Self-Isolation: 12 Things To Do At Home

Self-Isolation: 12 Things To Do At Home


Hello! Are you staying at home during these strange times? I do, when I am not at work or shopping. I try to stay at home as much as I can. I believe that’s the right thing to do right now.

Although I almost always have what to do when I am at home, because of my 3 jobs and normal house chores, there are times I need some distraction, something different to happen. That’s why I decided to come up with some ideas to help you get creative while you are self0isolating at home.

I am also trying to lose some weight and stay fit during this period, so don’t judge me if some of the things are more active than others.


1. Dance

Yes, now it is the perfect time to dance your heart out. Put on your favorite music and just dance. Imagine you are in a club and now it is your time to dance. Ah, what a feeling!

I love dancing from time to time. This is actually one of my ways to be active. It is super fun and good not only for your body but for your mind too.

Make a playlist with your favorite songs and hit the dancefloor.


2. Do some yoga

If you want to look inside you, that’s one of the best ways to do it. I started doing yoga two years ago and I had on and off periods, but now it is definitely my on period to do yoga. I really love the stretch, the feeling it gives me after the session ends.

You can put nice relaxing music and stretch your whole body. For me, yoga is being physically active and relax your mind at the same time. There’s no better combination than this.

If you are a beginner – there are tons of videos on Youtube. Just start small. I am sure you will grow to love doing yoga with time passing by.


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3. Try a new recipe

I just LOVE cooking, but I almost never find the time to experiment in the kitchen. I always cook something fast and easy. And trying to eat healthy, of course. But it’s hard, I know. That’s why now you can use the extra free time to try a recipe you always wanted to try or just be creative and create your own recipe. Surprise yourself.


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4. Learn a new language

I have a long history of studying and languages. As long as I can remember I always learn something new and most of the time that ‘new’ thing is a new language. Except for my Bulgarian, I also know English (that’s kind of obvious ), and German. My German is not at its highest form but I use this program called Duolingo that helps me train my German every single day. And I just love it. This program also inspired me to start learning Italian because I always wanted to. And Hawaiian. Yes, you heard me right. And the good part is that you don’t need endless hours. I spend 15 – 20 minutes every single day. But if you have more time you can spend even more to learn a new language.

The positive effects are so much – you will feel great after that, you will gain more confidence, you will be better at your job, and that will help you be more chatty when you travel abroad. There’s nothing to lose.


5. Have an e-meeting with your family and friends

Ah, that’s priceless! That’s something new for me but I love that feeling and how we are able to keep in touch. I have scheduled meetings with my best friends today and I am super happy to be able to spend some time with them. I also started having video chats with my little brother who shows me all the members of my family even our sweet little pup Archi. There are ways to stay together. Imagine if this was happening some years ago when we had no phones, no computers – that means no way to hear your most important people. Not to mention seeing them. We should really appreciate that.


6. Play a game

Here you can be super creative – you can try a board game or create one of your own like a dance challenge or something like that.

With our lives always so busy we rarely have time to just play a game. Now it is the perfect time to do that.


7. Read a book

If you are like me, busy with life, jobs, and family, you probably don’t have so much time to read. And I love reading. And I am full of books that are waiting for me. Just pick one and start reading with a cup of coffee or tea. Beauty is in simplicity. These moments are priceless!


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8. Movie marathon

I am a huge movie lover. There maybe 5 TV series I am following and love watching regular movies too. You can keep up with all your favorite tv shows and movies and have a nice relaxing movie day. Me and my boyfriend, we love having movie date nights with delicious dinner and a glass of wine. Or a simple cinema evening with popcorn and diet coke. I bet this will become one of your favorite date nights.


9. Plan your next getaway

Use the free time to plan your next vacation or getaway.

We love traveling and this situation literally kills us now but it won’t be forever. That’s why you have to be prepared and have something in mind for your next place you want to visit.

Read about your next destination. Do your research. Make a plan. And be ready!


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10. Make a picnic in your living room

This is something simple you can do. Put some nature music. Use a blanket, prepare something delicious to eat and just enjoy the experience. It is not the same as a picnic in the park but it is definitely something you won’t do when you can go outside. Use your free time to experience new things like the picnic idea.


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11. Clean your house

It’s spring already so this would definitely be a great idea anyway. Even though I am working ( all 3 jobs) I found some free time to clean the whole house. Plus that’s a great workout. You will keep yourself active and clean the house at the same time. It’s perfect. And you will definitely kill the coronavirus that way.


12. Listen to a podcast

Podcasts are very popular these days. Now you have enough time to listen to your favorite podcast and work on your self-improvement. You can even do that while cleaning the house or when cooking the new recipe.


I hope I gave you an idea of how to do something different every single day. You can even combine most of the ideas and have an amazing day filled with different activities. These simple ideas will help you not get bored.

Stay safe! Stay at home!

I would love to hear which way is your favorite? Or if you have any other ideas – add them in the comments!



With love,



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