The Ultimate Guide To Christmas Markets In Europe

The Ultimate Guide To Christmas Markets In Europe


Winter is waiting in the corner and with November passing by I am sure most of you think where they want to spend the Christmas. Winter is magical everywhere but try to spend it in Europe and you will be fascinated until the end of your life! During this beautiful time of the year Europe if full of Christmas markets – they can pop up everywhere around you! They are the perfect place to enjoy Christmas carols, eat delicious food, drink wine and enjoy the magical Christmas decoration. Here you will find the ultimate guide to these city treasures in Europe.

The Christmas markets and festivals in Europe are also the perfect places to choose amazing and one of a kind gifts for your family and friends. Trust me, they will be amazed by the beauty! Last year I bought many hand-made Christmas decorations and they are pure perfection.



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If you need inspiration and you still don’t know where to spend the holidays just take a look at this list of magical winter destinations and book your holiday from here. 

Christmas Market European Cities

Vienna, Austria

Imagine November and December in Vienna. This magical place transforms into a fairy tale during the winter months. Here is one of the most popular Christmas markets. It is called “Vienna Magic of Advent”. It turns the city center into a magnificent and shining place. Just imagine a place full of Christmas decorations Christmas gifts, sweet sensations all over the place and warming drinks. Of course, there’s something even for the smallest members – a magical and majestic carousel. Christmas workshops also are available for the kids. You don’t want to miss this fascinating scene from a fairy tale. The dates for the Christmas market are from 13th November to 23rd December. Book your stay for the best price here.

Zagreb, Croatia

The capital city of Croatia is an amazing place. If you want to see something different try spending there the holidays or go to their Christmas market, which is voted two times in a row for a “European Best Christmas Market”. This is one of the best places to celebrate in Europe. The atmosphere in Zagreb during this Christmas market is exceptional. Zagreb is a very special place to be during the winter. You can wander around the city streets and see many people singing, dancing and having so much fun. There are many themed celebrations where you and your family or friends can take a part of. You can even try many traditional specialties. The Christmas market begins on 2nd December and it ends on 7th of January. You can book your stay here.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of the most magical places in the world! The atmosphere there during the holidays is absolutely incredible. This is something you have to see! The city is festive and decorated with lights and it is pure perfection. The Christmas mood is all around the city. The Christmas market in the Old Square of the town is one of the most famous markets in Europe. There is full of gifts, decorations, traditional food, sweet desserts, wine, and music. You can experience a one of a kind Christmas market. The Prague Christmas Market starts on 2nd of December and it ends on 6th of January. Don’t wait – book your hotel or apartment here.



Budapest, Hungary

The Budapest Christmas Market is also called and known as “Advent Feast at the Basilica”. It is held every year in front of the grandest cathedral of Budapest. There are sparkling lights everywhere. The city gets really festive and majestic during this time. Here you can find absolutely everything. There are free attractions. One of the main attractions for children is ice-skating in a huge ice ring. The rink goes around a fabulous Christmas tree. There is also a modern part of this celebration like flash mobs and Hungarian hand-crafted products. It is interesting to know that this festival is eco-friendly. The Market begins on 24th November and it ends on 1st January. If you are already fascinated by this magnificent place book your stay here.

Cologne, Germany 

If you want to be touched by the magic of Cologne and take a part of the festive Christmas Market you should save the dates from 27th November to 23rd December. You can hear the Christmas music all around the city. You can absolutely enjoy the scent of bakeries, the beauty of crafts and toys, the mulled wine and air filled with gingerbread scent. It is pure perfection! You will be absolutely fascinated by the beauty of the city during these magical days. You can save your trip from here.

Strasbourg, France

This is the Christmas capital of France and also the oldest Christmas Market in Europe. This market was first held in 1570. Strasbourg holds two of the awards for European Best Christmas Market for the years of 2014 and 2015. Being there in the city center makes you feel cozy and warm with all the beautiful decorations. There are many activities and events you can attend such as concerts with live music and cultural events. Save the dates between 25th November and 31st December. Choose your hotel or apartment from here. 

Paris, France

Paris is simply magical during the holidays. You can see enchanting views. You can also find everything there – magical decorations, arts, crafts and other festive objects. This is the perfect place to find some real inspiration for decoration. The atmosphere there is incredible. Walking through the wooden cabins all around the city center makes you speechless. You can enjoy this beauty from 23rd November to 28ht December. Save your trip here.

Munich, Germany

I saved the best for the last! If you have to pick only one place where to visit the Christmas Market it should definitely be Munich. The festive and enchanting place is Marienplatz. Do you know there are 24 Christmas Markets in Munich? They all are pretty impressive and deserve to be seen! Prepare for music, traditional dishes, beautiful lights, mulled wine, decorations, crafts and many other surprises. All of this can make your stay really special. Save the dates from 27th November to 24th December. Book your hotel here at the best possible price.

I am sure you are going to fall in love with all these magical places! Don’t think too much – just go! Prepare your cozy and warm sweaters and enjoy the fascinating winter fairy tale!

Have you ever been to a Christmas Market? Where were you and how was it?

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