Your Guide to the Best Travel Gear

your guide to the best travel gear for a perfect vacation


Hello, lovelies! Today I am going to give you all the essential information about our travel gear!

My boyfriend is really into being always prepared for everything when we are on the road.

Yesterday we were talking about some of our worst travel disasters and after a lot of thinking we decided it is all about the organization and being prepared. That’s why I decided to write this post and give you a guide for the best travel gear.


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Our biggest passion is traveling and as I said it is always good to be prepared. I bet most of you bring so many things when you are on the road and that’s absolutely normal. However, I tend to take only the essentials.

In this case, we are only going to talk more about accessories and gear, not so much about clothes.


This is one thing I learned to bring almost everywhere with me. Mostly we are traveling by our car but headphones are definitely an essential part if you use any other transportation.

A few months ago when we visited the Netherlands we had an awful flight. There were rude people, kids screaming all the time. It was really hard to focus. That’s why we decided to take our headphones everywhere.

Our Phillips headphones are amazing. I can hardly count for how many years I use them. The sound is clear and great and they are really affordable. The life of all Phillips headphones we had is beyond 3 years. That’s why we think they are the best deal on the market right now. Not to mention, this is something you can use not only when you are on the road but in your daily life.


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Portable charger

This is a must-have travel gear. I can’t describe to you how many times this charger saved our lives and our phones, of course. Not to mention, it is portable and perfect for your travel bag. Yes, it is a perfect size, ladies!

For example, imagine yourself in an unknown place. You are walking all day long for 15 hours and your phone battery is dying. How do you feel about it?

Yes, me too. I really hate it when my battery is going down. Especially when I am in a new place for the first time.

Here comes the role of the portable charger to save our lives. When you have one, you don’t think about it at all. You can take pictures, use your navigation, talk with the people you love and have all the battery in the world.

In addition, you also use it in your daily life too. It is a game-changer!




I really should start with this one because this is maybe the first item you think of. However, I think you can go a day without a bag but not without a charger.

Anyway, a bag is a must-have travel gear too.

I always have my small luggage with me because as I said I only take the essentials with me. The one thing I can’t live without when traveling is my small kind of purse leather bag. You ask why I can’t live without it? It is easy – I love taking only my phone, wallet and other little stuff when walking around the huge cities for 15-16 hours a day. It is comfortable and it helps you feel better at the end of the day.

You can always take a big luggage if you feel better that way but be sure to take also a small and comfortable purse bag to take with you during this long walks.

I will maybe say this thousand times but you can use this small bag in your daily life too.


This might sound really strange to you but I don’t go anywhere without my books. Nerd alert! I love reading but sadly I don’t have enough time to do it every day. But when I travel, especially on a vacation I am bringing all the good stuff with me. Plus, it is the perfect entertainment when you travel by plane, bus or other transport. You can check this post about my top books for blogging and biz gals or if you are more into personal development you can also see this post about the best self-improvement books!


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Water bottle

Another thing I always carry around with me, especially when I travel is a water bottle. I love being hydrated! Plus they are SO cute! I really love this fruit infused water bottle and if you got it you will also get a great book with interesting and fresh recipes. I think this could be the perfect gift for every active person and traveler. As an example, I don’t go anywhere without my bottle (pst, I have a whole collection). Yesterday we went hiking and the only thing I got was my water bottle. This cute bottle is perfect for you. Especially if you get tired with plain water really fast. You can shake things up by adding lemon, cucumber or mint. And once again, you can use it in your everyday life.



Comfortable shoes

In most cases for me, this means sneakers. When you are going to a new place there is a huge chance to spend the whole day walking. At least that’s what I do. I walk for 20-25 kilometers every day in a new place. So, comfortable shoes are a must for every active traveler. These are my absolute favorite NIKE shoes. They look gorgeous and are SUPER comfortable. You won’t feel anything with them even after walking for 20-25 kilometers. They are definitely my favorite! Of course, you can take anything that works for you and you feel comfortable with. Just a tip – when you buy new sports shoes, try wearing them for at least a week to be sure they are Your perfect travel shoes.


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Yes! As you know or you do not know I am a blogger and my boyfriend is into photography. Our work is linked to our camera. A few months ago we bought our first camera and we are SUPER happy with it. Our camera Canon 1300D is our treasure. We go everywhere with it. It is perfect, especially for people who have the photography passion but are on a tight budget. We wanted a great quality and the best price and that’s why we bought our camera Canon 1300D. I know this is a big investment for many people. At least, it was for us. But it was the best investment in our future career. Plus, who doesn’t want to catch all these beautiful places and moments with high quality?!

These are our top and essential things we never leave without when traveling around our beautiful planet. We use them on a daily basis and we LOVE every item on this list.

Of course, there is also much other travel stuff we bring with us but I don’t want to bore you. Plus, this will be a great second part of this blog post.

What do you bring with you when you travel? Tell me which is your favorite travel gear?

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39 thoughts on “Your Guide to the Best Travel Gear”

  • Headphones!!! That’s what I forgot to pack! I’m heading out to San Francisco in the morning and a 2800 mile flight demands headphones! Thanks for reminding me in the nick of time. 🙂

    • Yes, headphones are a must for us. It is good to have them with you. I love recharging my batteries by listening to music when I am on the road! 💗

  • Great list, particularly the portable charger. I dont have one and regret it every single time I go away. It’s not at all the same but save space by using phone as a camera

    • The charger is a must for us. Yes, the phone is a great option but the canera definitely makes way better captures. It is our tresure! 💗

  • This is an interesting post nice content. I carry all these things with me and also I bought tripod stand and selfie stick which are part of my travel now.

    • We also have tripod we carry around with us. And selfie stick but we don’t use it anymore. Our camera is our tresure! 💗

  • I cant leave without the portable charger and my camera when I travel. If i leave them out, I’ll be miserable! These were really good pointers to all travellers out there!

  • Portable charge is a MUST on my travels as I tend to take lots of photographs with both camera and phone. I just have to constantly remind myself to actually charge it before I go out! 🙂

    • Hah yes, we have the same problem sometimes. We love taking puctures so camera and a charger are definitely in top two thinga we bring! 💗

  • Great list! I am someone who also always takes a book while traveling! It might be heavy to carry and it would probably be better to read ebooks haha, but i’m just a booknerd and love the smell of books!

    • I really love carrying books witg me everywhere. Sometimes I bring even two or three for every mood! Hahaha, I don’t care how heavy it is if I have my babies with me! 😄

  • hi
    lovely write up , though i would differ a bit considering personal tastes , like maybe books and stuff but yea i would definitely agree with you on the photography front bcoz thats what i am deeply into

    • Thank you for your feedback! I respect what you think but for me is important to be as open about the things I use and love and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. As for the camera – yes! We love our camera so much! We take it everywhere with us! 💗

    • I am absolutely the same! I carry my books evetywhere. I am going on a vacation tomorrow and I am bringing 3 books with me! And I don’t care they are heavy as hell! 💗

  • Comfortable shoes is such a huge deal! No matter if you’re on a plane or walking in the city! It can make or break a vacation!

    • Yes, I absolutely agree with you about the shoes. I remember once many years ago we were in a big city and my shoes were giving so much pain I could hardly walk. This was the moment when I decided I will only bring with me comfortable shoes! 💗

  • Comfortable shoes are a must!! I forgot my “walking shoes” in my carryon during a layover in Hong Kong and barely limped to my gate after 13 hours of walking. Lesson learned: don’t wear flip-flops in humid, 20 km+ days 😛

    • Ah, I really feel you! I know the struggle! I had so many problems with shoes in the past! But lesson learned! 💗

  • I could actually do very well without charger and without headphones. But without a book? Hell no! 😀 And my wife has almost the same small leather bag for years (pretty shabby by now). Very touchy about it 😀

    • Ahhah I just LOVE my small bag, I wear it even right now. 😀 Yesss, books are always with me and I don’t really care how heavy they are! 😂

  • Good list, but I would rather recommend something else then 1300d Canon for the travel camera 🙂 It is a bit old. Canon 200d is currently quite cheap, has a modern sensor and is smaller than 1300d

    • Hey! Yes, but I only recommend products I use and love. There are maybe many other better options but we love our camera.

  • I agree so much with this! I good book to read and headphones to use when the transport your using gets a bit loud are must-haves! I also have a Canon 1300D but I’m too afraid to bring it with me when I travel haha! I’ll try to take it with me the next time I travel though! I never thought of bringing a portable charger for when I travel but now you mention it, it’s useful to get one! Great post 🙂

    • Don’t be scared! It’s amazing to have lovely captures from your travels! 💗 A charger is definitely a must!

  • I go for a good shoes all the times! I just can’t make it without wearing a nice comfortable shoes. We went on a 10-mile hike on Pictured Rocks, Michigan and it was so easy to walk with a good shoes!

  • Comfortable shoes are everything . Specially if it takes forever to get to your terminal. I also carry snacks because the high price at the airport is no joke. I remember buying 2bananas, an egg sandwich and an apple juice for 35 dollars. Sayyyy what? Never again

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