! Many of you have asked me how is my blogging journey going on, do I make money and how. I am going to be super honest with you and answer many of your questions! This is my way to inspire to write & get paid to do what you love with a small blog!

I am going to tell you more about my story and how I decided to be a blogger!

In my early years, I loved to write poems and stories! I was spending hours just by myself writing. With the years I started studying, working, and leading an active lifestyle. Indeed I had a lack of time to do my favorite thing.

A few years ago I met a guy while I was traveling around Europe. He was a blogger and he was always consulting with me! I started dreaming about the blogging world. Not to mention, I was dreaming to work full-time as a blogger and make a sustainable income.

Now I am in my 4th month of blogging, earning some money on the side. Of course, I just started reading one year before launching my blog. I read everything on the topic and I was amazed reading all of the inspirational stories on the Internet.

Meanwhile, I was making sure to connect with any fellow bloggers, take a part in Facebook groups, engaging on Instagram and etc.



*This post contains affiliate links. Read my disclosure here!

The first struggle I have was with self-hosting. At first, I was thinking to not spend any money for this pleasure of mine. But one amazing blogger helped me take the right decision and pay for Siteground, which was the best decision I made.

Siteground is the best on the market and I highly recommend them! They have amazing prices, secure connection, and fast speed. In addition, you can transfer your site to them for free. Not to mention, the amazing 24/7 support they have. Through this link of Siteground, you can purchase your new plan for only 3.95$ a month.

I actually had many struggles at the beginning. I was ready to start but the money was definitely an issue. At the same time, I was reading articles about how important is the mailing list. I definitely knew it was important but I also knew I won’t gain 1000 subscribers over a night. I actually have 120 subscribers in my fourth month.

That’s why I decided to sign up for Mailerlite service which is absolutely free till you reach 1000 subscribers. Even after you reach them their prices are good. I am really happy with that choice because they are really easy to navigate and have a great support. So I definitely recommend them!

My first freebie was about self-care ideas and was a huge success to gain 100 subscribers for 3 months. Now I have another freebie – it is a 3 days FREE email course called Become The Best Version Of Yourself and it is a great start to a new positive mindset towards yourself. It teaches you how to love yourself and how to listen to your body and mind. Not to mention it teaches you how to achieve your goals. You can subscribe to my course at the end of this article.

I am very proud of my email course because it made me even closer to my new subscribers. I was able to give some of them free life coach sessions. And talking about life coaching – it was one of the best decisions I made for my life and my business because it gives me the opportunity to help people who struggle with life, career, relationships, healthy lifestyle, motivation, anxiety, and depression. I feel super lucky!

What I did was to give some life coach sessions for free. It was an amazing start to my career as a life coach. I don’t do big money from this now but I hope in future this will change.

The big plus to my sessions is that they are made via email because I know that many people struggle to pick up the phone and talk with someone they hardly know.

In addition to my free email course if you subscribe now you will be able to get a free coaching session at the end of the course!



The truth is at the beginning of my journey I was thinking I will be able to make more money with less work. But that’s not true! Blogging takes a lot of time, dedication and hard work! But you have to do it anyway because at the end of the day it will be all worth it. I am a firm believer that hard work always pays off at the end.

My first three months were very hard but now it all becomes better! And I know you can do it too!

At the end of my fourth month of blogging, I have 8300 views and 4000 visitors. I also have 125.8K views on Pinterest thanks to my own strategy! That makes me really happy! Not to mention how many connections I made through this journey!

The person that inspires me is a girl, who constantly shares her journey! She always gives the best pieces of advice about blogging! Lauren is an amazing blogger, she is really honest about everything and her courses helped me a lot! Not to mention she always have the best and affordable prices on her courses! You can check her blog! I highly recommend to check her two courses, which are full of information about getting traffic, Pinterest strategies, and brand pitches! Not to mention the affiliate sales she makes! She definitely can help you win the blogging game! Be sure to check both amazing and valuable courses here!

I am able to monetize my small blog by ads, affiliate marketing, brand collaborations and my coaching services. It is not much yet but I am happy I can bring some money. Even this month I have two brand collaborations.

I don’t talk about real figures because I am not that kind of person but I want to assure you it is possible to make money blogging even with a small blog that isn’t about blogging!

In my fifth month, I will be more focused on affiliate marketing because I want to improve that area of my blog. Another thing I will be more focused is my Pinterest. I now use my own techniques and once I am sure of the results I will share them with you all because I believe that Pinterest is a treasure! It is also my main source of traffic!

I hope this article helps you and inspires you even a little to start earning from writing and helping people! Never forget that the main point of having a blog is to help people somehow!

Don’t forget to subscribe to my FREE email course! Check the courses I told you and if you need some help and guidance contact me here for more details about my life coaching services! I would love to work with you!


With love,







7 thoughts on “My Blogging Journey – Write & Get Paid to Do What You Love with a Small Blog”

  • I love this post.Wow, your pageviews in just 4 months are way impressive.
    I have been blogging for awhile now and am now thinking of ways to monetize my blog,so this post was right on time

  • Monica,

    I don’t really understand what you mean about not giving figures because you’re “not that kind of person”? Many bloggers and business people have given figures when writing about how they make an income from blogging. The sort of people they are is “honest”.
    I think if you’re going to write about making money from a blog, you should be honest about how much you’re able to make otherwise it’s pointless. You’ve thrown a lot of ads into this post and told us how much to spend on courses and email and site hosting but given no indication of how much you’re making in return. I hope you’ll take this feedback into consideration.

    • Hey, Cat! First, I didn’t want to offend all the bloggers, who share their income reports. I find their work inspiring! My income from blogging is certainly not impressing, not what I wish it could be. The truth is I hate numbers. I just wanted to be helpul for the people who were constantly asking me mostly how I make money, not so much about the number. I actually wanted to answer them and their questions which wasn’t connected to a specific number, that’s all. I shared my views, my favorite blogger and her courses because they helped me and inspired me! I just wanted to tell the people who already read my blog how I am making money and that it is possible! This post is not an income report! Thank you so much for your feedback! I hope I answered your questions!

  • This post is a joke. Just another ‘how to’ post filled with affiliate links instead of real advice. If I read one more post trying to sell web hosting but with the post claiming ‘how to make money blogging’ I’m going to puke.

    • I am sorry to hear that. I wast just trying to inspire a friend of mine to make a blog, not to share tips on how to make money blogging because that’s not a ‘how to make money’ post. I will think about what you wrote. Thank you for your feedback!

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