Why You Should Love Yourself First

why you should love yourself first


Hello, lovelies! Happy New Year! I want to start the year differently this time that’s why we are going to discuss an important topic for me. I believe it is going to help you learn how and why you should love yourself first.

Loving yourself is not selfish. It is actually very needed if you want to maintain healthy and happy relationships in your life. But first, you should start with the relationship with your inner self. That will make you better, happy, and healthy. It is going to improve your whole life.

Let me share my personal story first. My whole life I care for others, I am always there when someone needs me and I always put other people before me. Don’t get me wrong – that’s not a bad thing at all. But sometimes you need to step aside, say ”no” and do something for yourself. When I started saying “no” at first it was really painful. People were not satisfied with my choice but that’s okay. People who love you and support you will eventually understand you and even help you. That’s why it is absolutely normal to feel guilty at first but with time passing by things are going to get better, I promise.


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You should concentrate and put all your thoughts on self-love. It is the beginning of the year and I know many of you will make this point part of your resolutions. And you should. That should be the very first point of your list. You should devote yourself to that idea and make it a priority. You ask why? Why is it so important? The answer is very simple – it will transform your whole life. You will find balance and everything will change for the best.

As I said before I used to struggle with self-love a lot. Sometimes I still do. But I give my best to appreciate and love myself most of the time. This is a long and hard battle but I am sure you can do this, you have the power to be whoever you want to be. Your life depends on it.



Being the person you want to be will help the whole world be a better place.

The truth is simple – when you love yourself you also attract people who love you. You should be comfortable in your own skin so others can see that and love you for that. Because as you know that’s rare nowadays.

You have to promise yourself that this is a journey and you are going to make it till the end in the best possible way. Because you are an artwork of DNA and you are amazing the way you are.


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You are the creator of your own life. You can do this, you can be your best possible version.

I lived life with panic attacks, depression, and eating disorder. I learned the hard way that I didn’t love yourself enough, at all actually. But I am happy something opened my eyes and it was such a great lesson. I think all these conditions changed my life and made me the person I am today, a person who appreciates, knows and loves the inner self.

You deserve to be happy and to be loved. Self-love will help you choose the people around you and the relationships you enter wisely. Once you love yourself the right people will surround you and give you the positive energy you need and spread.

You should learn to be okay with yourself and with all your flaws. Because we all have flaws and that’s absolutely normal. Having flaws doesn’t make you a bad person.



You are a human being and you deserve the love and support you give others.

Just push the negative voice you have in your head and switch to a positive one. Let’s make a little exercise. Stand up right now and go in front of the mirror. I want you to say something nice to yourself, I want you to say out loud all the things you actually like in yourself. Concentrate on them and think of them the whole day. I bet that will make you feel better.

On the next day, stand up in front of the mirror and name all of the things you don’t like about yourself. Think about what can be improved and how. Some of these can be improved, others can’t but that’s okay. You should learn to live with that. Make a plan about the parts that can be improved and start working on them.

Imperfections exist and that’s okay. You should accept that.


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Your brain is the most powerful tool you have. Use it wisely. Use it in a positive way and you will see how much that will change you.

Focus on good things. Do good for yourself, do good for others. Do what makes you truly happy. That’s what I do – I focus on exploring new places, spending time with my favorite people, working on my blog and etc. Just find your mojo and work for it if that makes you happy.

Think of yourself as a new project you have. Be kind, do good, learn more about yourself, take yourself on a date, learn a new language or another great skill, see what sets your soul on fire. Make this your new priority.

I hope this post makes you think deeper about self-love, I hope it gives you the needed motivation and inspires you to take action towards your new and improved lifestyle.

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I would love if you share in the comments below your experience with finding self-love.


With love,




9 thoughts on “Why You Should Love Yourself First”

  • I really agree with you that it has to begin with self-love. If we don’t have that, we’re missing out on what role we play as a human in the humanity of this world. If we can’t love ourselves, how can we love others? Your blog post is an excellent way to start out the new year!

    • You are absolutely right. Self-love is definitely the foundation of healthy and happy love. We should learn to really love, appreciate and understand our inner self. Thank you for your lovely words! 💗

  • SO true! I completely and totally agree that you need to love yourself first. It’s always great to do things for others, but we often forget about taking care of ourselves. But you can’t take care of anything or anyone if you’re not looking out for you. Great article!

    • Yrs, exactly. We should look out for ourselves. Self-love doesn’t meab to be selfish but to put yourself first sometomes when it’s needed. Thank you for your amazing comment! 💗

  • Self love is so important but so often people don’t take the time to do it properly. That’s what I’m hoping to change this year: if there’s one thing I learned this year is that you should look after yourself before looking after anything or anybody else. Happy 2019!

    • Yes, you are absolutely right. We should first learn how to love ourselves so we can be able to give and receive real love from other people. Self-love is crucial for our overall health and wellbeing. Thank you for your amazing comment! Have a magical 2019! 💗

    • Yes, indeed it is. Self-love is the foundation of any other kind of love, that’s why is so important. Thank you for your feedback! 💗

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