No-Bake Fruit Yogurt Tart Dessert

no-bake fruit yogurt tart dessert


Hello, lovely soul! Are you looking for a great healthy, easy, and delicious recipe to try out? This no-bake fruit yogurt tart dessert is simply amazing. You will fall in love with the gorgeous taste.

I always try to find new interesting and healthy desserts to make and lately I was a little obsessed with greek yogurt. I also have a thing for peaches and strawberries.

So, I was thinking and I found a similar recipe. Of course, I am very creative lately so I instantly knew what else I had to add to make it perfect for my taste.

This fruit yogurt tart dessert is not only the perfect dessert it also great breakfast idea. Trust, that’s maybe the best dessert to fuel your day.


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If you are a regular tart lover you won’t miss the traditional taste of it.

Either way, this no-bake fruit yogurt tart dessert is super easy to make. If you have unexpected guests you can always make it because you only need 10 minutes to prepare it. Of course, it is best if you prepare it in advance and put it in the fridge for an hour.

Not to mention, this dessert is super light and perfect for the summer. I advise you to treat yourself with this gorgeous no-bake fruit yogurt tart as much as you can.

Plus, your family is 100% going to love it, especially if you have kids. This dessert is a win-win.


no-bake fruit yogurt tart dessert


After I share all of the good stuff about this amazing fruit yogurt tart dessert it is time to finally share the ingredients I used and the way I made it. So you can prepare it right away and enjoy it.


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  • For the base:

*240g pitted dates;

*250g walnuts;

*honey ( I used one spoon).

  • Filling:

* 500g Greek yogurt

*honey ( Again I used only one spoon)

*fruits of your choice ( I used peaches and strawberries)


You see how simple it is. And you only need 5 ingredients to make this light no-bake fruit yogurt tart.

First, mix the dates, the walnuts, and the honey in a blender. Once it is ready just put it into a tart. Be careful, try to cover the whole tart with the base.

After the base is ready, mix the honey and the Greek yogurt. Place the mixture over the base.


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Now it is finally time to decorate with the fruits.

A little tip: while you are cutting the fruits put the tart in the fridge. It will be even better at the end.

Decorate depending on your taste and you are absolutely ready with this amazing delicious fruit yogurt tart.


no-bake fruit yogurt tart dessert


This recipe is perfect for you if you are always in a hurry but you want to prepare something nice and healthy for you and your whole family.

There’s no need to go to fancy coffee and cake shops. You can prepare your own add a homemade lemonade and even ask a friend to share.

I can’t wait to hear from you! Add a picture and let’s share the deliciousness!


With love,



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