Walking Challenge: Walk Your Way To A Better Health

walking challenge: walk your way to a better health


Hey, lovelies! Happy 1st of March! Most of you who follow me on Instagram know that I really couldn’t wait for this month and I decided to make it my Month of Health or as I call it – Healthy March! Today we are going to talk about walking and my walking challenge!


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Believe it or not, I love walking! It keeps me sane, it keeps me fresh and it gives me energy! Not to mention, it definitely helps me deal with stress and anxiety!

I always loved walking, I love the movement!

First, I started walking outside when the weather was good. But then it came the winter and I was in a huge need to move. So I started walking at home too. I was taking my phone, hitting the “play” button on one of my favorite TV shows and started walking.

You won’t believe it but at the end, I was feeling like I just got back from a spa! I love that feeling! This became a habit I still do!

Once the sun is up and temperatures go high you can find me every day outside taking a walk! Because that’s how I relax!

Anyway, let’s talk a little about the health benefits of walking.

You already know walking is very good for your health but I want to give you the facts to inspire you even more.



Losing weight and toning is a great benefit of walking but there are so many others health benefits you have to know and associate walking with them.

It is good for your digestion

You know how experts tell you that it is really good to take a walk after you eat. That’s why! Walking helps you feel less bloated and definitely lighter!

It boosts your immune system

This is exactly what it is! Walking helps you generate more immune system cells and renovates your whole immune system!

It is a great way to catch up and bond 

That’s one of the many amazing benefits of walking. Most of the time when I meet with my friends or when I go out with my boyfriend we go out for a long walk. I am doing something good for my health while spending precious time with my favorite people! This is my best time!

It boosts creativity 

Sometimes when I feel pressured or blank I love to go out for a walk. It makes me think clearly and from a fresh angle. That’s my favorite time to think about my blog and social media strategy. The best ideas come when I walk.

It fights stress, anxiety, and depression

If you read my blog or if you follow me on social media you already know I had anxiety and depression for six years. In this dark period, one of the little things and activities which helped me was walking. Walking made me feel less stressed and it definitely calmed my anxiety. I was taking every free minute to go out for a long walk to clear my mind.

There are really so many other benefits like improving your balance, engaging all of your muscles. Walking is known to limit colon cancer and glaucoma. It also improves your blood pressure and builds bones mass. In other words – walking can be your savior!

As a matter of fact, most of you know that the recommended number of steps per day for a better health is 10 000 but many people work on a desk and it is really hard to achieve that goal.

My work is not always filled with movement and sometimes is hard to make 10 000 steps a day. For example today at work I only made 4 000 steps, which is really low. There are millions of ways to add more movement to your day. I try to walk at home for an hour while reading. I also try to move when I speak on the phone. Not to mention, I use every single opportunity to go to the market.

Here are a few ways to add more steps to your day:

  • Park further;
  • The next time you decide to meet with friends go for a walk instead of going in a coffee shop;
  • Take the stairs;
  • Try adding some walking at home while you speak on the phone;

I decided for myself that in my Healthy March I am going to achieve the challenge to make 10 000 steps every day. So far I have two days in a row and I have to say I feel great!



I would love if you join this walking challenge and walk your way to a better health! I promise you that you are going to feel better on the second day!

After a month of walking, you are going to fall in love with the process and the way you feel! All you need is 30 days of consistency to break a bad habit and adopt a new healthy one!

All you need is your motivation!

There are so many apps you can download to track your daily steps but I’ve tried a lot and I should say I am not satisfied with them because most of them have bugs. That’s why I decided to buy a sports bracelet/ watch and I highly recommend it because it is pretty accurate.

My absolutely favorite fitness tracker has a great price and many functions like measuring your activity, heart rate. It also has a Bluetooth and it makes everything so easy. This amazing fitness tracker is perfect not only for iOs but for Android devices too. It makes walking even a bigger pleasure because you can always easily track your step intake. I am very happy with it! It inspires to walk more and more!

If you want to make a positive change you can also check two of my favorite healthy recipes Healthy Banana and Strawberry Dessert and Healthy Banana And Lemon Oat Muffins! They are perfect for busy mamas!

Thank you for taking part in my first blog post of my Healthy March! I hope my walking challenge will help you walk your way to a better health!

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With love,




10 thoughts on “Walking Challenge: Walk Your Way To A Better Health”

  • Walking is such an easy to do and yet beneficial activity! And the best thing about it is that you don’t need to go to a gym or something, it is just an inevitable part of our everyday routines. More people should be aware of how good walking actually is, so thanks for sharing this article!❤️

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, darling! I hope this article is going to help people understand how really beneficial walking can be! 💗

  • I love taking walks so much for so many reasons. It is such a great time to get a little exercise but also to think and be alone with yourself. Thank you for sharing! Happy Healthy March!

    • I am happy I am not alone! Walking is amazing for our overall health! Happy Healthy March, darling! 💗

  • I can’t recommend walking enough- it’s a fantastic habit to get into, it is relaxing, it’s enjoyable, and it’s a great warm up/cool down for exercise. I love doing a 60-90 minute walk in the evenings in the spring and summer, it is truly the highlight of my day! Also, if you can, I would recommend doing walking meetings at work- it’s a great practice for productivity. I wrote my own post on walking here: https://anhistorianabouttown.com/2017/08/07/why-you-should-be-walking/ . I’m happy I’ve found another walker!!

    • I am so happy to find someone who loves walking as much as I do! Love your advices! Walking is the best medicine for me! It keepscme sane, creative and healthy! 💗

  • I’ve been walking a lot more this year thanks to feedback I received at a recent physical. After two months I must say that I feel so much better. This is probably the best i’ve felt in years. I can’t recommend getting out and walking more enough!.

    • Yes, I feep amazing when I walk regularly. Especially with spring here is a real pleasure to go outside and walk for hours! 💗

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