The Importance of Having Time for Yourself

the importance of having time for yourself


Hey, lovely people! This week we are going to discuss the importance of having time for yourself and why is it so important.

We tend to lead busy lives, always in a hurry for the next meeting. You get up early, take a shower, hurry for work. Then you spend the whole day from meeting to meeting. After the long day, you go home where your family waits for you. You cook dinner, clean the house and when you see it’s already time to go to bed.

You spend day after day like that. You know you don’t have time for yourself, even a single second.

Don’t do that, please!


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I was the same for years. And you know what all the hurry brought me? Anxiety, depression and an eating disorder. It also brought me many sleepless nights, problems, acne and miserable feelings. I love being “there” for everybody but me. And I love that but now I also understand the importance of having time for myself. Because it is really important.



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At a certain moment, I knew I had to completely change my whole life. I needed balance. Something really had to change.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have those crazy busy moments in my life. Whenever I feel overwhelmed I stop and take time for myself. Otherwise, I am a mess.

If you are at that point of your precious life you need to stop making excuses and take your life in your own hands. Because only you can do the inside work.

Living a super busy life without any time for yourself is going to make you feel like a mess at some point. And if you are reading this right now you maybe already feel like a mess. Don’t worry, I have some simple and actionable steps to guide you through this hard period and show you that you don’t need much time to actually take care of yourself and have that “me” time.

You deserve to be happy and in great shape. That can only happen if you live a balanced life.


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Just a little reminder – you are a beautiful soul! Never forget that!

All the techniques we are going to discuss now are simple and doable. Most of them you can do everywhere. You need some motivation to start and a positive mindset.

Don’t feel guilty because self-care is not selfish, it is actually a must for anyone. Taking time off can only benefit you and your whole family. Because, trust me, they want to see you happy and balanced more than anyone else in the world. And they will be your biggest supporters. Not to mention, they will be the first to feel the positive change in you.



Make a morning ritual

I used to wake up even tired than the night before now I absolutely love mornings. Your ritual should be something simple and doable. Don’t promise yourself you will wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning to exercise if you know you can’t do it. Make the ritual something to actually look for when you go to sleep.

My ritual is very simple – I wake up, make a huge cup of coffee because I just LOVE so much coffee. I sit in my living room enjoying the coffee and actually waking up. Then I project my future day in a positive way. Sometimes I put some music on, other days I just sit and enjoy the silence. If I have enough time or I am not going to work I take an hour and a half to walk (one hour) and exercise (30 minutes). If you already know me you know I do all this in the comfort of my home even the walking part because my apartment is spacious and I really enjoy walking even during the cold winter.

Just decide what makes you happy and do it every morning to enjoy a positive and energetic day.


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Positive Affirmations

I really love this part of taking care of myself. It really helps you build a positive perspective and makes you feel wonderful about yourself.

With this one, you can even be very creative. Write down on a paper 31 affirmations you need to work on and put them into a cute jar. Every morning take a piece of paper with a positive affirmation. Say it to yourself 10 times in the morning. Say it every time you see yourself in a mirror. Think about it the whole day.

Positive affirmations can shift your life in a whole new direction if you practice them every day.

For example, today I am sick with the awful flu. My affirmation of the day is: “I am healthy. I feel good. My body and mind are healthy.”


Weekend therapy

This part is not so simple to be done but you should definitely try it.

Tell your family and friends that you need to take the weekend for yourself. I know it is hard and you have so much work to do but we all have to. Stop with the excuses and just do it. Your family will thank you for that, trust me. The first day you can use to do a nice manicure, take a long bubble bath with candles, make a nice face procedure or even go to a message. The second day does what you love – read a book, listen to your favorite music, go for a long walk or just binge watch your favorite show.

Do this every once in a while. It will recharge your batteries and make you a new person. This is maybe the hardest to do but it is definitely not impossible.

You owe it to yourself and your family!


Move your body

This is one of my favorite self-care acts. I used to hate exercising before but at one point of my recovery from anxiety, depression, and an eating disorder I actually fell in love with the process of moving my body.


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I hear so many excuses like: “I don’t have time”, “It is really expensive to do that”, “I feel uncomfortable people to watch me while I exercise” and many others. The truth is, you can exercise EVERYWHERE – at the gym, outside, in the park or even at the comfort of your own home. This means also that it is not actually expensive to work out at home or outside. Everything you need is plain motivation, nothing else. Plus, you can choose from so many activities – walking, running, fitness, Tabata, dancing, and etc. There’s something for everybody.

I love walking and exercise at home. This also saves me not only money but time too. There are so many videos on Youtube. Sometimes when I only have 15 minutes I do a 15 minutes workout. You can find 10 or 15 minutes to do something great for your body. We all can. It is all about motivation.

Just find your thing and do it wherever is comfortable for you. It will change your whole life, I promise.


Night routine

Finish your busy day with some relaxing minutes for yourself. Here the possibilities are endless. I love watching a movie with my guy in bed. Bur right before I go to sleep I love to think about the best parts of my day and appreciate everything. I also think about the people I love and think about three things I am grateful today.

You can read a book, have a glass of wine, journal or whatever makes you happy. Just take a moment to unwind and go to sleep relaxed because that’s an important part of you actually having a night of quality sleep.


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All of these tips are simple to make. You can take 15 minutes in the morning and 15 in the evening to really relax and have a productive day and a nice relaxing evening.

You deserve to be happy and healthy. Love yourself and really take care of yourself otherwise you are going to end up with anxiety or depression at some point. If you are already there, don’t worry – I lived 6 years of my life with constant anxiety, hard depression periods, and an eating disorder and I was able to completely heal and recover. You can learn the whole story in my book In The Eye Of The Storm: Cure Yourself From Anxiety And Depression

I work daily with people like my old version and you and I help them achieve the life they want because we all deserve to be happy and in a perfect mental and physical shape. The first thing I tell them is to stop for a minute and appreciate themselves and that they need a self-care plan in the long run. I believe self-love and self-care are the first important steps to your new life. If you want to book a life coach session with me you can learn more HERE. 

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With love,




6 thoughts on “The Importance of Having Time for Yourself”

    • I am really happy to hear that, lovely. I hope everything will be even a little helpful for you. ❤

  • I love this post Monica! I remember being a mom with 3 little kids, working outside the home and being so STRESSED OUT. I never took time for myself. This is such great advice. Now all 3 kids are grown and out of the house and I do make time for myself. But we can always continue to grow and improve. I love the affirmation jar idea and I plan to implement this. Thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you for sharing this Julie. I really do believe it is SO important to spend some time for yourself. I am so happy you are doing this now. I sometimes struggle but I remember that the exhausted me is going to thank me later. ❤

  • I love this!!! My boyfriend and I have the same work schedule so its make the me time a little hard. I believe everyone needs it every once in awhile.

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