Top Ten Places Around The World To Give You An Inner Peace

Top Ten Places In The World To Give You An Inner Peace


Sometimes traveling is the best medicine we need. We just have to take this sweet little pill of happiness. Most of the people in a certain time of their lives are in need to pack their things and go somewhere else to find themselves, to find their state of mind. They need to challenge themselves, to find inspiration, to heal.

There are many different ways to find your inner peace – meditate, exercise, socialize, relax deeply, do some religion, living healthy or travel. Many of them have to be done in the right places. Special, quiet places. These places could be everywhere – in the comfort of your home, in the secret places in the heart of the city or even better – out of the noisy cities. Even in another country. Today we are looking to find those magical, secret places in different countries all around the world.



1. Meteora – Greece

Greece is a place with a certain charm in it. It is full of churches and monasteries. They are literally everywhere. But it’s beautiful and definitely relaxing to wander around. The Meteora Monasteries are a real wonder against the stressed mind. This place is full of great and bright energy. It’s mystical, serene and immense. A trip to Meteora can offer you a unique experience filled with history and architecture. Even many centuries ago people thought that Meteora’s vertical cliffs are the perfect place to achieve absolute isolation from the world, and from the stress of course. This holy peace is perfect for people who want to invite harmony and happiness in their lives. This place is real, although it looks like a miracle, a beautiful dream. Visit it and feel the calmness deep down in yourself!

2. Positano – Italy

Positano is a breathtaking village on the Amalfi Coast in Campania, Italy. When you go there you will magically feel how the stress is gone out of your mind, it only takes a few seconds and only one beautiful landscape. You will be 100% stress-free! Positano has a rich history because this village was built in the 9th century. If you are looking for a peaceful spot you will definitely enjoy Positano’s Fornillo Beach, where you can lay all day long under the sun and find your inner peace in the stunning view. There you can also swim in the sea far away from everything and everyone. There you can find a magical island called “Sirenuse” and the legend says that this island was created by beautiful sirens, who wanted to seduce with their songs all those who sailed nearby. Mysterious beauty! You can also visit the little mountain Montepertuso and find the peace on its hills. You will be totally satisfied with all the activities in Positano. Book a ticket and go to your next favorite stress-free zone!

3. Tiger’s Nest – Bhutan

Be ready for an epic journey you will remember trough your whole life. One of Bhutan’s most famous spots is Paro Taktsang or also known as “Tiger’s Nest”. This place is absolutely amazing and inspiring. The Tiger’s Nest Monastery is quite impressive – a few small buildings on a cliff. I know it may sound scary, but it is actually not. Maybe challenging, but definitely not scary. The monastery is sacred Buddhist place, which is located in Paro. It contains four amazing and unique temples. It was built in 1692 on the spot where Guru Rinpoche meditated. The exact name of the monastery is given because the legend says that Guru Rinpoche was carried from Tibet to this place on the back of a tiger. This is the best place for hiking and also the perfect place to surround yourself with nature, to think, to relax deeply and to find inspiration in the surrounding landscapes.

4. Adrere Amellal – Egypt

This amazing eco-lodge is only sixteen kilometers from the beautiful town Siwa. It is built in traditional Siwa style. Every room in it is one of a kind. This place contains many different and unique things – from the salt-rock and palms used for the building to olive and groves. You can easily forget about the outside world and enjoy absolutely and fully your stay. Here you are going to become an inner peace junkie, trust me! Plus, there is a big bonus – the traditional cuisine is exceptional. You can enjoy a lot of different activities in Adrere Amellal – you can refresh yourself by the Lake Siwa, go to the dunes, ride a horse among the serene nature, travel back in time in the Old Shali or just relax by the pool. The choice is yours and you won’t be disappointed whatever you choose. There is so much to see and do in Adrere Amellal, because it offers something for everybody. Words can hardly describe the beauty!



5. Kerala – India

This state of India is growing famous among the travelers, because of its natural beauty. There is a good reason for that. You can do so many things to comfort your stress levels. There is this beautiful mountain town called Munnar. It is full of tea trees. You can go and visit the Tea Plantation and go around some spice shops on the road to satisfy all of your tastes, which by the way could be a perfect present for your friends. You can also go for a hike, visit the Tea Museum or take a cooking class. Cochin is a port city on the Spice Road. You can take a walking tour of the old town and take a deep look at the history or if you feel religiously open there are many churches to visit. Another great way to unwind is to rent a Houseboat and stay as long as you want – hours, days, weeks. On this boat, you will definitely forget about the traffic, the busy life or whatever stressors you have. There are many relaxing activities for different kinds of people. It is such a magical place to be!

6. Chess Pavilion – China

This place is quite different from the others. It is known as the world’s most dangerous hiking trail. If you want to feel the danger, to meet your fears in the eye, if you are open for adventures and a big-time enthusiast – this is your dream place. Mount Huashan is a place, where you can forget about all the stress and the anxiety of everyday life. Here you can play face to face with yourself, to really challenge yourself. This mountain is very high – 2154m to be exact. It is one of the five most dangerous mountains in China. The local people know it as “most precipitous mountain under the heaven”. There are five peaks and on each peak, there is a teahouse and shrine. If you have enough imagination and adventurous spirit visit Mount Huashan in China.

7. Supai, Arizona

Supai is an inspiring place in the middle of desert country on the Havasupai Nation reservation in Arizona. For those who don’t know this magical place is part of The Grand Canyon. There are a ton of spectacular waterfalls to be seen in the area. The landscape from there is impressive. It gets even more interesting because there are only a few options to go there – by hiking (or by foot), with a helicopter or by riding a mule. If you want to relax deeply, or swim, or hike, or just to enjoy the mystical and magical waterfalls you should definitely visit. The population there is only 208 people, so you don’t have to worry about anything. This is the perfect place to spend some time with yourself or with your closest people.

8. Na Pali Coast – Hawaii

This beautiful coast can only be seen by hiking, sea tour or helicopter tour. It is worthy to go there because you are going to be shocked by its natural and pure beauty. This place really nourishes the soul. There is a good reason to search for your mental happiness around there. You can see the perfect view of the Pacific Ocean and the breathtaking waterfalls. If you are an adventurer by nature you have to consider to take a kayak tour, which will truly be an incredible experience and you can also swim in one of the many mystical sea caves. Consider making a helicopter tour also. You will be able to watch dramatically one of the most beautiful valleys along the Na Pali Coast. If you have never been camping there is the perfect moment. Just explore everything you can, because this coast is a real treasure for your inner peace.

9. Lake Atitlan – Guatemala

This one is a lake in the Guatemalan Highland of the Sierra Madre mountain range. “Atitlan” in Nahuatl means “at the water”. The lake is surrounded by many small and beautiful villages with rich history and traditions. This place is filled with calmness and it is really difficult to leave it. Many people stay there for months. There are also many activities like kayaking, visiting churches. You can take many day trips to the closest villages. You have to visit the Santa Cruz la Laguna with its bamboo platforms above the water. Never ending charms are collected there. It is the perfect spot for scuba-diving and absolute relax. This village is one peaceful place, very quiet. If you want to meditate, do some yoga, heal your overwhelmed mind and do something spiritual you should pay a visit to San Marcos Laguna.

10. The Silver Island – Greece

We started with the sunny and shiny Greece and we are going to end it with another healing and magical place there – the Silver Island. This dream island is privately owned. You should check their site – it says it all. This place is a spot, where the stress can become a distant memory. The island has a lot of interesting historical facts you should check. This area is perfect for searching your inner peace. You can wear yoga pants and do yoga all day, meet with teachers and learn more about yourself. You will be able to learn some new techniques to cope with stress and anxiety. It is very nice and spiritual place to be.

Say bye-bye to the overwhelming stress, anxiety, depression and say hi to all these destinations filled with spirituality in different kinds and ways. The world is full of all these and much more amazing places, who are waiting for you to visit. Cure yourself! Become an inner peace traveler! Challenge yourself! Take the first step or in our way the first ticket and become a better version of yourself! Be the person you want, the person you dream about for so long and be the change! Be the peace! Pack your things and just go!


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