Simple & Bonding Outdoor Date Night Ideas for Couples

simple and bonding outdoor date night ideas for couples


Hey, lovely soul! After my last post about the 11 date ideas for couples to do at home that was huge success I decided to share with you my outdoor date night ideas for couples. Not to mention, they are perfect for bonding with your partner.

After 8 years with my boyfriend and soon to be husband we are still in love thanks to these date nights we have once in a while. You don’t need money or much time to implement most of them into your daily regime. So no matter how busy you are you can still enjoy some nice quality time with your partner and keep the sparkle between you two.

Every relationship needs hard work and dedication. Sometimes we forget about that and we wonder why things don’t go well. We need these simple gestures to nourish our relationship with each other.

I will introduce our favorite outdoor date ideas with you to help you strengthen your relationship and start a new fun tradition with your partner. Because there’s so much to do together!


1. Coffee Date

If you know me even a little you will know that my biggest love is coffee. That’s why I decided to put Coffee Date on my first place (not that there’s any specific order). Me and my partner do this date very often, especially when the weather is good because we prefer to spend more time outside. You can try different coffee shops in your area or some that you always wanted to visit. Coffee is always a good idea, especially when is shared with your love.


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2. Long Walk

Walking is not only a great way to be in a better shape but also a great date night idea. You can take long walks with your love and share stories, laugh together or just think. Combine it with beautiful nature and it is going to be magical.


outdoor date night ideas for couples



3. Hike

Hiking is another great idea to spend some time with your love. You will be surrounded by gorgeous nature and breathtaking views. Keep yourself in shape and spend quality time together.


outdoor date night ideas for couples



4. Watch a Sunrise

What is better than starting the day super early with your partner and watching the sunrise?! Yes, exactly! I can spend every single day like that. It is going to be super special and magical.


5. Watch a Sunset

You can start the day with a sunrise but I personally prefer sunsets – they are magnificent, filled with magic and emotion. You can pick a great locotaion and make it even special. And if you combine it with a picnic or a glass of wine and it is going to be fantastic.


outdoor date night ideas for couples



6. Cinema

For some it might be boring to go to cinema but for people like me and my hubby it is a way to escape from our daily life and we actually don’t do it very often now but if you are a movie lover that is definitely a great outdoor date idea.


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7. Dinner at a new place

If there’s a new place you want to visit and have dinner at why wait longer? Go and have dinner. It is okay to treat yourself with dinner outside from time to time and not cook. We also love cooking at home and saving money but sometimes we just need to switch from our routine.


8. Bowling

This is a super fun way to try something new, laugh, and spend time with your partner. I promise you, it is a lot of fun, especially if it’s your first time. Bowling is great!


9. Visit the Beach / Pool

Ah, I am such a huge beach lover. I love spending time on the beach and If I was able I would live somewhere with a gorgeous beach. This is a perfect way to relax with your partner, talk, have a picnic, listen to your favorite songs, swim, or play another fun beach game. The options here are endless. Of course, not all of us live close to a beach but in that case you can visit a pool and have fun there too.


outdoor date night ideas for couples



10. Day Trip

Day trips are fun, you can always go to a new place and do something different.  I bet you have so many options around your home. There are at least 5 places you can visit and use for day trips. Day trip can be perfectly combined with a long walk, hike, picnic, or simply with good coffee. Plus, you can always stay for the whole weekend if you like it.


outdoor date night ideas for couples



11. Hot Air Baloon Ride

This is something we’ve tried one month ago and we loved it. No matter the fact we had to get up at 4 o’clock in the morning and drive for two hours – it was something different and memorable. We also were able to watch the sunrise from the baloon and enjoy a gorgeous view. It was one of these ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences. You should definitely try it. Plus, you will be super close with your partner.


outdoor date night ideas for couples



12. Happy Hour Drinks

That’s an idea we haven’t done yet but it is definitely in our bucket list. All you have to do is to pick a place and use their happy hour to enjoy nice refreshing coctkail or other drinks. What’s better than a cocktail and a nice talk in the arms of your love?! Yep, nothing can beat that!


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13. Karting

This also is something we wish to do and it is actually our next date. I wanted to do this for a long time and my boyfriend encourages me to try it out. If you want to try something different and out of the ordinary (and you love speed) this is your perfect date.


14. Football Game

Hm, let’s say I am not the biggest football fan but I love supporting my future husband and do things together. It never hurts to do something that is going to make your partner feel good. I actually enjoy going to football games and spending time with him, especially when the weather is good. If you are a football lover it is going to be even better for both of you.


outdoor date night ideas for couples



15. Recreate Your First Date

This one is super favorite date idea. Recreating your first date in detail can be magical, it can bring you so much lovely memories. The emotion is going to be HUGE! We recreated our day in Thessaloniki when we actually get together, not our first date. And it was amazing. We even spent one of our anniversaries like that.  Just try it, even make it as a surprise to your partner – he is going to love it.



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16. 10$ Date

As I always say – you don’t need much money to make a date special. This one is a budget date and all you need is 10$ and a creative thinking. Spend it wisely! You can make a nice dinner or buy candles or a game. You both can use that budget do a surprise for the others. Either way, it is going to be a wonderful evening.


17. Picnic

Picnic is always a great idea, especially when the weather is amazing and you have a lovely location. I bet there are at least 3 locations around you that are going to be perfect for picnic. Even the local park is a great place to spend time with your partner and make a picnic.


outdoor date night ideas for couples


outdoor date night ideas for couples



18. Bonfire and marshmellows

This one is maybe on a first place in my bucket list. I really want to try it. I want to spend nice quality time with hubby, watch the fire, talk, and eat something delicious. You can try it and I am sure you will love it, I am sure I will love it because it is really bonding and special.


19. Stargazing

Imagine yourself on a blanket, holding hands with your man, and watching the beautiful stars above you. Isn’t it magical?! You don’t need much, only a blanket, a loving hand, and the open sky.


20. Volunteer at the animal shelter

If you are an animal lover like us you can definitely try this one. I promise, you will have an amazing day filled with love and many fluffy friends that are going to be thankful for your attention. You will be helping not only the animals but your relationship too.



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21. Dance Class

This one can definitely keep the sparkle between two of you. Even if you are not the best dancer in the world this will be beneficial for you and you will have fun with your partner and learn something new at the same time.


22. Drive-in Movie

We did that last year and we loved it. You can take your favorite snacks and beverages and enjoy a great movie. Of course, you won’t be absolutely alone because this is a massive event (here in my town), but you can definitely enjoy the company of each other.


23. Horseback Riding

I love horses and nature, and my future husband. This is one of my perfect dates. I did it only once but I will definitely try it again. You will also enjoy nice views and long walks, while riding the horse.


24. Botanical Garden

In our city we have two main botanical gardens. We visited both and we loved it. It was beautiful to wander around so many different and beautiful plants and flowers. There are gorgeous benches everywhere where you can sit, relax, and enjoy the beauty around you.


25. Zoo

We really like going to the zoo because we love spending time surrounded by animals. It is also the perfect place for a long walk and acting silly. This is the best place to return to your inner child and be young again.



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26. Attend a Local Festival

I am sure you have many of these at your home. This is a great way to bond and spend time together. Our favorite is the Christmas Market. We love going there to drink wine, eat delicious food, see the lights and hug each other.


outdoor date night ideas for couples



I hope these ideas inspired you to take care of your relationship and have some fun together with your love. See, there are so many options to try out! It really is all about the little gestures!

I am dying to know which is the date you want to try?


With love,



2 thoughts on “Simple & Bonding Outdoor Date Night Ideas for Couples”

  • These are all such wonderful ideas, Monica! I really love the outdoor date ideas such as hiking, going for walks, but one of my other favorites is coffee date. They’re so simple, yet so intimate and it doesn’t cost a lot of money. Thanks for sharing these great tips!

    • Coffee dates are definitely one of my favorite. That’s a date that should be easily incorportated in our daily life. 💗

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