Say “NO” To Diets and Enjoy Your Life

say no to diets and enjoy your life


Hey, lovely soul! If you are reading this you are probably tired of dieting all your life without really seeing any results. I totally get you. I was there for so many years. It is exhausting. It’s time to say “NO” to all diets and start enjoy your life. I did it.

This post is my sincere advice for you and I really hope you will read my message and really think about it. Your happiness is the price.

I spent the last 16 years trying different diets. Just name one – keto, low-carb, high protein, atkins, fasting. Whatever you think of I did it. I was losing some weight here and there but somehow through the years and thanks to a lot of stress I developed an unhealthy relationship with food.


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Everything started 10 years ago. I started waking up at night dying for something sweet. Shivering for something sweet. At first, I was thinking it is because of the stress and the new job (my first job) and the night shifts I was working. But it became a habit. The time was passing by and I was waking up every single night. Of course, I gained a lot of weight because of my unhealthy addiction.

I needed to do something. And of course, what I did was a huge mistake. I started limiting my portions and my calories. And that’s something I was getting back every single time I was gaining weight.

A few years back, thanks to anxiety and depression, I gained 20 kilograms which was too much. I decided to try the low-carb high-protein diet and somehow I managed to lose almost all the weight. But I was sure – I had an eating disorder.

I lived with that disorder for the last 8 years. Switching from diet to diet, exhausting myself working out every single day. I gained weight again. I was feeling more than miserable. A few months ago I found a book that helped me understand that dieting is doing more harm to us than anything else. It was damaging not only my body but my mind too.


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After reading that book I decided to try living without diets. It was so strange the first few days. It was like going against myself. I developed that dieting lifestyle and lived with it for 16 years. Now I wanted to changed and feel relived at the second day. It was impossible. I was weak. And after few days and no weight lost I started dieting again.

After dieting for two more weeks I felt disappointed. I had to be stronger. No change happens over a night. I wanted my life back, my happiness. But more than anything else I wanted a free of diets mind. This time I was determined to stop with diets and start enjoying my life in a way I used to do it as a kid.

I was thinking what was life without diets, I was desperately trying to go back in time and feel that feeling again. So, one day when I was out with hubby I was looking at a dessert in a store ( a healthy dessert) and I knew I couldn’t eat it because it wasn’t part of my diet.

When we were driving home I told hubby how exhausted I feel of that constant limitations I was putting myself in. I knew. It was the perfect moment to just stop with diets and to break that vicious cycle.


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So, enough with my story. I don’t want to bore you because I am sure your story sounds almost like mine.

After a month, I believe I finally developed the habit to not diet. I feel proud of myself. My mind is thanking me every single day. You will feel reborn. A new person with a new different and better life.

I share that story with you  because I work with many women and 99% of them are in such place. Tired, exhausted, disappointed. They are constantly fighting themselves. You probably know that feeling. By sharing this I really hope to help you think about your lifestyle and try ( please really try) to say NO to diets and start living a normal happy life.



Once you stop dieting you will free your mind and you will open space for new better emotions. You only need 21 days without diets to form a new habit. And to start a new life. That’s it. It is that simple. No limitations and barriers. Yes, I mean it. You can definitely enjoy your favorite foods from time to time without any guilt.

After years of dieting I learned what foods are making me feel good and the opposite. Now, my primary goal is to give my body what it needs. I learned to listen to what my body needs. Since I really love eggs in any shape and form I use them a lot. I also love sweet potatoes, rich salads and  meat. Plus yogurt and almond milk. You see, all of these are healthy labeled foods. And I grew to love eating them. But sometimes I really crave something sweet. Most of the time I prepare healthy desserts with dates, honey, and fruits. But sometimes I want pizza or simply chocolate. That’s balance. That means no limitations.


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Learn to listen to your body. Find which are your favorite healthy foods and enjoy them. May your goal be to be healthy not to lose weight. Losing weight will be just another benefit and it will come with time.

You can check my 7 day starter checklist to a life without diets. This checklist will help you achieve the goal to say NO to diets and start living and enjoying life to its full potential. Because the beginning is always the hardest part. I want to help you make that first step and change your mindset. I know, leaving your comfort zone can be really hard but it is definitely doable.

And if you need more help and support during the process you can Book A Coach Session 

Or you can simply message me! I would love to help you fight that battle for your life and happiness. Because you deserve to be happy and live a healthy life without restrictions.

Appreciate your body and yourself. Love your body. Give your body what it really needs. Don’t limit yourself. Leave the cage and start blossoming!

You can share your journey below in the comment section! Let’s chat!


With love,




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