Why Do You Need A Life Coach?

why do you need a life coach


Hello, lovelies! Have you ever asked yourself why do you need a life coach? And what exactly is a life coach? The truth is there are many questions connected to this topic. Today I am going to answer a few questions and explain to you why you need a life coach in your life, how you are going to benefit from them and how you can find one.

For the most part life coaches are people with profession just like yours and mine. Not to mention personally for me life coaching is more of a calling, not a profession. But yeah, it is actually a profession.

I always wanted to help people. That’s what I am good at. Not to mention that my family and friends are always looking up to me when they need an advice or just a simple cheering up. On the other hand I never actually knew what I want to work and do with my life. At some point in my life, I decided I am going to write and help people with my writing. But this was not enough. You see, having a blog is not an easy job. You have to promote your blog posts all the time. I am in my third month of blogging and it is still really hard for me to gain an organic traffic, actual people to search and read my posts. That’s why I decided to take a bigger step.



A month ago I was searching the internet and I saw by accident a course on Udemy. It grabbed my attention. It was a Become a Life Coach kind of course. In this moment I understood that I actually didn’t know what a life coach is. Then I checked out and while I was reading I was slowly realizing it is the thing I want to do, to help people with my coaching.

I signed up for the course. The lectures started and I was absolutely mesmerized by the coach, who was giving me all the instruction and the information. I knew this was my kind of thing. After a month filled with valuable information and examples, I finally got certified as a life coach. And that’s the most amazing that happened to me.

So now let me share with you what a life coach is. A life coach is a person who you go to when you need a help in a certain area of your life. For example, if you want to change your current job or you have a problem with your daughter. You share with your life coach the exact problem you have. Your coach starts guiding you through a process where the endpoint is to help you achieve your goal at the end.

A life coach doesn’t deal with your problem, he or she helps You to resolve the problem with their guidance. A coach pushes you to get behind your limits and to achieve the life you always wanted. He or she challenges your way of thinking and doing certain things in your life. A coach helps you become the best version of yourself.



So now you read all this and you are thinking – okay, now I know what a life coach is and how he or she helps people. You are also thinking – why do I actually need a life coach? It is really simple. We all have those moments in our lives when we want to achieve something so badly but most of the time we make excuses or we don’t exactly know on which road to take. Here comes the life coach. After your coach learns more about you he or she will know what your limiting beliefs are and will help you go through this and will lead you to the endpoint with one simple purpose – to help you achieve what you want by teaching you how to deal with your limiting beliefs.

We all have barriers which stop us from achieving the life we always dreamed of. Life coaches know how to listen and find these barriers and go through them. You can only benefit from a coach if you are serious about achieving your goals.

By becoming a life coach I changed my life and started achieving my own goals. There are so many benefits. Life coaches are life changers.

Maybe now you are thinking that you can earn everything over the internet and you probably are right. But tell me how many times you saw something really useful on the internet and you followed it to the end. Yeah, me too! Your coach is there to keep you accountable and move you forward! Life coaches use special technics to help you. It is a whole science! And it is a gift to be a life coach!

To become a life coach was the best decision I’ve ever made!

My coaching sessions are different from the others. I find that most of the people are very shy talking on the phone. And that’s the reason to never contact a life coach. I prefer to have my sessions in a writing way via email. Most coaches are having just one hour sessions but I prefer to make it free for the whole week because I want to be able to help more people no matter where they are from because of the difference of time zones.

From my coaching, you will receive a week plan, where I am going to write you an email every day. In addition,  I will give you action steps you have to work on. If you need more time with me we are going to arrange that. If there’s something urgent you can always contact me. Of course, you can end up the sessions at any moment. The main purpose of that is just to help you achieve your dream life. You are the main figure!

I help people who have problems in their career or in their relationships. As someone who had an eating disorder, I help people achieve a healthy lifestyle. And as someone who healed from anxiety and depression, I love working with people with these conditions to help them achieve a stable mental health and to show them how beautiful life can be! Note that I am NOT a doctor! In fact, if you have serious condition go to your doctor! In brief, I am a helper, a pusher, a guide!

Feel free to contact me on vaklinova.monica@gmail.com or write me HERE! 

In either case, subscribe below to receive a FREE email course to help you Become The Best Version Of Yourself!


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9 thoughts on “Why Do You Need A Life Coach?”

  • First of all, a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on becoming a life coach!!! 🙂 Very happy for you for achieving your dream and a true inspiration that you want to help so many people. I have always liked the idea of having a life coach believing that I needed one, particularly in my 20s when I was trying to ‘find my way’. I still feel that life coaches seem unaccessible though – too expensive and not easy to find (where do you go searching for a reputable life coach??) your blog has really helped and will help so many others. Praying for you on your journey. God bless, LoN xx

    • Hey, sunshine! Thank you so much for your feedback! I felt so happy when I was reading your comment! ❤ I know how hard is to find a life coach and how pricey they are and that’s the reason to provide a different approach – by writing and at a really good and affordable price! If yoy need some help and guidence of any area of your life I would be happy to help you! Just send me an email on vaklinova.monica@gmail.com and I will share with you all the details! ❤ And again thank you so much for your kind words! ❤

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