The Kindness Challenge – 21 Small Acts of Kindness

21 small acts of kindness


Hello, today as I promised in my last post I want to give you some ideas or small acts of kindness you can do every single day. Because I think it’s important to talk about these things. Because lately I hear more about car crashes, robberies, deaths. I strongly believe that you also need a little positivism. And the best way to get positive emotions is to create them yourself  and give them to others in need, and to yourself also, of course.

But first let me tell you about the kindness challenge briefly. It’s very simple. Share the post to reach more people, because more people equals more reminders, which in turn equals more small acts of kindness. And do good! Whenever you can. As I said – it’s simple.

I will use this post to give you some ideas to guide you. But I will also use it as a reminder of myself, as a list to fulfill. I have made many of the ideas and I will tell you about them in a short story, but some I have not, they will become my challenge too

.I will group the acts into 4 groups:

  • acts to yourself,
  • acts to family, relatives and acquaintances,
  • acts to strangers,
  • acts that include everything else that is significant.


Acts to yourself

1. Self-care Time

I start with this on purpose. Lately, I see that the hectic lifestyle and lack of free time affect not only me but everyone around me. And when a person is overwhelmed mentally, it deprives him of the small pleasant emotions – to read a book, drink coffee with a friend, hug on the couch with your loved one. I think it is extremely important to take some time every day to do something that gives us a break from the hectic daily routine and at the same time gives us positive emotions.

I can give you literally thousands of ideas here, but my advice is simple – do what you feel with your heart. That way you will never go wrong.


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2. Hydrate

I soon came across some interesting information. The girl who helped me create a proper diet often uploads such interesting information that makes you think. From her I learned that in fact a huge percentage of the population is dehydrated every day, I do not remember exactly what the percentage was, but it was something like almost 90%. I thought about it and realized that as a result of dehydration, you could often get a headache or not feel good at all. So drink water, lots of water. When you feel good, you can help the people around you.


3. Forget about diets, just eat healthy

As a person who grew up in a time of famous diets and was damaged by them, I want to give you one piece of advice – forget about diets. They don’t help, not only do they not help, but they also harm you. Mostly mentally. There is so much confusing information everywhere.

I am neither a doctor nor a nutritionist, but I love to read and be interested and my advice is to eat whole foods. The market is full of junk food that is everywhere and abundant. More fruits and vegetables. You can always make a healthy alternative to the food you love. There is nothing wrong with allowing yourself to eat your favorite foods, but everything should be within limits.

Sometimes I really wanted to go back to my childhood, where the food was real and I never had to think about how many calories I consumed or how many grams of carbohydrates were in them. That’s why I’m considering starting to grow some of my own food.


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4. Move your body

I think this is something extremely important. Movement is life. The more I move, the better we feel.

I’ve always loved movement in general. I love to walk a lot, and I also love gentle yoga for movement. Exercise has been a part of my life for a long time, I loved high-intensity training, but after аn injury I started doing slow weight training.

I find walking extremely useful because it helps me a lot with my mental health. When I feel very tense, I like to walk aimlessly and just think. Usually at the end of the walk I have a solution to every problem.

Get moving! There are so many ways to do it. Just find your thing, what makes you feel good – dancing, running, walking, swimming, basketball. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you like it and it makes you feel good.

Exercise is something that helps your overall health. What nicer gesture to yourself than that ?!


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5. Travel

Well, I don’t know if that’s the case for you, but I’m in love with traveling. There is something magical about exploring new worlds and cultures, exploring the unknown as a whole.

The trip and its planning are definitely part of my self-care plan. I believe that we should visit at least one new place every year.


In conclusion, I just want to tell you that there is no greater gesture of kindness to yourself than taking care of yourself and finding time for the things that make you feel good. In order to give goodness to the world around you, you first need to feel good yourself.


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Аcts to family, relatives and acquaintances

1. Cook dinner for them

Family and friends are an important part of our lives. Too often nowadays we neglect them and take them for granted. And it doesn’t have to be that way. We must often show them how much we love them and help them.

Invite them over the weekend and prepare a delicious and healthy dinner to make them happy and remind them how much you love them and how much they mean to you. Food connects people to another level. It doesn’t have to be something super twisted, you just have to put your heart into it.


2. Plan a movie night

This is even easier than before. Just invite them, choose a cool movie together, put on your pajamas and grab the popcorn. Yes, it’s that simple.


3. Ask them “How are you?” and really mean it

Lately, it strikes me that we rarely ask people around us how they are and how they feel, and when we do, it’s a bit out of habit.

That’s why it’s good to just ask your loved ones how they are, if they need anything. This is a sign of attention and care. Think about how good you would feel if someone asked you sincerely how you were and wanted to hear the long answer to the question. Yes, I would feel good too.


4. Send them a card, just like that

I believe that this is something super simple that any of us can do. And nowadays you can make the card online and even send it online. But I personally prefer a physical card, no matter how old-fashioned it is. It will remain a memory for them.

A few days ago I was preparing for Valentine’s Day and while preparing a gift for my husband I decided to just give a card to my parents and my brother. I combined them with a box of chocolate. Just wanted to do something nice for them and show them how much I love them. I managed to make them smile.


5. Compliment them

Because who doesn’t love a good compliment ?!

I don’t think it costs us much to say one or two kind words to our loved ones. “You look good,” “Your hair is great.” They deserve it more than anyone else.


6. Talk to them regularly

I make this point because I am fully aware that life often turns us around and I notice that in recent years I and the people around me are quite busy. I thought about how often we press the red handset on the phone because we’re busy. And sometimes this can be essential for the person on the other side.

The pandemic also managed to divide many people, but for many it was also the key to more frequent and better communication.

My advice is to just talk to people close to you more often. Just as you sometimes need to talk to someone, they would be just as happy if you communicate more often.


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7. Offer to help them

Sometimes people around us have difficulties that prevent them from doing their daily duties. Each of us sometimes feels that way. That is why I think it is good to offer help to the people we love.

Offer them to shop for groceries, to help with the cleaning, to take them somewhere, to help with looking after the child. Or help them in any way you can. Believe me, such a kind gesture will be remembered and appreciated forever.

Sometimes people do not like to seek help, they are ashamed. Or they don’t want to burden you unnecessarily. That is why it is important that you offer them. I say this from a harsh experience with my grandmother, who is no longer with us.


In conclusion, I just want to urge you not to take the people you love for granted. Every relationship in your life needs support. These are the people who are in your heart and you should always strive to make kind gestures to them.


Аcts to strangers

As important as it is to be kind to yourself and your loved ones, it is just as important to be kind to strangers.

1. Smile

Yes, just smile. As cliché as this may sound, it is the absolute truth. Sometimes a smile works very positively and can definitely fix someone’s day. I think we all need a little positivism, especially in recent years.


2. Compliment

The same is true here as with the smile – everyone would be happy to receive a compliment. A compliment is never superfluous.

It strikes me that a lot of people somehow always focus on the negative traits of people. Quite often I hear things like “Look what an ugly haircut this lady”, “Hasn’t he heard of using an iron”, “How funny this guy looks”.

I have always been maddened by such comments and I have been avoiding them for years. The truth is that you never know what a difficult period the person against you may be going through, and such comments will certainly not help him or make him feel good.

I prefer to focus on the good features. I believe that we all need to learn this, as it will play a key role in human relations in the future. The power of compliments is enormous.


3. Hold an open door

That’s what I am talking about – these little gestures play a big role.

In my previous post, where I share the challenge with you, I told a short story about my neighbor who never greets, never holds the door, on the contrary.

I don’t think it costs anything to keep the door open for someone. It will make you feel good and you will surely make happy that mother with the child and the many bags or that old lady who has difficulty moving.


4. Start a conversation

I’m actually quite shy and rarely talk to people on the street, but I rarely do, especially when I want to know more about the person against me.

Two months ago I went to the pharmacy and in front of it sat a woman about 55 years old, selling vegetables. While waiting in line at the pharmacy, I wondered how to talk to her and whether to buy something. Of course I would buy. I always do. I went out and immediately went to her, bought some vegetables. She told me that they were from her garden and that her husband had died and was struggling and did not want to lose their house. I gave her more money than she asked for and I told friends to go buy from her.

Last year on Women’s Day I went to see my late grandmother, I had to buy her food. In front of the store sat a grandmother who sold beautiful little bouquets for the holiday. Тhey were so beautiful and the price was really low. I don’t know how it is where you live, but here, where I live on this day, the prices of bouquets are skyrocketing. I was so happy to take a few bouquets. I told her that she looked like my grandmother and that I was very happy to get something so beautiful. She was very happy. I was also. My grandmother absolutely loved the flowers.


5. Pay for the person behind you in line

This is а goal I set for myself also. It has happened to me many times to help people who do not have enough money. But it has always been people in front of me.

I consider this a wonderful gesture, especially if there is a person behind you in the queue who is obviously in need.


Acts to animals

I am a huge supporter of animals. I love them a lot. This part of my post is also one of the most important.

1. Pet an animal

Animals are wonderful creatures. They can’t talk, but somehow you always manage to understand them.

Just pet an animal. Naturally one that allows as a dog or cat, of course, you will not pet a wild bear. But most street animals are actually cats and dogs. There are many of them in my country.

That’s why I know how important it is to just pet an animal. They are also living beings who need attention and care. And they are much more grateful than other individuals.


2. Always bring with yourself water

I always try to carry a bottle of water inside me. Not just to get hydrated, but also to pour on an animal. I often look for dog houses or just when I meet dogs I take out the bottle and pour it for them. It is especially important in the summer, when it is super warm outside, that they are well hydrated.


3. Food

As you may remember, food is also an important act of kindness.

We always have a bag with food in our car. It has happened to us many times at distant parking lots, gas stations and everywhere else to meet stray animals. I also try to carry a bag of food in my handbag. Sometimes I like to leave it near the garbage cans, because I know that they often go there looking for food.

Behind our block we have a dog that we all watch and I often bring him food.

You can always take a bag of food when you are out. It doesn’t take up space, it’s not expensive, and it could make an animal super happy.


4. Donate

As you found out earlier, there are an awful lot of stray animals here where I live. That’s why there are a lot of organizations that help, and also a lot of people who just want to help an animal. Unfortunately, we cannot help all stray animals. But you can always donate money or food, blankets, toys, or medical expenses. There are so many possibilities.

You can also subscribe or donate to help stray animals. I have a two-year subscription to help the bears in Bulgaria.


5. Adopt

Yes, I think that solves a huge problem and a it is a wonderful gesture of kindness. Both to the animal and for you.

Five years ago I decided to adopt a dog. My grandmother was lonely, she had lost her job and I wanted her to have company. I contacted a woman who helps animals. After 1 month the puppy was with us. There is no such joy.




My grandmother’s dementia got worse last summer, and she died a little later. We took the puppy we already loved so much. The problem was that we lived on rent and we were generally not allowed to watch after animals. But we have been living in the apartment for 5 years and we decided to talk to the owners and try our chance. Naturally, they agreed. Jada has been with us for almost a year. And we are the happiest in the world. She changed a lot also. I can see the gratitude in her eyes every single day.


I am adding some places from where you can adopt an animal:

I am also adding a link to a foundation that fights Alzheimer’s and dementia here in Bulgaria because my grandmother died two months ago of dementia. I believe that there is a need to increase support for the families of people whose relatives are going through this, to create appropriate centers for people suffering from dementia, where they can receive the adequate care they deserve.


Honestly, I have no idea how to finish this post. I put all my heart into creating it because I want to remind you that we need more kindness in this world, which has been so unfriendly lately. I want or more precisely I need to see the good in people! I do it and I really want to see more people who are passionate about the idea and to make kindness their goal in life.


I would be very happy if you share in a comment what was the last kind thing you did and to inspire more people.


With love,




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  • I love the idea of random acts of kindness! There’s nothing like doing something or having something done for you without the expectation of getting something back in return. Whenever I declutter and give things away for free, I always just ask the recipient to pay it forward to someone else. That way, I know the kindness is being paid to someone else and they’ll pay on to someone else too!

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