Tips to Survive Anxiety and Depression

best tips to survive anxiety and depression


Hey there, lovelies! Today I want to talk about anxiety and depression. I want to share with you my top tips about surviving anxiety and depression.

As you may already know, this topic is very special for me. I suffered from anxiety and depression for a LONG period. I feel great now thanks to all these tips I am going to share openly with you today. I hope you are going to find something helpful that is going to change your life for the best.

I think anxiety and depression are coming into our lives just to tell us something isn’t right. That something has to finally change. Even though it might be hard for you to think that way, I believe, they come to help us make our lives better at a future point.


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If you suffer from anxiety and depression you know how exhausting the feeling is. It takes your whole life and makes you feel miserable.

For me, it was a long and hard process of trial and error but I learned SO MUCH going through this journey.  In the beginning, I didn’t even know what was wrong with me. And that was for a long time. Not to mention, later when I didn’t want to actually believe I have mental disorders. If you want to learn more about my personal story you can check my new book – In The Eye Of The Storm: Cure Yourself From Anxiety And Depression

Tip 1 Face Your Fears

That’s probably the best thing you can do to help yourself. Face the fears that led you to this situation. What is your mind so scared of? You should find the REAL problem that lies behind your anxiety and depression. This is often something that really scares you.

My fear is to lose the people around me. My anxiety came into my life when I heard my father is in hospital. Then it clicked and I got my first major panic attack. That is how it started. Later in my life, I started asking myself questions and I got the answer – my biggest fear is to lose my closest people. You are going to say “Nah, everybody is scared to lose the people who love” and you are going to be absolutely right. Maybe this fear was just too much for me and that’s why it created anxiety and panic attacks in me. Often, our fears are simple like that. It might be everything.


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Tip 2 Seek Help

This is SO important. Seek help for your anxiety and depression. Go to your doctor and talk to him. Talk to a friend. Talk to a mental health specialist. Find the help you need! The sooner, the better!

It took me so much time to really seek the help I needed. Now I wish I made this earlier.

Treatments for anxiety and mostly depression include psychological therapies and sometimes antidepressants.  I did both. I believe mostly my therapist helped me with talking. I will never forget what she told me. She said that these conditions are a result from my character, of the way I built myself through the years. And she was right. It was all me behind this – my SUPER busy life, the need to over-achieve, the urge to be to ten places at the same time doing 20 different things.

I am so thankful to her for helping me realize it was time to change a big part of my life. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to seek the help you need. You can only win from this.



Tip 3 Stay in Touch with the People Around You

I think this one is a must. Stay in touch with the people you love. They deserve to know how are you, don’t just disconnect from life. I remember when my depression started at first I didn’t want to see anybody. I have a super supportive family and great friends but at some point, I didn’t want to burden them with my problems. This was a mistake. Then my mother told me I need to go out and talk to my friends and people I love. I decided to take her advice and give it a try. It helped A TON. When I was with my people I was forgetting, thinking about something else. Of course, I was trying to talk to them about my feelings and conditions. I was all a huge help. I even wanted to go to work because I needed some contact to take me off my awful thoughts. Being around the people you love, surrounded by their love and care can only help you feel better.


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Tip 4 Move Your Body

Movement is something that is going to be really beneficial for you through the process of dealing and healing with your anxiety and depression. Not to mention, the other great effects of moving for your overall health. Exercising is going to take your mind away from the awful thoughts because you are going to concentrate on the movement of your body. I remember how I started exercising. It was really hard the first month but I was happy because while I was walking I was listening to relaxing music or guided visualization. And when I was exercising my mind was all over the exercises I was doing. That’s one of the best things you can do for yourself and your overall health. It will definitely ease the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Tip 5 Eat Healthy Foods

This one is REALLY important. As you know, food can either kill you or cure you. Food is a powerful weapon, not only for your mental health. Trust me, chocolate and sweets are great but if you are trying to manage your mental health I do not recommend you to eat such foods. Of course, you can treat yourself here and there but try to eat healthy most of the time. This will have a huge effect on your mental health. I was having an eating disorder while I was with anxiety and depression. That made the battle even harder for me. But everything is possible. I managed to start eating healthy and do what’s good for my mind and my body. Food is a game changer for my overall health and me dealing with my mental health. There are certain foods you should eat that is proven to help with anxiety and depression and maintaining good mental health like salmon, leafy greens and dark chocolate. Just think about what you are eating and make some tweaks and changes to ease your battle.


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Tip 6 Journaling

You may have heard this million times and I will say it one more time – journaling is one of the best ways to recreate your connection with yourself and change your whole life. Work with yourself the way you are working with other people. Give journaling a try for a month and you will see a big difference. This method helped me understand myself better and learn what I really want in life, especially when I was confused about anything. You can have one journal or more for different purposes. Carry your journal everywhere with you. That way you will be able to write everything down at the moment you experience it. Or if you want you can write everything down at the end of the day when you are feeling relaxed after the long day. Whatever you choose is going to be beneficial for your mental health.



Tip 7 Don’t drink too much alcohol

I can’t stress this enough! Alcohol is not good for your body and especially for your mental health. I know how hard that might be for you. I remember myself when the depression came into my life I was constantly drinking every single night. I was thinking that was helping me reduce the stress and feel better. It wasn’t. It was only making my problems even bigger. I was drinking more and more. At one point, I wasn’t even feeling better. I knew it was time to stop. Of course, if you drink a glass of wine here and there it is not a problem at all. But don’t do it every day. That won’t save you from your anxiety and depression. Drink only in moderation.


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Tip 8 Use Relaxation Techniques

These techniques are only going to quiet your anxious mind and make you feel relaxed. You can use meditation, yoga, or breathing exercises. All of the methods are proven to help with anxiety and depression. You can use one or all, whatever feels comfortable for you. Breathing exercises can be done everywhere – in the bus, at work or at the comfort of your home. Yoga is a great way to move and work on your mind at the same time. Of course, everything comes with practice and patience. Healing is a slow process but all the methods are great weapons in the battle. You will see how good you are going to feel after a month of use.

Tip 9 Switch Your Mindset to Positive

I know this one is a hard one. But you can do it. Everything in the healing process takes time and practice. Start today and change your mindset. Think positive. Imagine only positive things in your mind. Focus on positivity. If you try it only for a week you will see a HUGE effect. I am an example that positive thinking can totally transform your whole life, especially your mental health. Try to see only the good in every situation. Concentrate only over positivity. A positive mind leads to a positive life. Even the people around you will change. Positive thinking is really powerful. I know how hard it is to think positive when you have anxiety and depression but you don’t lose anything if you try it for a week, right?!

Tip 10 Do What Makes You Really Happy

That’s the absolute truth. You should focus on what sets your soul on fire. It could be anything you love doing. I love cooking and cleaning sometimes. I love reading books and watching movies. These are all parts now of my self-care routine. I try to find 30 minutes every day to do something nice for myself. I usually take a long walk and watch a movie. I do what makes me happy. And no, don’t tell me you are so busy and you can’t find the time. If you want you can always find time for yourself. I also work on two jobs and have my responsibilities but I managed to somehow find 30 minutes for myself. I was like you back then. But not anymore because now I understand the power of self-love and self-care.


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Self-love, self-acceptance, self-care are all huge parts of the healing process. Fall in love with yourself. Do what makes you really happy. Work on yourself and on dealing with your problems because exactly that is going to make you healthy and happy. That’s the only way to deal with and heal from anxiety and depression.

In my book In The Eye Of The Storm: Cure Yourself From Anxiety And Depression I talk about all the techniques I used to cure myself and finally start living the life I always wanted. This book is going to be your handy survival guide. I share EVERYTHING and my personal story with the single thought to motivate and inspire you to take the next step and finally become your best possible version.

If you need to talk with someone about your problems or you need some guidance you can book a coach session via email with me or you can simply take my Free Email Course Become The Best Version Of Yourself.

Either way, I hope you are going to deal with your problems and put yourself first. The time to take the next step is now! Take your life in your own hands and start doing what makes you happy!


With love,



11 thoughts on “Tips to Survive Anxiety and Depression”

  • I definitely agree with these points! Recovery is a long battle but with the tips you have provided a lot of people will be able to recover

  • When depression hit me and mental breakdown showed signs, I didn:t know what to do. I couldn’t stop working because I am a typical Filipino breadwinner and my family is waiting for my monthly support and if I will not do anything, I will get worse. Thing is, I am a freelancer. If I will not work, I will not have income. But i am important too. Most days I stayed at home, lit some candles, soaked in the bathtub, went for a walk, stayed in bed until I want, ate what I want and when I want. Played music and just Netflix binged. This is my third week and must say that I am better. I started hiking yesterday but couldn’t still do any heavy physical workouts. You are right about just listening to the body and just doing what it wants to do. I am not yet hundred percent well but I am getting there. Self care is important too.

    • This must be very hard for you. I know the struggle and it’s real. But I believe these tips are going to help you ease the pain. You can also check my ebook where I share my whole story with anxiety and depression and learn how I won the battle once and for all. ❤

    • I know how hard it is to deal with anxiety and depression. I believe the tips will help you ease the pain. You can also check my ebook where I share my whole story with these conditions and how exactly you can win the battle! ❤

  • I love your blog posts, Monica. They are not only encouraging, positive and motivating but you also give us incredibly good tips. You’re absolutely right anxiety and depression tells that something has to change. For me, sometimes my anxiety is triggered by small things that then escalated. That’s to say, that I”m avoiding to face the big picture, that I’ve to change my life. I just don’t have the courage to do it. I try to keep my mind as busy as possible and do things that I love, such as taking pictures and making crafts. Thank you so much for sharing this.

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