Why Do You Need To Drink More Water

why you need to drink more water


This is the second post for my Healthy March and it is going to be all about water! Drinking water is an important part of your healthy lifestyle. In this post, you can find why do you need to drink more water. In addition, you are also going to learn about benefits, tips, and tricks. I hope after reading this you will finally understand why is it crucial for you to drink more water and you are going to finally make the change!

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You probably already have heard how important it is for you to drink water. I know this but for most of my life, I fight with this. I’ve never been the biggest fan of water. This changed one year ago when I finally decided to make the move and start thinking in another direction. Water is powerful, trust me! It has the power over your health!

I hear a lot that many people have this struggle with water. That’s one of the many reasons I decided to write this post – to help and encourage you to drink more water.



If you follow me on Instagram you probably know I decided to do a Healthy March because I want to inspire more people to take their life into their own hands and make the change. If I can do it, you can do too!

Most of the people find excuses to drink more water. They are trying to convince me that they don’t have enough time or they don’t like the way it tastes. Not to mention the excuse they don’t feel thirsty. Just stop with the excuses!

I just think most of the people don’t give enough thought about how important water is for our overall health!



If you want to feel really good, to have the healthy glow and maintain a healthy weight you should start drinking water right now!

Water actually can give you the healthy glow. Exactly the water deficiency makes your skin dry. Drinking water makes your skin elastic, which gives the glow.

You already know that water makes you feel full, which is why water is your best friend when you try to lose weight.

Keeping your body hydrated is good also for your heart. Not to mention, how good is for your muscles.

Water also gives you energy. Have you asked yourself why you feel the need of drinking water especially in the summer when outside is so hot? Yes, you need the extra energy!

Do you know that headache is actually a signal from your body that it feels dehydrated? So now you know and what the cure is – drink water!

I know many of you have digestive problems. Guess what – drinking water can help you even with that awful problem.

If you exercise you probably know it is crucial to keep your body hydrated. When your body is hydrated you will have more energy and you will be better at your workout.



These are only a few benefits of drinking water which can describe you why you need to drink more water. Water is the answer to many health problems. We are made of water and that’s why we should deliver the needed amount of water to our bodies to remain healthy!


Tips and Tricks 

My first advice is to drink water first thing in the morning because that’s the time your body needs water the most. Drinking water in the morning can help prevent bloating and also will keep you full.

If you are into a healthy lifestyle try to drink water 30 minutes before every meal. This will definitely help you calm down hunger. It will also tell you if you really are hungry or your body just needed water.

Another thing I highly recommend is to keep a bottle of water always close to you, somewhere you can see it because it is going to be a constant reminder that you need to drink water.

I know sometimes you want to drink something with different taste. I have these moments too. But I also want to be healthy. To satisfy this need I add fruits in my water. A piece of lemon always makes water tastes different. If lemon is too strong for you just try with a strawberry or a fruit you love.

I think it is important to drink two cups of water before going to bed because you will want your body to be hydrated during the night. This move will also prevent a late night snacking. This is great if you fight this habit for a long time.

If you have a busy day you can set up an alarm to remind you when to drink water. There are many apps you can now download absolutely free on your phone to keep you on track with this new habit.

When I am working I found out for myself that the small bottle of water is not enough but if I have the bigger it is too much. That’s why I bought a 1l bottle, which is my perfect size and it makes drinking water a pleasure.

My last advice is to buy very cute fruit infused water bottle like this one, a which has so many extras. Plus it is designed to have the opportunity to put fruits in it. It looks amazing and the fruit infuser is always there to remind you that you can drink water that tastes different, with the taste of your favorite fruit. I am a huge fan of cute water bottles ( I a little obsessed) but they help me drink more water.

I hope these tips and tricks will help you develop a healthy habit of drinking water.

If you are just starting out with changing your lifestyle start small with adding more water and taking walks outside for an hour. After a month you will not only feel the difference but you are also going to see it in the mirror.


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And now – go for a cup of water!



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14 thoughts on “Why Do You Need To Drink More Water”

  • Setting an alarm as a reminder to drink water really helps! I used to do that! You have shared some great tips to keep oneself hydrated. Thanks for this informative read.

    • Drinking enough water is a huge problem for many people! I hope this article is going to help someone! 💗

  • Fruit infused water is my favourite! It is so refreshing, especially on hot summer days. It makes you feel so fresh!

    • Yes, I had the same struggle! You can use an app to remind you when it’s time to drink water! 💗

  • I thought I drank a lot of water. I love water but I just realized I need to drink way more and when I wake up and before bed too. I just learned so much! As always thank you for sharing Monica!

  • Hell yes cute water bottles!

    My husband does not understand my obsession, but they totally do help drink more water…. though when I’m home, it’s generally out of a mason jar.

    • Yes! I am a huge fan of cute bottles! My boyfriend doesn’t understand it as well but I love all my bottles! They help a lot! 💗

  • Drinking water is definitely important – I like the alarm reminder idea, but I also put lines on my huge water bottle so I know how much I’m supposed to drink each hour throughout the day!

    • That’s a really great idea! Nowadays there are so many apps to help you drink enough water!

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