Top Tools and Resources for New Bloggers

top tools and resources for new bloggers


Blogging is the best thing I ever did for myself. But I couldn’t do it properly without the right tools and resources. Every new blogger needs a list with the top tools and resources.

After many trials and errors, I want to share with you what helped me the most along the way to the blogging success.


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Siteground is absolutely the best! You need them to start your WordPress blog. A self-hosted blog is definitely the best options because it gives you much more chances to monetize your blog in future.

If you are wondering why Siteground is the best I will give you a million reasons. The process itself of starting a blog with them is really easy. You don’t have to be an IT Pro to start a blog.

They also have the best prices – 3.95$/month. You also get your domain name for free. Isn’t that amazing?!

I think this is a must-have investment if you want your blog to be successful. And the price is amazing – it will cost you only one Starbucks coffee per month. It’s not too much, right?

Another reason I absolutely love Siteground is their 24/7 live support. They are masters at resolving problems. I had a few problems and they were so nice and helpful. The support is amazing!

They are fast and secure. The best you can find on the market! Another great thing they do is the free website transfers. I never transferred but I know many amazing lady bloggers who did and were absolutely amazed by how easy the process was.

You can learn more and get an exclusive deal if you use this link of Siteground.

I am really happy I made that choice!


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At the beginning of my blogging journey, I was thinking to invest in Mail Chimp email system. But the budget was really tight. I spent hours searching for a great email provider at a fair price and then I found out about Mailerlite.

I fell in love with their easy system. Plus, they are absolutely free up to 1000 subscribers. So far, I love it!

You can check Mailerlite here!



Slay Your Goals Planner

This planner changed my life!

When I started blogging I decided I need something like a planner, where to track my progress and really slay my goals.

This is a 10 step planner. You will also find a free printable in it! It’s going to be a huge help in your journey!

You can check the Slay Your Goals Planner here!

This is definitely one of my favorite tools to run my business!


Be Your Own Damn Boss Course

This was my first blogging course EVER!

As I said, in the beginning, the budget was really tight. Not to mention, there were so many bloggers out there who were selling fancy courses. Of course, there’s nothing bad about the fancy courses.

I was following a blogger called EllDuclos! She immediately became my blogging inspiration. Not, to mention, how open she was about everything connected to blogging. When she made her first course I was really excited. The price of the course was really reasonable – only 20$! I signed up immediately!

Be Your Own Damn Boss helped me to really understand the basics of the blogging game! This course will help you take your blog to the next level. Lauren ( the girl behind EllDuclos) shares all of her secrets to making an income with affiliate sales. She actually made 3000$ for 90 days! It’s impressive, right?

You are also going to understand how she grew her blog traffic from 5K monthly views to 5K weekly views! There’s also information about using Pinterest and much more to learn!

You can check Be Your Own Damn Boss course here!


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Mastering Sales with Ell Course

This course is even better! That’s the second course Lauren made and it’s even more in depth! And again, the price is 20$! Of course, I decided to enroll in this course too! I was hungry for more information and secrets!

Here Lauren shares her exact Pinterest strategy. A strategy that helped her become a FULL-TIME Blogger! Not to mention, she shares how exactly she makes 6 000$ per month.

In this course, you will also learn much about scoring sponsored brand collaborations.

I learned so much from this course! I implemented many of the strategies and they really work!

You can check Mastering Sales with Ell here!

My advice is to take first the Be Your Own Damn Boss course to learn the basics and then Mastering Sales with Ell to really make it work for you!

Don’t waste your time anymore and enroll in the courses HERE!



Girl Code: Unlocking the Secrets to Success, Sanity, and Happiness for the Female Entrepreneur by Cara Leyba

I really wanted to share this book with you because this is a resource that really helped me to understand the blogging world! Cara is an impressive woman, her energy is beautiful!

Girl Code is a lovely combination of quotes, interviews with successful girl bosses and pieces of advice.

If you are looking for an inspiration this book is for YOU! There are so many life lessons in it!

You can check Girl Code by Cara Leyba here!


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Blog Inc. Blogging for Passion, Profit, and to Create Community by Jay Cho

This is another book I love! It was really beneficial for my blogging journey!

Blog Inc. covers so many interesting blogging topics. This is definitely the perfect book for new bloggers. In this book, you will learn things from how to design your blog to how to overcome writer’s block. It’s also filled with content inspiration tips, developing your own voice and building a strong community!

As I said, there are so many topics, which are going to be helpful at the beginning of your journey such as protecting your own work, working with sponsors, take better photos and etc.

If you implement the strategies from the book you will definitely see a huge difference!

You can check Blog Inc. by Jay Cho here!


Blog & Biz Boss Babes

This is my Facebook group, which is a small but great and engaged community of female entrepreneurs! This was a huge help in my journey because I really love this community! If you have a new blog or even if you don’t have a blog yet I would love to have you there!

We help and support each other! We inspire each other!

I can’t wait to see your content and connect more with YOU!

Come and join Blog & Biz Boss Babes Facebook Group!

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