The Best Healthy Pancakes For Weight Loss

the best healthy pancakes for weight loss


Hey, lovelies! It’s still my Healthy March and it is time for my favorite sweet recipe of the month – the best healthy pancakes for your weight loss!

As you may already know I am so into sweet desserts and I know many of you are obsessed with them just like I am.

This recipe is fast, healthy, and really delicious! Not to mention, they look so cute!

I love pancakes, it is one of my favorite desserts. After all, who doesn’t love them?!

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The people, who know me well know best how obsessed I am with desserts but I promised myself that this March will be a healthy one. In summary, I can’t live without sweet in my life. That’s why I decided to make a healthy version of my favorite desserts – pancakes.

They are super easy to make – my boyfriend loves to cook them for me! And this is one of the many reasons I love him!

These healthy pancakes are perfect for busy moms and for your kids, and basically for everyone!


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Let me tell you a little secret – the secret ingredient is spelt fluor.

As a matter of fact, I am not the biggest fan of flour but sometimes we need it to make the perfect dish. That’s why I decided to pick the best and healthy option for myself.

Spelt is really famous in Bulgaria in the last few years, we are now learning the many benefits from it. If you struggle to find it in your shop you can always use another healthy fluor option.


The Best Healthy Pancackes For Weight Loss



200g spelt flour or any other healthy fluor option

2 eggs

2 bananas

200ml non-fat milk


1 spoon coconut sugar



All you have to do is mix all the ingredients in a blender. Once the mixture is ready, start placing small portions in a preliminarily warmed pan.

You can add some strawberries or other fruits you like, some coconut, and maple syrup.

You ready to consume!


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If you need some inspiration or you are thinking how to transform your favorite recipes into their healthy options I highly recommend you to take Sweets in the Raw: Naturally Healthy Desserts by Laura Marquis book, which is a real inspiration for me!

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Keep improving your health! Feed your body with the right foods!


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8 thoughts on “The Best Healthy Pancakes For Weight Loss”

  • Thank you for sharing this recipe. I love pancakes, but have stayed away from them for so long because I never found the right substitute for flour. I also love the fact you have used coconut sugar, I really need to get my hands on some as I end up using Splenda or Stevia!

    • I actually don’t like the taste of Stevia but I am a huge fan of coconut sugar lately! I even drink my coffee with coconut sugar! 💗

  • I love all types of pancake, especially banana ones. I make them either flourless or use oat flour. but i will try spelt flour thanks to you!

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