Review of Aelia Sea View Studios Afytos

Review of Aelia Sea View Studios Afytos


Hello, lovelies! I just made my last summer stop for this year. We stayed in Afytos again. Now you can learn more interesting and helpful information about Afytos in my new ebook Afytos – The Pearl Of Chalkidiki This time we were at Aelia Sea View Studios. Working with them was such a huge pleasure! That’s why I want to write a review of the studios!


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Aelia Sea View Studios are new at the village. They opened their doors at the beginning of this summer. They are located at the end of the village, which is great because this part of Afytos is quiet and relaxing. This is definitely the best place to enjoy your vacation and really relax.


Review of Auelia Sea View Studios Afytos


The building has three floors. The first and the second floor are filled with private rooms. Every room has a gorgeous balcony with a stunning sea view, of course.

On the third floor, you can find a lovely and spacious apartment. This apartment definitely has the best view. It has a kitchen, a great living room, two beautiful bedrooms, and a bathroom. The balcony is HUGE. It definitely gives you the opportunity to have a ease off vacation and gives you this ‘feel at home’ vibe.


Review of Auelia Sea View Studios Afytos


The rooms on the first and the second floor are lovely. They have the smell of new. The walls are white with amazing minimalistic details to make your stay even better. Not to mention, the comfortable bed they have. The style is really interesting. The one thing they don’t have is a TV. But who needs a TV on a place gorgeous as this one. As a matter of fact, I prefer to enjoy the views and relax, rather than staying in front of the TV.


Review of Auelia Sea View Studios Afytos


One thing I loved the most there are definitely the gorgeous huge balconies with the stunning view of the turquoise water. You can stay there all day long watching the sea or spend a nice evening with a glass of wine listening to the sound of waves and the crickets. It is magical!


Review of Auelia Sea View Studios Afytos


The staff was really positive and open-hearted. They helped us with many things and they gave us pieces of advice for the area. I loved how helpful and nice they were. Not to mention, they were with big smiles on their faces all the time. After all, that’s all you need.

The hotel also has a big garden with tables and chairs and a small coffee bar, where you can enjoy your coffee in the morning. In brief, who doesn’t love coffee with a sea view?!


Review of Auelia Sea View Studios Afytos


Moreover, the region is beautiful. There is a wild beach you can enjoy there. But there are a lot of rocks. On the way to the beach, you can find a magical view. This is one of the best spots in Afytos for me.


Review of Auelia Sea View Studios Afytos


It is also close to all the mesmerizing Afytos beaches – paid and free! Which means the location is pure perfection!

Aelia Sea View Studios are an incredible place. I spent there only two days but they were enough to learn how special this place was. You are gonna love it!

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