Vacation in Bodrum – relax and beauty in Turkey

vacation in bodrum


Hey, lovelies! I just got back from my summer vacation in Bodrum, Turkey. I want to share all my impressions with you.


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At first, when we arrived in Bodrum and in our hotel I wasn’t really impressed. It seemed like a normal place, nothing special at all. We had a reservation for a Golden Age Bodrum Hotel. The reception of the hotel was nice but the people there couldn’t speak English which was a problem. There was a lady with us from the agency we booked this vacation. She helped us to check in.

After we checked in a nice guy helped us with our bags and showed us the room. The room was spacious and really clean. Not to mention, the beautiful sea view we had. Once we had our room we decided to hit the beach with excitement. The beach was a disappointment. It was small and the sand was solid like little rocks. The water was clear and beautiful but maybe a little cold.



We had a nice day at the beach. Let me tell you something – we were on all inclusive vacation there and this was our first time. There was a big range of drinks. Most of you who know me better know I am such a huge coffee freak. Coffee is really important to me. That’s why I was disappointed to learn the coffee there is only from a machine and it wasn’t that good.

At dinner I was amazed. When we entered the restaurant I saw so many people bringing food. The truth is I was surprised to see so many people. While we were having dinner I felt like I was skew-eyed by all these people going back and forth around me. In either case, the food was really delicious and there was a huge variety. Of course, I was amazed by the desserts!

All things considered above I was with mixed feelings from our first day there.


Vacation in Bodrum - relax and beauty in Turkey


The second day was definitely better. This time we stayed on the beautiful pool. The water there was so nice – the perfect temperature. It was refreshing. Not to mention, how many activities were there for the whole day. The animation team was the best. I even became friends with most of them.


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When we are on a vacation my boyfriend loves to just lay down and reading on his phone the whole day but I am a more edgy person. I love being active. That’s why I loved it there. It was the perfect place for him to relax and there were so many activities like aqua gym, morning workout, darts and other games for me. Once I started taking part in everything I was in heaven.

This day we decided to go later for dinner and it was surprisingly nice actually. Most of the people were already done with their dinner and we could sit and have a lovely dinner without people pushing you from here and there.

We established a great routine and I grew to actually love the hotel.

There was even an area of the hotel with many sliders for kids and adults. My boyfriend really liked it. He was like a big kid there!



Another great activity you can do there is the Dolphin Park which is located on 15km from the hotel. The story behind me wanting to go there started a few months earlier. When we decided to go to Bodrum I was just searching on the internet for some cool things to do and then I saw this park. I am in love with these creatures the dolphins. One of my biggest dreams was to swim with dolphins.


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A very close couple of friends were in Bodrum (in a different hotel) the week before us. The girl really wanted to swim with dolphins too but the park wasn’t open then. I was really disappointed by this fact but then one day while we were laying on the beach my boyfriend decided to email them. To my surprise, they answered immediately. They even offered to come and take us from the hotel. We were very happy.

There is so much information about the park on the internet about prices but most of it is incorrect. The price for swimming with the dolphins is 105 Euro. This price includes the ride from the hotel to the park and from the park to the hotel plus a CD with around 100 professional pictures of you and the dolphin. If you want you can only take a picture of you and the dolphin and this will cost you 20 Euro. There are also another activities – a show or you can feed them. I swam with the dolphins and my boyfriend didn’t.

It was once in a lifetime experience. I was absolutely amazed by these gorgeous creatures. The whole process was of me and the dolphin singing, clapping, hugging, kissing and swimming together. This was something that really made me the happiest girl alive. You should definitely try it! It is something that doesn’t happen every day.


Vacation in Bodrum - relax and beauty in Turkey


One of the last days we decided to go to visit the actual Bodrum because all of the hotels there are not in the actual city. It took us one hour and two vehicles. Bodrum is really small but beautiful. The houses are like cubicles with many gorgeous flowers. The main street is small and full of shops – you can literally buy anything from there. Of course, there are many souvenir shops and sweet shops. At the end of the main street, you will see a beautiful port with many boats. The boats are mainly for tours. As I said it’s small but fascinating.


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Vacation in Bodrum - relax and beauty in Turkey


The last night we were staying on the balcony of our room and we were talking that things change. We didn’t want to go home. This place actually became a piece of paradise for us.

In conclusion, there were downsides such as the beach and the fact it is really hard to find someone, who speaks English. After all, we survived both of these downsides and grew to actually like them. The staff was really nice and helpful, the animation team was incredible, the food was perfect. I also think it is the perfect place for families with children because there is a lot to do there.


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Bodrum and Golden Age Bodrum Hotel are amazing. Personally, I recommend this place for your summer vacation. Plus there is a lot to see and do inside the hotel like the Dolphin Park, to see Bodrum. Yalikavak is really close to the hotel and it’s absolutely charming place. We are planning to go once more this year and this time we want to see the Turtles beach or also called Iztuzu beach, where we can see the rare kind Caretta Caretta turtles.

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